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Online Lottery in Odisha

Odisha does not allow wagering games, but the lottery is an exception, and residents can enjoy international lottery games without risking prosecution.

Thanks to that loophole in the law, even though the state does not offer its own lotteries anymore, games like Powerball are a click away from you.

The history of the lottery in Odisha is a little bit confusing to those that are only now discovering that they can play international lottery games online from the state. Odisha used to have lotteries of its own, provided by the government, but went back on that decision and ceased the offer. However, it did so without establishing any restrictions on online lotteries.

As a result, you can buy lottery tickets online in Odisha without risking prosecution, and there is no record of arrested players. After all, you are playing lotteries coming from other countries and provided by companies that are not headquartered in India. This guide aims at explaining how the online lottery works in Odisha so that you can finally play it in a legal way.

Odisha failed or decided not to include online lotteries among its restrictions. As a matter of fact, the Indian state of Odisha does not even mention lotteries in general in its ban on wagering games. Without any type of rule, you can register and play on online lottery sites that are headquartered outside of India, as that does not break any law.

Since the internet is not only filled with good services, it is essential to be sure that you will be playing on lottery websites that can be trusted. We have reviewed and approved some of them listed on this page. You can play right away now that you know that the online lottery is not illegal in Odisha, or continue to read to know more details about it.

Odisha Lottery Laws

The most important Act in effect in Odisha is its law that bans gambling from the state but does not include lotteries: gambling-law Back in 1983, way before the online lottery was available, the local government offered a legal lottery within the territory, just like 13 states do nowadays. However, the Orissa State Lottery Rules ceased to have effect after the Lottery Regulation Act of 1998, when it was decided that physical lotteries would no longer exist. Fortunately, they did not include online lotteries in the ban.
Law Explanation
The Odisha Prevention of Gambling Act, 1955 The Act that banned several forms of gambling but defined that the lottery was not among them. Even when the local lottery was removed in the 90s, the state did not include online lotteries.
The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998 The Act that left for each state the decision to run local lotteries or not. Odisha has chosen to eliminate lotteries from its local offer.
Therefore, since there is no complete ban on lotteries, including the online services, you can play those that are not provided in Odisha. Do not think about games from other Indian states, as they are also limited to their territories. Your only option is also the best one, international online lotteries, and we can conclude:
  • Odisha decided to stop providing its own lotteries over 20 years ago.
  • The law in Odisha does not consider the lottery illegal, but you cannot play anything provided in India.
  • International lotteries escape the restriction and allow you to enjoy the best games available in the world, playing them online.
We have tested and approved seven lottery sites that are legit and sell tickets to players in Odisha. Through them, you can have access to anything between 20 and 60 lottery games, discounts, bonuses, and 24/7 support. You can continue to read and find more details about them or start playing right away:

How to Play Online Lottery in Odisha?

Since Odisha does not have an online lottery of its own, you will use legit international websites that provide that service from abroad. They are not forbidden by the local law, as we have verified above, and you can find your favorite lottery games from other countries there. Through the website, you purchase real tickets or bet on lottery results and can even add discounts to allow you to get more tickets.

How to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets in Odisha - 6 Steps

  1. Pick one or more lottery sites that we have listed here on this page to play the online lottery in Odisha.
  2. Take two minutes to register on the website of your choice and pay special attention to the details informed. Check the example below:registration-lotto247
  3. Now that you are officially a user of an online lottery site, pick the first game that you want to play. If you are clueless, you can get some hints on the jackpot, drawing time, and ticket price without opening first:pick-the-game
  4. Pick the numbers or let the system decide them for you and add those entries to your cart. You might checkout next or continue to add more lotteries:pick-the-system
  5. As soon as you are satisfied, make sure that you select all the number of drawings in which you want to participate and complete the purchase:complete-the-purchase
  6. Hope for good luck in striking a jackpot!

The sale of lottery tickets is possible when you are playing on a legal online lottery site. There are a few of them, and they differ in the offer of lotteries, ticket prices, and bonuses. To make it a much easier decision for you, I have listed all the approved and best websites reviewed by my colleagues and me here at LottoBaba, with the Powerball ticket prices as an example:

WebsiteLottery TicketBonusBuy Here
LottoSmile₹ 411 *Up to 25% Off Real TicketsBuy Now
LottoLand₹ 300Buy 1 Get 1 Free TicketBuy Now
theLotter₹ 382 *Up to 25% OffBuy Now
LotteryWorld₹ 300Buy 5 Get 2 Free TicketsBuy Now
LottoAgent₹ 402 *Buy 1 Get 1 Free TicketBuy Now₹ 370 *Free Bets on Exclusive GameBuy Now

(*) Approximate conversion. The referred website does not use INR as its main currency.

What Online Lottery Games Can You Buy in Odisha?

Each of the websites listed above has a different lottery catalog, especially those that are lottery betting sites that create their original lottery games, like Cricket Lotto. I have listed the most important lottery games in the world, the ones that you cannot miss while playing the lottery online in Odisha:

LotteryOnline Ticket PriceDrawing DaysBiggest JackpotBuy Here!
Powerball₹290Tue – Thu – Sun$1.586 BillionBuy Now
Mega Millions₹290Wed – Sat$1.537 BillionBuy Now
Euromillions₹250Wed – Sat€210 MillionBuy Now
Eurojackpot₹160Friday€90 MillionBuy Now
SuperEnalotto₹160Tue – Thu – Sat€209 Million

Buy Now

Lotto 6/49₹330Thu – SunCAD$ 5 Million

Buy Now

La Primitiva₹168Fri – Sun€101.7 MillionBuy Now

The Bottom Line on Odisha Online Lottery

Odisha decided to eliminate its local lottery games many years ago but did not implement a ban on lotteries in general. As a result, residents of Odisha can play online lotteries that are provided elsewhere, away from the borders of India. There are great websites that we have tested and approved listed on this same page.

As long as you follow my recommendations and this guide, you will not find problems playing online lotteries from Odisha. If anything changes in the current legal scope, our LottoBaba team will keep you updated on this page.


Odisha has long removed its government lotteries but did not apply a ban to lotteries. Therefore, you can play online lotteries that are not provided by India due to local restrictions, which is the exact case of the websites that we recommend here.
The local laws in Odisha specifically keep lotteries out of the ban on wagering games in the state. Since there is no specific mention of online lotteries, which can be provided by companies in other countries, you are free to play them.
You can only buy online lottery tickets in Odisha on websites that are not headquartered in India because of local restrictions. Fortunately, that is the case with many legit websites listed on this same page.
Avoid anything that is promoted as a free lottery, especially if it is provided online and it is difficult to determine if it is actually legit. In most cases, it is only a way to steal your data, and Odisha does not promote anything like that in the state.
You can win any prize from an online lottery while playing in Odisha. All that you need is to purchase tickets the way you were taught on this page and make sure to claim your prize if you win.
Yes, Powerball is among the many great lottery games that you can play online in Odisha using the websites that we recommend.
Just as popular as Powerball, Mega Millions is another great pick if you are willing to play an online lottery in Odisha. Use the websites that we have tested for safety.

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