Play La Primitiva From India

La Primitiva is the most popular lottery game in Spain. Even being around 8,000 kilometers away from where people enjoy playing it, it is possible to play La Primitiva from India with the right legal websites. The options include betting on the results in an extra official way or actually purchasing real tickets via online agents, and both work incredibly well for Indians.
There currently is a 50% bonus that reaches up to ₹8,500 on the website that offers the lowest La Primitiva lottery ticket price in all of India. You can play it from ₹168 and still use that bonus to purchase more tickets. The complete list of the websites, the respective La Primitiva price in India, and the best bonus is found below.

Where to Play With the Best La Primitiva Lottery Ticket Price in India?

WebsiteLottery TicketBonusBuy Here
LottoSmile₹ 256 *Up to 25% Off Real TicketsBuy Now
LottoAgent₹ 224 *Buy 1 Get 1 Free TicketBuy Now
theLotter₹ 232 *Up to 25% OffBuy Now

(*) Approximate conversion. The referred website does not use INR as its main currency.

Without any surprise, LottoSmile is the website that currently offers the best La Primitiva ticket price to play from India. The deposits are pretty straightforward, and there is a good variety of payment methods. While it offers no discounts on the already low ticket price, the initial bonus can be a good boost, so make sure to deposit enough.

If you want to purchase real tickets instead of betting on the results and would gladly purchase tickets for many drawings at once, take a look at theLotter. Its multi-draw discount can reduce the La Primitiva lottery ticket price to ₹174!

🎟️ How to Buy La Primitiva Lottery Tickets in India?

  1. Pick one of the websites to play La Primitiva from India using the list above as your reference.
  2. Some websites like LottoSmile will require that you deposit before playing, while others will let you pay exactly the amount after checking out your purchase. Using an example here, notice that it is a simple and safe process:Deposit Amount
  3. Do not forget to activate the bonus or look for the discounts, according to the website that you have chosen.
  4. Play La Primitiva by completing the play slips or letting the system pick the numbers for you.
  5. Pay for the purchase as soon as you are satisfied with your picks.Choose Numbers
  6. Wait for the results to compare your tickets with the drawn numbers!

How to Play La Primitiva Online From India?

  1. Find La Primitiva among the other online lotteries available online to play from India:Select La Primitiva
  2. You only need to choose or let the system pick 6 numbers that range from 1 to 49. Depending on the website, the Reintegro number can be random and given to you before the drawing, or you pick a number from 0 to 9 to be your Reintegro. Make sure to check if the website that you have picked offers a bundle or another way of getting great odds for a fair price.Choose Numbers
  3. Before closing your purchase, consider discounts offered by websites like theLotter. You can get free lottery tickets with subscriptions, a good deal of a 20% discount on only 10 drawings, and other opportunities:Additional Options
  4. Repeat the process whenever you want to play La Primitiva from India!

🎓 Reintegro and Complementario

When you play La Primitiva online from India, you need to pick an additional number called the Reintegro. That is the second drum, and it is necessary to win the jackpot, just like it happens with games like Mega Millions. Complementario, on the other hand, is a random bonus number that can help you guarantee a secondary prize.

🎓 La Primitiva Vs. El Gordo de La Primitiva

On some of the recommended websites, you will find both La Primitiva and El Gordo, which has the full name of El Gordo de La Primitiva. It is important to understand that those are two different games but that you can play from India anyway if you find them on the websites that my colleagues and I have tested.

How to Win La Primitiva in India?

If you are willing to become one of the international lottery winners from India, you need to purchase tickets. They can be real tickets or bets on the results, as both guarantee a payment just like the one that is paid to Spanish players. There are different prize tiers, and La Primitiva is known for having a random number that is necessary for the jackpot, called the “Reintegro”.

Notice that the prizes are pari-mutuel, except for the last two tiers. That means that they depend on ticket sales. On the other hand, the jackpot has a guaranteed prize of €3 million or ₹24 Crore.

🏆 La Primitiva India – Prizes & Odds of Winning

6 + Reintegro20%1 in 139,838,160
640%1 in 13,983,816
5 + Complementario6%1 in 2,330,636
513%1 in 55,491
421%1 in 1,032
38€ or ₹6401 in 57
Just ReintegroTicket Refund1 in 10

(*) Values are approximated according to the exchange rate.

Your overall odds of winning a prize when playing La Primitiva in India are 1 in 8.4.

About La Primitiva Lottery in India

La Primitiva is extremely popular in Spanish but also in India, where Indians can enjoy it along with other online lottery games. Considering that it is always a millionaire prize, you can still keep an enormous amount after the lottery taxes in India if you win the jackpot. However, it has the odds of a really challenging game. Make good use of the discounts and bonuses to purchase as many tickets as you can.

📑 Important Things About Playing La Primitiva in India

5 Biggest La Primitiva Jackpots

€101.7 Million Oct. 15, 2015
€78.6 Million Jan. 3, 2019
€73 Million Feb. 22, 2014
€67 Million Aug. 3, 2013
€32 Million Jan. 12, 2013

La Primitiva History

La Primitiva is a really old lottery game that had a pause in its distribution due to a temporary ban in Spain:

  • 1763 – Creation of the game under the name “Loteria por Numeros”, a 5/50 lottery.
  • 1812 – Adoption of the current name.
  • 1862 – Banishment of the game by a Royal Decree.
  • 1985 – Relaunch of La Primitiva with the current format.

Buy La Primitiva Tickets (With Bonuses)

50% Bonus Up to ₹ 8,500
  • Compatible with INR
  • 50% welcome bonus
  • Several deposit methods in India
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Lottery Ticket
  • Hindi language
  • Lottery agent and betting site
  • 30+ lotteries
Up to 25% Ticket Discount
  • Best selection of lottery games
  • Purchases real tickets
  • Good discounts and pricing


Yes, you can play La Primitiva from India online on the websites that we have tested and now recommend. They are headquartered elsewhere and are not affected by the local law.
You will find the lowest La Primitiva lottery price in India on the Lotto247 website. However, if you are looking for a lottery agent website, consider theLotter and its discounts of up to 25%.
There certainly have been winners of all levels of La Primitiva prizes in India, but the websites do not reveal their identities.
You will be contacted by the brand where you have chosen to play La Primitiva. However, you can always compare your numbers with those drawn and claim the prize by yourself, also on the same website.
Claims are not necessary when you play online because the system identifies you as the winner automatically. You will find instructions on your email, and lottery agent websites might require that you claim big prizes in person. If anything, contact the support of where you have played it.
You must be at least 18 years old and have one of the payment methods accepted by the legal websites that we recommend here.
Only wins above approximately $2,500, and only if you have played on theLotter or used the real ticket option on LottoAgent. The other websites are betting sites and do not require that you travel.
The best La Primitiva strategy is to cover the numbers that you think to be your lucky numbers. Other than that, keep playing to get your prize someday.
You can find the results on any results website or where you played it. In any case, you are always contacted when you win.