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Online Lottery in Mizoram

Living in Mizoram allows you to play not only the local lotteries but also international ones, thanks to the websites that allow the online lottery in Mizoram.

It is important to know how you can play the lottery online in a legal way, and that is what this guide brings to you.

Mizoram is an Indian state where its inhabitants can play lottery games at local retailers, the ordinary offline purchase that we are used to. Without an option of online lottery to the local players, it also does not apply any prohibition to that service. At least, not when it comes to foreign websites offering international lotteries online, and you can play on them from Mizoram and even receive your winnings to your local bank account.

There are dozens of lottery games that you can play online from Mizoram, including Powerball and Mega Millions, the popular US lotteries. This guide will explain how that is possible and legal in your state, but you can also expect instructions as to the online lottery sites that you can trust in India.

Mizoram has its own regulation and rules on lotteries, and, even though it does not offer online lotteries, the state has not restricted players from enjoying them. It is a different case from Punjab, where online lotteries are forbidden. As long as the online lottery site does not come from an Indian company, which would be in conflict with the prohibition on unauthorized local sellers, you will be fine and playing the lottery legally.

Like in states such as Maharashtra and Assam, you can play the online lotteries on top of the local offline ones. The best part is that the prizes are much bigger, and the odds much easier when you compare the international lotteries with the Mizoram lotteries. In fact, that is almost a rule when it comes to Indian state lotteries. Start off with a website that we have tested, or continue to read to understand more about the lottery laws in Mizoram.

Mizoram Lottery Laws

Knowing the reason why it is legal to play the online lottery in Mizoram will probably make you more comfortable purchasing your international lottery tickets. I have summarized the most important regulations that govern the application or permission of lotteries within the territory of Mizoram. Feel free to access them for more information if you need to:

The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998Establish the rules for the establishment of a state lottery.
Mizoram Lotteries (Regulation) Rules, 2011The rules and conditions set out for the functioning of the state lotteries in Mizoram.
The Mizoram (Regulation) Amendment Rules, 2016An update to the lottery rules in Mizoram. Still no prohibition to the practice of online lotteries.

In the light of the laws and regulations connected to lotteries, we can conclude the following:

  • Mizoram offers offline lotteries only, and no local distributor is authorized to offer them online.
  • Players can only play Mizoram lotteries via local authorized distributors, but there is no law against foreign distributors that offer international lotteries.
  • The websites that we recommend are from other countries and do not offer any of the Mizoram lotteries, making them a plausible and legal option.

Therefore, just like the case of states like Karnataka and Kerala, you would not be prosecuted for playing online lotteries. As long as they are legit websites never operating from the territory of India, as well as not offering any local games from Mizoram, you can play as many lotteries as you want. Of course, you can count on our work here at LottoBaba to test and indicate the legit lottery sites in India for you to play:

How to Play Online Lottery in Mizoram?

Playing the online lottery in Mizoram is easy. You will only have to make a few decisions first. Some websites will literally purchase tickets on your behalf and make them digitally accessible, while others simulate the bet on the results. Both options will guarantee that you receive the prizes in India if you win the online lottery, so it is only a matter of preference. You will be ready for your first online lottery ticket purchase!

How to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets in Mizoram - 6 Steps

  1. Tap on the link to any of the lottery websites that we have tested and approved. That will be your first step to start playing the online lottery in Mizoram.
  2. Register your account on the chosen website. The example below shows what you will find by registering on LotteryWorld.register-LotteryWorld
  3. Now that you are officially registered, pick the game that you want to play first. Notice that you will find internationally famous lotteries but also some exclusive games, like Lotto India.pick-the-game
  4. Complete the panels with the numbers according to the rules of the lottery game that you have chosen. You may also let the automatic system pick them for you:Mizoram lottery panels
  5. Add the entries to your cart and repeat the process until you are satisfied with your cart. Complete the purchase with your favorite payment method.
  6. You are all set to wait for the online lottery drawing results!

You can play the online lottery in Mizoram using the websites that we recommend, as my colleagues and I have already tested them in all possible ways. However, that might still be a difficult choice to make. I took a moment to build the lottery table comparison below with the best online lottery sites to play in Mizoram, with their respective bonuses. In addition, I added the ticket price for Powerball to help you out:

WebsiteLottery TicketBonusBuy Here
LottoSmile₹ 411 *Up to 25% Off Real TicketsBuy Now
LottoLand₹ 300Buy 1 Get 1 Free TicketBuy Now
theLotter₹ 382 *Up to 25% OffBuy Now
LotteryWorld₹ 300Buy 5 Get 2 Free TicketsBuy Now
LottoAgent₹ 402 *Buy 1 Get 1 Free TicketBuy Now₹ 370 *Free Bets on Exclusive GameBuy Now

(*) Approximate conversion. The referred website does not use INR as its main currency.

You can take the 50% bonus on two different sites, get a free second ticket in at least three others, and accumulate discounts on all your purchases. Feel free to register and test them all to find the one that suits you better.

What Online Lottery Games Can You Buy in Mizoram?

Choosing the website to play the legal online lottery in Mizoram might not be as tricky as deciding what games to play first. Even if you would pick a ticket for several lotteries, there are plenty of them, and not all might interest you. To start off well, I recommend the following listed lotteries because they have a good prize-odds proportion and are popular all around the world:

LotteryOnline Ticket PriceDrawing DaysBiggest JackpotBuy Here!
Powerball₹290Tue – Thu – Sun$1.586 BillionBuy Now
Mega Millions₹290Wed – Sat$1.537 BillionBuy Now
Euromillions₹250Wed – Sat€210 MillionBuy Now
Eurojackpot₹160Friday€90 MillionBuy Now
SuperEnalotto₹160Tue – Thu – Sat€209 MillionBuy Now
Lotto 6/49₹330Thu – SunCAD$ 5 MillionBuy Now
La Primitiva₹168Fri – Sun€101.7 MillionBuy Now

The Bottom Line on Mizoram Online Lottery

The conclusion is not complex, and there are no restrictions on online lotteries as the ones applied in Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh. As a result, you can play the local lotteries in Mizoram as well as any legit online lottery that is offered from another country. You would be playing according to what the law allows with real chances of winning prizes that are far better than those found in Mizoram.

In order to make sure that you are playing on a legit lottery site that does not offer Indian local games – which is prohibited – you can follow our recommendations. Aside from being safe websites to play lotteries on, you will be served with great bonuses and discounts that cannot be found in offline lotteries.


No, unlike the case of Arunachal Pradesh, which does have online government lotteries of its own, you will not find any of the Mizoram state lotteries on a website. At least, not a real one. Prefer to play with safety the many international lottery games on the sites that we recommend. 

Yes, the laws in Mizoram offer no restriction and contain no prohibition when it comes to online lotteries. Although the state itself does not offer lotteries online, you can play international ones on the websites that we recommend here.
You can buy online lottery tickets in Mizoram using the lottery sites that we have reviewed. They are all listed on this page.
You will not find free online lotteries in Mizoram. In fact, you should stay away from that type of offer anywhere, as they are often scams that are not worthy of your time. There are great online lotteries that you can play for a very low price on the sites that we recommend. 
In order to win any prize in an online lottery when playing from Mizoram, regardless of small prizes or jackpots, you only need to have purchased tickets. Start now to have real chances of winning.
You will find Powerball among the most popular and the highest jackpot prizes on any of the lottery sites that we have recommended here.
You can play Mega Millions, as well as other traditional lotteries from other countries, by choosing one of the sites that we have tested.

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