Online Lottery in Tripura

Tripura is one of the Indian states where it is possible to enjoy the best online lotteries. All that you need is an internet connection.

In order to play the online lottery in Tripura safely and in a legal manner, follow the tips in this guide prepared for you.

The residents of the small state of Tripura are lucky to have the opportunity to play international lotteries from the United States, Canada, Europe, and more from their homes. That is thanks to the online lottery in Tripura, a welcome possibility when the state itself provides no local lottery.

Those online lotteries can be played via lottery websites and their apps, as long as you choose the right ones. That is part of the goal of this guide on the online lottery in Tripura. I will introduce you to the lottery laws that made that possible, in addition to information on the correct way of playing. Simply continue to read if that is what you are looking for!

The online lottery is legal in Tripura because the laws in the state are too outdated to consider the internet and the online purchase of tickets. The only mention of the lottery in its local law says that lotteries can only function with the authorization of the state. However, that only applies to local businesses, and that is why the online lottery sites in India controlled by foreign companies are not affected.
Based on that law, Tripura has no government lottery and does not authorize any third party to offer the lotteries locally. The legislation in Tripura does not mention online lottery or anything through the internet and cannot reach foreign companies otherwise. For as long as they do not amend it with restrictions like Andhra Pradesh, you can continue to play the online lottery in Tripura:

Tripura Lottery Laws

The lottery laws in Tripura that determine that the online lottery is legal are both linked and described in the table below. After all, my goal here is not to make you accept anything as the truth but to come up with conclusions of your own that will match mine for pure logic. At the moment, the Tripura lottery laws are really limited and do not affect online lotteries at all:

The Public Gambling Act of 1867This Act was responsible for banning many forms of wagering games in India, but the lottery was left untouched.
Tripura Gambling Act, 1926The official state Act that only mentions that lotteries can only function in the state with authorization. Online lottery sites are headquartered outside of India, so they are not included.

The result of the applicable laws can be summarized as follows:

  • Tripura does not allow lotteries that function locally without authorization.
  •  The online lottery is not forbidden in the state, and the websites that we recommend here are headquartered in other countries.
  • Since the law applies to the local provision of lotteries, the foreign lottery sites are not affected, and neither do the players who enjoy them.

Similar to what happens in Gujarat, Odisha, and many other Indian states, you can play online lotteries despite not having any local lottery option. That is thanks to a loophole in the law that does not consider the provision of drawing games through the internet. Therefore, now you know, according to the lottery laws in Tripura, that you are able to play it online without consequences.

How to Play Online Lottery in Tripura?

As long as you choose a safe website to play the online lottery in Tripura, you are doing it right. There are different options, including the purchase of real tickets, or you can simply bet on the results and still be eligible for a prize similar to the jackpot. It depends on your choice, and LottoAgent has both of those options. Just make sure to play on the sites that we have tested.

How to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets in Tripura - 6 Steps

  1. Choose a safe online lottery site that you can play from Tripura among the tested recommendations here at LottoBaba.
  2. Find the registration button. You may choose the website language to be Hindi in some cases, and you only need to complete the form in the sequence.Tripura lottery registration
  3. When your account is ready, you only need to start by picking the first game that you want to add to your cart. Here are some examples:pick-game
  4. When you open the game that you want, pick your numbers. The rules vary from one game to another, but it is quite intuitive – more than physical play slips – and you have a button to let the system pick them for you.Tripura lottery system pick ltb
  5. Confirm your choice of numbers and repeat that process for as many games as you like. When you are done, pay for the entries and receive your digital tickets. The fact that you cannot lose them is a great advantage of the online lottery.
  6. Wait for the drawing results to discover if you are the newest winner of the online lottery in Tripura!
Every single website that we have tested and now recommend to play the online lottery in Tripura has different terms, conditions, bonuses, and ticket prices. Since it could be a lot to go through each review to make your choice, I have summarized the most important details for you to begin, using the Powerball ticket price as an example:
Website Lottery Ticket Bonus Buy Here
LottoSmile ₹ 411 * Up to 25% Off Real Tickets Buy Now
LottoLand ₹ 300 Buy 1 Get 1 Free Ticket Buy Now
theLotter ₹ 382 * Up to 25% Off Buy Now
LotteryWorld ₹ 300 Buy 5 Get 2 Free Tickets Buy Now
LottoAgent ₹ 402 * Buy 1 Get 1 Free Ticket Buy Now ₹ 370 * Free Bets on Exclusive Game Buy Now
(*) Approximate conversion. The referred website does not use INR as its main currency. Notice that the bonus that accompanies your first deposit or purchase can make a website have temporary better pricing than others. Make the smartest choice!

What Online Lottery Games Can You Buy in Tripura?

Even after deciding on which online lottery site to play from Tripura, you might still wonder what games to play first. There are plenty of them, not to mention exclusive online games like Lotto India or games inspired by other games, like SuperEna Max. In my opinion, starting with the basic, the games that are the most popular and have the better jackpots is the way to go:

Lottery=Online Ticket PriceDrawing DaysBiggest JackpotBuy Here!
Powerball₹290Tue – Thu – Sun$1.586 Billion

Buy Now

Mega Millions₹290Wed – Sat$1.537 Billion

Buy Now

Euromillions₹250Wed – Sat€210 Million

Buy Now

Eurojackpot₹160Friday€90 Million

Buy Now

SuperEnalotto₹160Tue – Thu – Sat€209 Million

Buy Now

Lotto 6/49₹330Thu – SunCAD$ 5 Million

Buy Now

La Primitiva₹168Fri – Sun€101.7 Million

Buy Now

The Bottom Line on Tripura Online Lottery

Tripura is a safe state to live in when it comes to playing lotteries online. It is legal to play the online lottery in Tripura simply because the law is outdated and does not contemplate that possibility. It restricts the local provision of lotteries without authorization, but the companies responsible for the online lotteries are far abroad. Meanwhile, we can play, win, and take that money from home.

Now that you have read and understood that you would face no consequences for having fun with great games like Mega Millions and Euromillions, like in Rajasthan, do not lose that opportunity. After all, we do not know if they might amend the laws at some point, as in the case of Telangana. Choose a safe website among our recommendations and have fun:


There are no government lotteries in Tripura. Therefore, you have no local option to play online, but you can always access the lottery sites that we recommend here and start to play international lotteries.
Tripura’s lottery laws are outdated and do not contemplate the possibility of online lotteries. Therefore, that loophole is what players use to be able to play games like SuperEnalotto from the comfort of their houses.
Your only legal option to buy online lottery tickets in Tripura is to use lottery sites that are headquartered outside of India so that they are not limited by its jurisdiction. Use the ones that we have tested for your safety.
You will not find free lotteries in Tripura under any form, at least not at the moment. In fact, prefer to play the paid but real lotteries that can give you great prizes instead of wasting time with scams that claim to be free lotteries.
All that is necessary for someone to win the online lottery in Tripura is to be playing it. By following my guidelines on this page, you are more than ready to start off!
Yes, players from Tripura can play Powerball online on the websites that we recommend. It is usually highlighted as one of the top available jackpots.
Yes, Mega Millions is another popular lottery game that you can play online if you choose the websites that we recommend here.

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