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How to Play the Lottery Online in India? [10 Easy Steps]

What if playing the lottery online in India was easy, and you had access to lotteries from all around the world? The whole process can be summarized in ten simple steps that include saving money on tickets, bonuses, playing multiple tickets, and guaranteeing your participation. In a few minutes, you will know how to play the lottery online in India!

Can You Play Indian Lotteries Online?

Indian lotteries are all forms of government lotteries in India, which is the only legal way to play the lottery with paper tickets. They are not available in all states and most certainly not available online. Therefore, we can teach you how to play the lottery online in India, but only to play international lotteries such as US Powerball and Euromillions.

It is time to take a few important notes and understand how to play the lottery online in India without difficulties. If you need to, you may check our information on legal online lottery in India first.

Find a Reliable Website

The first and most important step to playing the lottery online is to find a reliable lottery site. There are dozens of cases of scams out there, such as the Bhagyalakshmi lottery or the Chetak lottery. It is important to screen out there for trustworthy lottery agents or lottery betting sites. 

In order to spare you time, you may check one of the websites that we have tested and approved to avoid lottery scams. Our reviews contain only those that can be trusted in terms of tickets and payments:

Register an Account

After choosing a trustworthy lottery site to play the lottery online, you need an account. The whole process is pretty much straightforward and summarized in one to three steps. Your personal details are always encrypted and protected on the sites that we have reviewed:

Register an account on lottery site

Look for Possible Bonuses and Offers

Subscriptions with free tickets, high discounts, and even lottery bonuses are part of the routine of people who play the lottery online in India. When you choose one of the listed lottery sites, you will be aware of their best bonuses and should not forget to use them! The more money you save, the more tickets you can get to improve your odds.

lottery bonuses

Decide Which Lotteries to Play Online

It is in this step that the first part of actually playing the lottery begins. You need to pick a lottery, and since you have the best worldwide lotteries at your disposal, that may be a tricky challenge. To help you choose, think of what you consider to be the most important factor.

It may be a good number of prize tiers aside from the jackpot, a really big jackpot, or lotteries with easier odds. Also, do not forget to consider the ticket pricing when you choose your lottery.

lotteries with easier odds

Pick Your Favorite Lottery Strategy

There are countless ways in which you may try to play and win the lottery online. You may believe in superstitions, follow statistical strategies, or simply use the quick pick tool to select your numbers automatically. In fact, you may even try your horoscope lucky numbers according to the calendar in the closest drawings.

Vrishabha horoscope lucky numbers

This step is more about how you feel about the lottery and the possible winning numbers. There is nothing to be afraid of, as the math behind the lottery tells us that any combination can work, so you cannot impact your odds negatively. Go with what your heart and gut tell you, and do not forget you can always try different things in the next drawing.

Choose Your Numbers

Through the strategy or method that you decided to use, you will start to pick numbers for each ticket that you want to purchase. When you play the lottery online, your ticket is digitally scanned – or only a representation of a ticket if you only bet on the results. For each ticket you complete, your cart will be filled so that you can pay next.

quick pick numbers

Review Your Cart

On most of the lottery websites, you will be able to add tickets from different games at once. As soon as you are done, check the cart and make sure that you have covered all the tickets you wanted if the numbers are correct, and if you have not added anything extra by accident. That is important to avoid missing your favorite lucky numbers and not to spend more than you want to.

Deposit and Pay for Your Tickets

You only actually play the lottery online in India when you finish the purchase of your tickets. So far, you have only the revealed intention of purchasing them, and if you are close to the drawing time, it is essential to finish it before the sales close. The methods of deposit and payment will vary greatly from one site to another, so choose what suits you the most.

deposit and payment methods

Verify Your Ticket

Choosing a reliable lottery site makes you feel comfortable about your chances and tickets. Still, we can never be too careful when we are talking about our chances of becoming millionaires or at least winning a good load of money. In that case, make sure to verify your tickets or bets as soon as you are done with your purchase. Take screenshots, save them, and do whatever you can to secure your ticket to heaven.

Wait for the Results and Claim Winnings

There is nothing else to be done but to wait for the results of the games you just played. Remember that the more tickets you cover, the better your chances are and we never know when our numbers will be drawn. While you wait, learn some lottery-winning mantras and hope for the best.


Anyone who is above the legal gambling age of 18 years old and does not live in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab, or Tamil Nadu can play the lottery online on foreign sites.

There are many other steps in evaluating a lottery site to figure out if it is real and trustworthy. Prefer to choose the ones that we recommend here.

Yes! You claim it directly from the source if you play on lottery agent sites or receive it from the site automatically in the case of betting sites.

You need to read the rules of the website and the lottery of your choice to make sure you have that possibility.

It varies from one game to another. There are cheap games from ₹40, but the ones with huge jackpots may cost up to ₹300 – there are discounts and promotions to lower that down.

Paying a few bucks for some chance of winning thousands – sometimes millions of times that amount – sounds fair, or else we would not be playing the lottery. However, nobody turns down a chance to play the lottery for free. While you cannot get freebies of tickets in exchange for nothing, you can get free tickets, discounts, and even money bonuses if you choose the right website. Check out our guide to free online lotteries to understand how that works.

Some states in India have their own lotteries, sometimes even dozens of them every week, for quite a low price. Therefore, you might be wondering why to play the lottery online if those local lotteries are not available. Well, here are a few reasons why most Indians prefer to play international lotteries online:

  • Prizes are tens, hundreds, and even thousands of times higher.
  • You have options to claim your winnings without traveling abroad.
  • Comfort and flexibility that local lotteries do not provide.
  • Many bonuses and discounts to ease the ticket price.
  • Online syndicates in complete anonymity.
  • Real cases of international lottery winners from India.

Playing the lottery online came into my life several years ago, but if I were to discover it today, I can say that those reasons would be more than enough to convince me. Now, it is only up to you.

You already know how to play the lottery online from the comfort of your home in India, but is there the best way to play it? The only thing you should keep in mind is that your coverage of the possibilities is directly proportional to your chances. Therefore, play the games with odds that you find reasonable and purchase as many tickets as you can in a responsible manner. That is the best way to play lotteries online.