5 Ways to Play Free Online Lottery for Real Money in India 2024

The lottery is a democratic way of trying your luck to get anything from a small to an enormous prize, usually not costing much. Now and then, free sweepstakes and raffles can be found in India, usually with small prizes. With the openness of online lottery sites with dozens of international lotteries, players want to know ways to play free online lottery for real money in India as well.

Grab Your Free Online Lottery Ticket in India

LotteryFree Ticket GamePromotionHow to ActivateGet it Now!
Lotto AgentAny lottery (30+)

Buy 1

Get 1

Buy your first ticket and get one extra to play free online lottery for real money.Claim
LottofyAll lotteriesBuy 1 Get 2 Free BetsBet on a lottery game and win two free bets as a welcome bonus.Claim
LottoSmileAny lotterySubscriptionGet a 7th ticket for free for your subscription!Claim
theLotterAnySubscriptionSign up for a subscription and get every 7th ticket for free!Claim

As you can see, there is no specific no-deposit bonus for free tickets. Still, you can play free online lottery for real money in India with a referral bonus, for example. Another possibility is that you can get tickets to play a free online lottery for real money in India if you purchase at least one. All those possibilities are shown below.

5 Ways to Play Free Online Lottery in India


  1. Choose a lottery website that offers subscriptions with free online lottery tickets
    Some of the legal online lottery sites available in India offer free tickets for subscribers. At the moment, you can get that deal from theLotter, LottoSmile, and Lotto Agent. My recommendation goes for the lottery agent theLotter where the 7th ticket is always free and the pricing is better unless you prefer a lottery betting site.
  2. Confirm your subscription to your favorite lottery game
    Remember that your subscription will follow the pattern you have chosen for that purchase. First, focus on filling the entries that you want to subscribe to for every drawing and choose the “Subscription” option to close the deal:Lottery Subscription

    Source: thelotter.com

  3. Enjoy your free ticket!
    Keep your subscription running, and every 7th drawing will not be charged from you. That extra ticket can lead you to the jackpot, and you will be able to say that you have won it by playing a free online lottery for real money!

Get every 7th ticket for free on theLotter

Cashback Bonus

Unlike some of the other ways to play a free online lottery in India, the cashback bonus allows you to get extra money after you have spent it or after a deposit. It depends on the terms of the lottery website.

It is possibly the best way to play a free online lottery in India when you are open to depositing first. On top of the deposited money, you can get up to 50% more. In other words, that can be a lot more lottery tickets that you are getting for free, with no other requirements.

Pay 1 Get 1+

Many of the best sites with free online lottery tickets give them in exchange for your first purchase. Imagine only investing around ₹ 300 in a ticket for an important game, like Powerball, and getting one or more tickets for free.

The best current offers from legit lottery sites available in India that can get you free tickets are:

  • Lotto Agent Buy 1 ticket in any game and get your second one for free.
  • Lottofy – Bet with 1 lottery ticket and get 2 bets for free.

Note: they require a minimum investment. In fact, there are stories of international lottery winners in India who won thanks to the opportunity to play a free online lottery in India. Partho Mondal won ₹53 lakh in Malamaal Daily, for example.

Buy 1 ticket and get two more on Lottofy!


Referral bonuses are a common way of playing the online lottery for free in India since you only need to invite friends that will play. In other words, no deposit or payment is necessary from your side if you have another fan of lotteries among your friends. The process is extremely simple:
Referral Bonuses


The invitation link becomes available as soon as you register, and you will receive approximately ₹380 to play the real free online lottery. That is per invited friend, just for signing up and sending them invitations, and more than enough to purchase your tickets.

Invite friends and play the lottery for free on Lotto Agent


Contests are the only alternative among the ways to play free online lottery for real money in India that cannot always be found available. It depends on the promotional periods that can vary a lot and according to the strategy of each lottery site. Therefore, it is useful to register on your favorite ones and keep checking newsletters for promotions!

What About the Euromillions Free Lottery in India?

