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Online Lottery in Meghalaya

Meghalaya does not currently offer any local lottery, but you can play the international online lottery in Meghalaya in a legal way if you do it correctly.

The most important thing is to keep away from scams and play on legit websites, following the duly explained instructions in this guide!

Meghalaya is among the Indian states that understand the importance of lottery and have regulated it. However, that recognition was paused, and not a single local lottery game has been conducted since 2007. Therefore, for more than 15 years, the only option of the residents is to play the online lottery in Meghalaya using foreign websites. Of course, that means playing games like Powerball and Mega Millions, not fake local lotteries.

That is right. There are several scam websites that claim to have real Meghalaya results and links to play the state lotteries. The fact is that you can play the lottery, but only international ones using the right websites, which we have already tested and now recommend here.You will learn how to stay safe when playing lotteries online from Meghalaya in this guide.

Unlike states like Telangana and Karnataka, the online lottery is not banned from Meghalaya. Even better, you are completely free to play the best international games from your home using an internet connection and withdraw your winnings. Since there have been modifications in the law and no mention of the ban on online lotteries, it is most likely that it will remain legal.

However, online lotteries are only legal when we are considering distributors and games from outside of India. After all, Meghalaya has regulated its lotteries and is yet to authorize distributors in any form, online or offline. In other words, do not try to play Meghalaya lotteries online because they are fake. Instead, use the websites that we recommend to play international lotteries, like players do in Kerala, and keep your money safe. 

Meghalaya Lottery Laws

One more complex way to understand what I’m telling you here is to give the lottery laws in Meghalaya a thorough reading. I listed the most important laws in the table below with a summary of what their purpose is. You are welcome to check them or to continue reading this guide and learn how to play the online lottery in Meghalaya.

The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998Established the regulation under which the state lotteries would function in India.
The Lotteries (Regulation) Rules, 2010The official rules set for the state of Meghalaya to conduct its own lotteries.
The Meghalaya Regulation of Gaming Act, 2021An act to regulate all gambling and wagering games. The online lottery was not affected.

In short, we can summarize the current legal situation of lotteries in Meghalaya in the following way:

  • Meghalaya has regulated its own lotteries but has not hosted a single drawing game since 2007.
  • You cannot purchase any fake or third-party lottery tickets in Meghalaya that are meant for lotteries in India, regardless of physical or online purchases.
  • International lotteries are not affected by the aforementioned restriction. Therefore, it is legal to purchase them in the only available way: online lottery sites.

Therefore, it is a case similar to Madhya Pradesh, another Indian state that is yet to reopen its lotteries after the regulation. With the current law, you can play online lotteries, as long as you use a foreign website and play international games, like Euromillions. Fortunately, that is our focus here at LottoBaba, and you can find several of those online lottery sites in India recommended and duly tested by our team.

How to Play Online Lottery in Meghalaya?

The online lottery is available in Meghalaya through lottery agents and lottery betting sites. You can choose which one you prefer from our list of recommended sites, and all that will be left is funding your account and buying tickets to participate. From that moment on, you are 100% eligible to receive your winnings if you are a lucky player from Meghalaya.

How to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets in Meghalaya - 6 Steps

  1. Feel free to decide where to play the online lottery in Meghalaya using the websites that we have tested and listed here.
  2. Register by clicking on the “Sign Up” button. If you choose theLotter, tap on another link that leads to the quick registration form.registration of theLotter
  3. As soon as you are a registered user, choose one of the lottery games available. The most popular ones are usually
  4. You may choose to purchase a ticket bundle, participate in syndicates, or simply purchase online tickets. The last option involves checking the numbers that you want or letting the system pick them for you automatically:Meghalaya ticket bundle
  5. Add all the tickets that you want to your cart. When you are ready, pay for them using any of the payment methods that the online lottery sites offer.
  6. You are ready to wait for the drawing results from your home in India!

