Lottery Betting Sites in India - Bet on Lottery Results Online

With exclusive games and automatic payment of prizes, including jackpots, we are seeing the rapid growth of the popularity of lottery betting sites in India. Let’s get to know them better.

Lottery betting sites allow you to place bets on the lottery results with real money to win the exact same prizes as players with real tickets. You need trustworthy websites that are reputable and will pay the prizes corresponding to your correct bets. It is already possible to find some of those lottery betting sites in India, and you can play them from your home.

Best Lottery Betting Sites in India

203 ratings
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  • Hindi language
  • Lottery agent and betting site
  • 30+ lotteries
120 ratings
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  • Accepts INR
  • Free bets and deposit bonuses
  • Local payment methods

Top 2 Lottery Betting Sites in India

To help you decide where to play and bet on lottery results, I have summarized the most important information on the top 2 lottery betting sites in India. They have all been tested and approved by our team, and you can start to play on them right away.

Lotto Agent – Lottery Agent and Betting Site

Lotto Agent is the only tested and approved lottery site that both purchases real tickets and offers lottery betting according to your preferences. Unfortunately, it does not use INR as the main currency, but you may navigate the website in the Hindi version. There are many promotions available and more lotteries than those found on LottoSmile.

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Lottofy – Exclusive Lottery Bonuses

Lottofy has a limited availability of lotteries, focusing mainly on the most important ones. Although quite recent compared to other lottery betting sites, it has proven its value and truly pays winners. Its 50% lottery bonus offer combined with the Buy 1 Get 2 Free promotion for newcomers make it excellent, on top of accepting INR and local payment methods.

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There are only four states in India where it is truly forbidden to play lotteries of any type, even when the websites that offer them are headquartered outside of India. If you are not in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab, or Tamil Nadu, it is not illegal to play on lottery betting sites.

We have a complete guide on legal online lotteries in India, but, in short, playing on websites that are headquartered outside of India and do not offer Indian games is legal. That is a possibility due to the inexistence of restrictions in that specific case.

Is Lottery Betting Better Than Purchasing Real Lottery Tickets?

When it comes to playing lotteries on online lottery sites in India, you will find lottery betting sites and lottery agents. The lottery agents purchase tickets on your behalf as if you had traveled to a specific country and bought yourself some entries.

Each Indian player might have a different saying on that, and that is why it is important to understand the features of both alternatives. It is not that one is better than another in any case, but it might be, depending on what you prefer:

FeatureLottery Betting SitesLottery Agents
Lottery EntriesNo real participation, only bettingReal digital tickets
CostMuch cheaperCosts more to cover real ticket price plus expenses
PromotionsWelcome bonus and free-ticket promotionsDiscounts on bundles, multi-draw purchases, and syndicates
Prize ClaimAutomatic transfer to the playerBigger prizes must be claimed in person
Lottery GamesMix of real games with exclusive online lotteriesUp to 60 real lotteries
ProofWebsites we have testedVerifiable ticket

Therefore, we can find countless benefits in choosing lottery betting sites. In my opinion, the fact that prizes are paid without the need to travel to another country to claim them is the most important one. The prices being lower is another relevant feature.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing on Lottery Betting Sites in India

Let’s take a look at the main pros and cons when you bet on lottery results online through lottery betting sites in India:

Much cheaper tickets.No real participation in lotteries.
No need to claim the prizes.Not as many games as on some lottery agent websites.
Existence of exclusive games.No syndicate playing.
Bonuses to increase your total deposit. 

Also, it is essential to know about some “neutral” aspects of lottery betting sites that are related to how they work:

  • Although you are not really playing that lottery in its origin country, the lottery betting sites deduct the same percentage taken by taxes when playing with real tickets.
  • It may take over a month to receive jackpots due to the insurance process that pays the prize.
  • You need to play on websites that you can trust, such as the one that we recommend, or you might simply lose your money due to no proof.

How to Win on Lottery Betting Sites in India?

When you play on lottery betting sites in India, you do not purchase real tickets but bet for the same prize as anyone else. Therefore, the results are based on the real lottery results, including the same odds and prize tiers. Simply accompany the actual results of the lottery game of your choice and match the necessary numbers to win.

How Does Prize Claiming Work?

One of the perks of playing on lottery betting sites in India is not needing to make any claim. You will be notified of your prize if that is the case, and then you will inform how you would like to receive the prize – mostly bank transfers for big ones. It takes a while for the insurance company that covers the prize to transfer what you are owed.

How Much Can Be Won?

Unless a specific lottery betting site applies any type of limitations as to how much can be withdrawn from your lottery prizes, you can win as much as a lottery allows you to. In most cases, jackpots are never limited to any level, while secondary prizes might encounter some temporary limits, such as $10,000 per week.

Should You Play on Lottery Betting Sites in India?

There is a huge offer of promotions and lottery games on the lottery betting sites in India for you to ignore them. Unless you have strong reasons to stick to lottery agents only, I recommend at least playing once on the websites that we recommend. You learned that there are plenty of advantages, that you would still receive the same prize, and that tickets cost way less.

Of course, be aware that not every lottery betting site out there can be trusted. Stick to the ones that we have tested and brought proof to you. That way, you will not have to worry about your prizes.


You can trust the lottery betting sites that our team has approved after carrying out our complete review process. Otherwise, you could risk playing on a scam website.

At the moment, LottoSmile and Lottoland are the best lottery betting sites in India due to their offer of games and promotions.

Yes, all the lottery betting sites listed here work well in India, and pay the prizes to those that match the results.
There is no need to claim prizes when you play on lottery betting sites in India because your tickets are automatically matched to the results. Simply inform them of your withdrawal details.
No, they are merely representing your numbers because it is a bet and not a real ticket purchase.