Play Lotto 6/49 From India

It is already possible to play the Canadian Lotto 6/49 from India and enjoy the starting jackpot of CAD$ 5 million with one of the most common and tempting lottery matrix of all: 6 out of 49 numbers. While preserving your identity, you can purchase real tickets to this game or simply bet on the results for the same odds and real chances of winning.

Lotto649 tickets in India

The most affordable Lotto 6/49 lottery ticket price in India is around ₹460, enough to pay someone to purchase a real ticket for you. While it is not a game with lots of special bonuses like Powerball is, players can get 1 free ticket or at least guarantee some discount playing it online from India.

If you are already familiar enough with the game, you can simply judge the approved lottery site below according to the lowest Lotto 6/49 lottery ticket price in India.

Where to Play With the Best Lotto 6/49 Lottery Ticket Price in India?

WebsiteLottery TicketBonusBuy Here
theLotter₹ 460 **Up to 25% OffBuy Now
Lotto Agent₹ 480 *Up to 10% OffBuy Now

(*) Approximate conversion. The referred website does not use INR as its main currency.

(**) Minimum of two lines per purchase.

Our table here shows that the online lottery with the best unit ticket price for Mega Millions in India is theLotter. In addition, you can also get up to 25% off on that website, as well as on other websites like LottoSmile.

🎟️ How to Buy Lotto 6/49 Lottery Tickets in India?

  1. After you choose your lottery site above, proceed to the deposit option.
  2. Add funds to your account. The example below is on theLotter, where the minimum deposit should be ₹920 to cover the two necessary lines to play that game.Lotto 6/49 Deposit Funds
  3. Complete the play slips on the Lotto 6/49 page and make sure to analyze the discount options.
  4. Check your cart and conclude the purchase if you are ready. You have the option to pay the exact amount instead of depositing if you do not wish to deposit according to the specific values on the deposit page.Lotto 6/49 Checkout
  5. Complete the payment and wait for the results!

How to Play Lotto 6/49 Online From India?

  1. You will find Lotto 6/49 listed alongside other great lotteries to play from India on the websites that we recommend above.Choose Lotto 6/49
  2. Playing Lotto 6/49 from India is easy, and you just need to fill in the play slips as if you were in Canada. Choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49, or let the system use the “Quick/Easy Pick” to fill them for you. Complete as many tickets as you want.Lotto 6/49 Choose Numbers
  3. All of the recommended websites encourage subscriptions with discounts varying from 10% to 25% or a free ticket after the 7th ticket. Decide if that is worth the investment in your opinion:Lotto 6/49 Subscription
  4. Finally! You can pay and reserve your attention to checking the results after the drawing!

How to Win Lotto 6/49 in India?

You probably already know that online lottery is legal in India, and that is how you can play Lotto 6/49 from our country. In order to actually win it, you need to be as lucky as anyone who has ever won it, and the only way towards that achievement is to have fun playing. In the table below, you will find your exact odds for each prize to help you determine your intentions.

🏆 Lotto 6/49 India – Prizes & Odds of Winning

6 Jackpot – 79.5% 1 in 13,983,816
5 + Bonus Ball 6% 1 in 2,330,636
5 5% 1 in 55,492
4 9.5% 1 in 1,033
3 Fixed CAD$10 (₹600) * 1 in 56.7
2 + Bonus Ball Fixed CAD$5 (₹300) * 1 in 81.2
2 Free Ticket 1 in 8.3
(*) Values are approximated according to the exchange rate. Your overall odds of winning a prize when playing Lotto 6/49 in India are 1 in 6.6.

🎓 What Is the Bonus Ball?

When you check the results, you will notice that there is an additional number. While it is useless to win the jackpot, you can win the second prize with it and 5 more numbers, or at least ₹300 with two regular numbers. It is a bonus number drawn to help you have another shot at some Lotto 6/49 prize.

About Lotto 6/49 Lottery in India

Lotto 6/49 is a popular Canadian lottery game far away in its home country and here in India, where we can play it on some of the best lottery sites available. The starting jackpot is quite impressive, and the second prize is usually between CAD 100,000 and 500,000, varying according to ticket sales. With its overall odds of 1 in 6.6, it is an affordable lottery game to play from home.

📑 Important Things About Playing Lotto 6/49 in India

5 Biggest Lotto 6/49 Jackpots

$68 MillionSep. 27, 2023
$64 MillionOct. 17, 2015
$63.4 MillionApr. 13, 2013
$54.3 MillionOct. 26, 2005
$49.8 MillionMay 20, 2009

Lotto 6/49 History

I summarized the history of the lottery game Lotto 6/49 from its creation in 1982 when it still was far from being available for players in India.
  • 1982 – Launch of Lotto 6/49, with only five prize tiers, a CAD$2 million starting jackpot, and challenging overall odds of 1 in 54.
  • 2004 – Addition of a prize tier and increase of the minimum jackpot to CAD$ 3 million with better overall odds of 1 in 32.3. At that time, theLotter, which is one of the websites where you can play Lotto 6/49 from India, was already online.
  • 2013 – The last prize tier of a free play was added, and the overall odds became the 1 in 6.6 that we know today, as well as the starting jackpot.

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Yes, Lotto 6/49 can be played if you choose a website that is not headquartered in our country. That is the case with the lottery sites that we recommend here.

I have found that the lowest Lotto 6/49 lottery price in India is offered by theLotter. However, you can get two tickets for the price of one in your first purchase on Lotto Agent.

Being so popular and with tempting odds, Lotto 6/49 certainly had Indian winners on the websites that we recommend. Their identity is kept hidden.
You can check the results and compare your numbers, but the websites always contact the winners.
If you choose theLotter or to play with real tickets on LottoAgent, you will need to claim prizes above $2,500 in person. The other websites are betting lottery sites, and that means they transfer all the prizes to your bank account automatically.
You need to be at least 18 years old to be eligible to play this or any other lottery game online from India.
Only if you win a big prize using a lottery agent website. Therefore, it will always depend on your preferences.
You can apply all sorts of strategies, including the hot and cold numbers theory or statistical analysis of the past results. It is all up to you, as the odds remain the same.
The results are shown on the website of your choice, but you do not need to lose your time, as they will always contact you.