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Play Cricket Lotto From India

Have you ever heard about Cricket Lotto? That is an exclusive online lottery game built for Indians with prizes beginning from ₹3.6 crore and decent odds of winning. You can not only play Cricket Lotto from India but also win a big prize by competing only with other Indians. That is right, no sharing with players worldwide!


This game is not available at the moment. Our team is monitoring the situation and will update the content as soon as they are again playable in India. Meanwhile, find excellent games with great winning odds on theLotter and Lotto Agent, two reliable lottery sites.

The fact that it is only offered online by a lottery betting site makes it much cheaper than other options with a similar jackpot. From only ₹80, you can guarantee a good Cricket Lotto lottery ticket price in India and, since you will be saving money compared to other lotteries, perhaps buy more to improve your odds. Check it out in the table below.

Where to Play With the Best Cricket Lotto Lottery Ticket Price in India?

Website Lottery Ticket Bonus Buy Here
LottoLand ₹ 80 Deposit ₹800 and Receive ₹1,200 Buy Now
Since Cricket Lotto is an exclusive LottoLand product, you will only find it there. Fortunately, it is one of the lottery betting sites with the best prices to play online lotteries in India. In addition, you can get a 50% bonus of up to ₹400 with your first deposit. That means that you can purchase 15 Cricket Lotto tickets by only depositing enough to buy 10.

🎟️ How to Buy Cricket Lotto Lottery Tickets in India?

  1. Click on any button that goes to Lottoland here on this page to create your account.
  2. Claim the welcome bonus deal on “Welcome Pack” and make your deposit next.Welcome Bonus
  3. Find the Cricket Lotto page on LottoLand and start filling the play slips, or let the system pick the numbers for you.
  4. Fill your cart until you are satisfied with the number of tickets you have added.Cricket Lotto Add to Cart
  5. Complete with the payment, and you will be officially a Cricket Lotto player!

How to Play Cricket Lotto Online From India?

  1. Locate Cricket Lotto among the many online lotteries that you can play on LottoLand.Select Cricket Lotto
  2. Cricket Lotto is extremely simple to play. You only need to pick six numbers from 1 to 49 for every ticket that you want to play. In addition, it is possible to run for a double jackpot, an exclusive feature for twice the ticket price.Choose Numbers
  3. Before concluding your purchase, notice that you can decide which drawing to begin your participation in. You can also expand your participation to several drawings and even subscribe to avoid having to purchase every time:Additional Options
  4. Consider the Extra Innings secondary drawing to have more chances of receiving a good prize!

🎓 What Is Extra Innings?

Extra Innings is a secondary and also exclusive drawing found on Lottoland, only available to those who play Cricket Lotto from India. The prize is a guaranteed pool of around ₹2 crore that may go to someone, and maybe it will be your time.

How to Win Cricket Lotto in India?

The only thing necessary to win the Cricket Lotto jackpot in India is to match the six numbers, nothing else. With fewer numbers down to at least three, you can still win prizes that make up for the ticket price. Considering that you can also add the second drawing for a really low price, that is quite an opportunity.

Although the starting prize is ₹3.6 crore, you will easily find jackpots of ₹8 crore or more. The average is low considering the highest prizes already paid, which means that it is not rare for someone to hit the jackpot.

🏆 Cricket Lotto India – Prizes & Odds of Winning

6₹36,405,025 (Starting)1 in 13,983,816
5₹94,6841 in 55,491
4₹2,9941 in 1032
3₹4361 in 57

🏆 Cricket Lotto Extra Innings

6₹18,154,2681 in 13,983,816
5₹63,5271 in 55,491
4₹1,8151 in 1032
3₹1811 in 57

About Cricket Lotto Lottery in India

Cricket Lotto is an exclusive betting lottery game, meaning that its drawings are conducted by the website that originated it, Lottoland. Being a trustworthy website licensed by many reputable authorities, we trust its results. With three daily drawings, good odds, and a low price, it is definitely giving it a try, even if only as a sidekick of your favorite game.

📑 Important Things About Playing Cricket Lotto in India

Cricket Lotto History

The history of Cricket Lotto is pretty recent, as the game was developed and launched in July 2019. Since then, nothing has changed in the way it is played from India.

Buy Cricket Lotto Tickets (With Bonuses)

50% Bonus Offer & Free Tickets
  • Compatible with INR
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Best jackpot games


Yes, because Lottoland is an international lottery site with headquarters outside of India and licensed by reputable authorities. Nothing in the Indian lottery laws forbids that, and you are free to play Cricket Lotto from India.
Since Cricket Lotto is an exclusive Lottoland game, you will find it for ₹80 in any situation. In addition, you can purchase an entry to a secondary draw with half its jackpot for only ₹19.
Since Cricket Lotto is exclusive and mostly played by Indian players, all the prizes that we see getting paid weekly on Lottoland go to our people.
Since Cricket Lotto is exclusive and mostly played by Indian players, all the prizes that we see getting paid weekly on Lottoland go to our people.
You do not need to claim your Cricket Lotto prizes, as they are simply sent to you to your local bank account. Remember that you will have to pay lottery taxes on any big prize.
Any Indian that is at least 18 years old is eligible to create an account on Lottoland and play Cricket Lotto from India.
No. Regardless of how much you win, you do not need to claim that prize in person because it is a lottery betting site.
The best strategy is to play as much as possible until you win. There are syndicates available on Lottoland, and that can be an opportunity to have many entries for a low price.
The results are published on Lottoland after every drawing, but you will always be notified if you win.