You might have come across the promise of prizes of up to £500 every day and £10,000 every week, completely for free! That is not a scam, as the free Euromillions lottery is a real thing, except that it is only available in the United Kingdom.

Although it is true that you can play the original Euromillions lottery with paid tickets and all from India, that is just because concierge services sell them online. On the other hand, the Euromillions free lottery cannot be sold by any concierge service. Consequently, it is not made available to Indian players.

That sad truth cannot be circumvented, as they require identification and proof of address of all the participants. In any case, I’m sure that the cheap and free online lottery opportunities brought here will make up for that.

Is It Possible to Play the Lottery for Free in India?

The possibilities in terms of free online lottery for real money in India are all described in the 5 ways I have brought to our readers. Any Indian has been granted access to all of the websites tested and recommended here at LottoBaba, together with the promotions.

Can You Play the Government Lottery for Free?

There are no free government lotteries in India, as it is necessary to purchase the tickets at local retailers to participate in them. Now that online lotteries are easily accessible by Indians via computers or mobile devices, that is no longer a problem for fans of free lotteries.

Since the prizes and odds also tend to be better, there are only advantages to switching to online lotteries.

Is There a Free Lottery App in India?

All of the lottery websites recommended to play free online lottery for real money in India are compatible with mobile devices. Some of them provide Android and/or iOS apps that can be used to access, redeem free online lottery tickets, and play. You can check our list of the best online lottery apps in India and install the one with the best free ticket promotion.

The Indian law related to lotteries forbids private companies within India and gives the monopoly of local lotteries to the States. Fortunately, that legislation has no power over online lotteries based outside of India, as they are outdated and do not consider that possibility.

It is perfectly legal to play online lotteries in India, as long as you make sure that they are truly not headquartered in our country. Therefore, playing with free tickets for real money falls under the same interpretation.

Caution: Scam Free Lotteries in India

There are some necessary precautions when seeking free online lotteries in India to make sure you remain safe. It is not only because there is an offer that requires no money that you do not need to worry about – some of the scam sites might only be interested in your data!

In order to stay safe on the internet and still enjoy the freedom of playing free online lottery games for real money, follow my tips:

❌Observe our recommendations of legit and licensed online lottery sites.

❌Never trust promises of easy wins, even if they are not extraordinary.

❌Evaluate the terms of any lottery you play to avoid lottery scams and fraudulent promises.

❌Never register your data on websites that are not licensed by trusted authorities.

❌Do not trust promises of any winnings if you have not participated in a lottery.

There are many websites that claim to offer lotteries or sweepstakes for free without a license. Our best recommendation is to only use the websites that our team has reviewed and fully tested. Aside from having many great opportunities to play free online lottery for real money in India, you will ensure the safety of your personal and financial data.

Conclusion - Free Lotteries Exist in Varied Forms

Although you will not find an online lottery made to be free at all times and available in India, we can get pretty close to that. From an extra free ticket to 50% bonuses, there are plenty of chances to improve your odds and play the lottery for free after a small investment.

Not to mention the chance to win money to purchase lottery tickets just for inviting friends who enjoy playing the lottery. That is the only bonus available at the moment that lets you play free online lottery in India without depositing first.

As always, playing the lottery should be fun, and that is only manageable when you can know for certain that you are playing on a legit website. Here at LottoBaba, my colleague and I have tested all the recommended sites and their bonus. Our entire experience is described in the reviews, and you are more than welcome to check them out!


Yes. At the moment, the only bonus that lets you do so is offered by LottoAgent, where you get approximately ₹380 for each friend that you invite.

It will always depend on which game you have entered your free ticket. If that was Powerball, you can win hundreds of millions of dollars like any other player.

There is no worldwide entirely free lottery. However, if you are planning to live in the UK long enough, you can enjoy the Euromillions free lottery there.

You can invite friends to Lotto Agent, buy 1 ticket on Lottofy, or even subscribe to a lottery game on theLotter. There are many ways to do it!