The choice of one website to begin playing lotteries online is possibly the first struggle of everyone who is new to playing legal online lottery sites in Meghalaya. First of all, avoid all the shady websites that you find looking for local games. Remember that you can only play the international ones online, and you will find them on the websites that we have reviewed here at LottoBaba. The list below has the price for Eurojackpot tickets:

WebsiteLottery TicketBonusBuy Here
LottoSmile₹ 511Up to 25% Off Real TicketsBuy Now
LottoLand₹ 160Deposit ₹800 and Receive ₹1,200Buy Now
LotteryWorld₹ 30010% Off on EuroJackpot SubscriptionsBuy Now
theLotter₹ 462 *Up to 25% OffBuy Now₹ 361 *30% Off on EuroJackpot SubscriptionsBuy Now
LottoAgent₹ 426 *Buy 1 Get 1 Free TicketBuy Now

(*) Approximate conversion. The referred website does not use INR as its main currency.

Aside from the price, check out the available bonus to improve the possibility of purchasing even more tickets. Keep in mind that there are additional discounts and bundles on most of the lottery sites as well.

What Online Lottery Games Can You Buy in Meghalaya?

In Meghalaya, you can have access to all the games available on legit lottery sites. That may be around 20 or even up to 60, depending on the website that you choose. Having so many lottery games available may make your first purchase quite difficult. With the purpose of helping you out, I developed the list below of the top lottery games that you can play from Meghalaya:
Lottery Online Ticket Price Drawing Days Biggest Jackpot Buy Here!
Powerball ₹290 Tue – Thu – Sun $1.586 Billion Buy Now
Mega Millions ₹290 Wed – Sat $1.537 Billion Buy Now
Euromillions ₹250 Wed – Sat €210 Million Buy Now
Eurojackpot ₹160 Friday €90 Million Buy Now
SuperEnalotto ₹160 Tue – Thu – Sat €209 Million Buy Now
Lotto 6/49 ₹330 Thu – Sun CAD$ 5 Million Buy Now
La Primitiva ₹168 Fri – Sun €101.7 Million Buy Now

The Bottom Line on Meghalaya Online Lottery

Meghalaya represents another safe state to be when it comes to online lotteries. Although the state is yet to define its own lottery schemes and all the existing local websites are a scam, you have the international lottery sites as a real and trustworthy option. My colleagues and I have tested the main ones with the best prices, and you will find them here. 

The proof that you can legitimately play Powerball, EuroMillions, and Lotto 6/49 from India and in your state has been shown with the current lottery laws. While exploring these opportunities, it is extremely important to remain vigilant and avoid lottery scams. On top of that, you will even get discounts and bonuses that Americans and Europeans playing at local retailers cannot have. If that sounds ideal to you, guarantee your opportunity:


The government lotteries of Meghalaya have been on a very long hiatus since 2007. All the games, lottery tickets, and drawing results that you find online are fake and created to support scam sites. Do not try to play Meghalaya lotteries online, only the international ones on the legit websites that we recommend here.
The Meghalaya lottery laws allow foreign online lotteries when they do not try to offer Indian games from Meghalaya or any other state. That legal case is the one that matches all the brands that we have tested here at LottoBaba.
You can only buy online lottery tickets to international games on websites that are not headquartered in any state of India. Instead of risking yourself trying to find such a site, prefer to make a safe shortcut through the websites that we recommend here instead.

No, there are no free online lotteries available in Meghalaya. If you ever cross any promise of a free online lottery, you will most probably participate in a scam aimed at stealing your data. However, you can find many valid and legit discounts and bonuses on the websites that we recommend here.

The only thing that is necessary to win any online lottery while playing from Meghalaya is to be participating in any lottery. As long as you ensure your participation through the websites that we recommend, you are a potential winner.
Yes, you will certainly find Powerball featured among the games that you can play from Meghalaya using the websites that we recommend.
Like Powerball, Mega Millions is another game that you will never miss on safe online lottery sites due to its popularity.

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