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Buy Lottery Tickets Online in India - The Cheapest Tickets Compared

When you figure out that you can buy lottery tickets online in India and many website options appear, the first thing you want to know is the best lottery ticket prices.

By making sure you are buying the cheapest lottery tickets, you will not only be saving money but also guaranteeing more tickets and improved odds. As we know, the more lottery tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning.

I’ll guide you through not only the average ticket price on the best websites to buy lottery tickets online in India but also through their special offers. After all, discounts and promotions can reduce lottery ticket prices by up to 50%!

Best Lotteries to Buy Lottery Tickets Online in India

Finally, let’s recall the lottery games that have a good relation between price and jackpot that you can play online. I made sure to add a few exclusive games as well, with lower lottery ticket prices, that you cannot find anywhere else.

Lottery NameCostStarting JackpotBiggest Win 
PowerballUS PowerballFrom ₹334$20 Million$1.586 BillionPlay Now
MegamillionsMega MillionsFrom ₹334$20 Million$1,537 BillionPlay Now
EuromillionsEuromillionsFrom ₹334€17 Million€220 MillionPlay Now
EurojackpotEurojackpotFrom ₹286€10 Million€120 MillionPlay Now
Lotto649 tickets in IndiaLotto 6/49From ₹448CAD$ 5 MillionCAD$64 MillionPlay Now
SuperenalottoSuperEnalottoFrom ₹191€2 Million€209,160,442Play Now
LaprimitivaLa PrimitivaFrom ₹313€3 Million€101.7 MillionPlay Now

Which Lottery Site Has the Cheapest Lottery Tickets Online?

The best way to figure out where to find the cheapest lottery tickets online on lottery sites for India is to compare the price for the best lottery games. After all, the ones with the biggest jackpots tend also to have the higher price when compared to the easiest lotteries.

Thinking of the best solution to give you a direction to get the best lottery ticket prices, I have indicated both the regular ticket price for the best games and the average price. Evidently, unless you are only preoccupied with playing a single lottery, it is better to go for a lower average price than to pay more for all the other games.

Lottery SitePowerballMega MillionsEuromillionsEurojackpotSuperEnalottoLotto 6/49La PrimitivaAverage Price
Lotto Agent₹430 (*)₹430 (*)₹452 (*)₹420 (*)₹222 (*)₹480 (*)₹222 (*)₹379

(*) Varies according to the applicable exchange rate.

It is clear from our table that Lottofy practices the best lottery ticket prices among the recommended and tested lottery sites. Therefore, it is up to you to find the best strategy.

Talking about lottery strategies, we should not forget that, when you buy lottery tickets online in India, you have access to promotions and bonuses. Therefore, let’s consider them to have a better understanding of how much you actually pay for lottery tickets.

Best Lottery Ticket Prices With Discounts

Let’s consider the following reasonable discounts playing Mega Millions to decide where you will find the best lottery ticket prices:

  • Lotto Agent: 5 lines (9% off) + 4 drawings (5% off)
  • LottoSmile and theLotter: 10 drawings multi-draw option (20% off)
  • Lottofy: Up to 30% off on subscriptions.

As a result, here is the updated Mega Millions price table:

GameLottofyLotto AgentLottoSmiletheLotter
Mega Millions₹238₹370₹324₹324

In the specific case that you purchase subscriptions and disburse more in a single purchase, the prices continue to be better at Lottofy. In other words, that investment pays off for the games included in that promotion, which is not available for every lottery.

Also, keep in mind that Lotto Agent and Lottofy offer a 50% welcome bonus each. That alone makes them the better choice for your first deposit.

Lottery Ticket Prices - Offline Vs. Online Lottery Tickets

When you compare the lottery ticket prices of those online lotteries with the ones available in your state, if it has a government lottery, you might be surprised. Yes, the cheapest lottery tickets found online are way more expensive than the majority of the lottery games in India, but they are proportional to their bigger prizes. Why would someone prefer ₹10 tickets if they can only win up to ₹10,000?

Also, aside from the pricing, there are other reasons to prefer to buy lottery tickets online in India:

  • Accessibility – From home or while on the streets, you are able to purchase tickets with your existing funds or deposit at that exact moment to do it.
  • Promotions – The discounts that I have mentioned, plus bonuses and other opportunities like anonymous syndicates, can only be found online.
  • Diversity – You will not be limited to a few local games, especially because Indian states do not offer their lotteries online.
  • Support – In case of any question or problem, you can reach an online agent that is available 24/7 to solve it.
  • Payments – E-wallets, credit cards, and bank transfers are a few of the many payment options when you buy lottery tickets online in India.

Now, what to say about the fact that even the cheapest lottery tickets online seem to be more expensive than the actual tickets?

Before anything, we need to consider two factors. First, the convenience of buying lottery tickets online from all around the world from our house has to have a cost. Second, even in the case of lottery betting sites that do not have to cover the cost of a real ticket, the companies behind them need to profit.

Besides, we can only legally buy lottery tickets online through those websites in any case. From my point of view and that of international lottery winners in India, buying lottery tickets online in India is worth it.

How Does an Online Lottery Ticket Work?

If you play through a lottery agent like theLotter and LottoSmile or choose that option on LottoAgent, you will be purchasing real tickets through their staff. Basically, it is like a ticket purchased locally, except that you will be playing from India.

On the other hand, if you pick lottery betting sites, which is the case of all other tested sites recommended here, you will simply be betting on the results. The odds are the same probability of winning their jackpot and secondary prizes, and the amount of money received is the exact same. However, in that case, you possess proof of a bet and not a real ticket.

How to Buy the Cheapest Lottery Tickets Online in India?

Here is how you will buy lottery tickets online in India with the best possible pricing:

  1. Check out our comparison table above, even if you want to play any other lottery game, and pick the lottery with the cheapest lottery tickets.
  2. Once you open the website, sign up with your details. It should take no more than 1 minute of your time.
  3. Choose the lottery that you want to play.
  4. Start choosing your numbers while considering any possible discounts for more lines that you may be able to get.
  5. Activate a subscription or multi-draw option if it adds up more discounts to make your lottery tickets cheaper.
  6. Add the tickets to your cart and repeat the process for any other games that you may want to play.
  7. Proceed to the checkout and pay for the total with your favorite payment method.
  8. You are officially participating in a lottery with online tickets!

Can You Buy Lottery Tickets Via an App?

Yes, there are many online lottery apps in India, and they are all mobile versions of the websites listed here. Therefore, you may simply open them and download the app to log in with your details and purchase the cheapest lottery tickets the same way.

Can You Get Lottery Tickets Online in India for Free?

If you want to participate in real lotteries with big jackpots without ever paying anything, I’m afraid the answer is a big “No”. Fortunately, there are ways for you to play a free online lottery in India if you are willing to conquer that right as a reward for paying first.

For example, as a courtesy, you may earn a free lottery ticket for paying for a subscription or after your first ticket purchase. That is the only legit way to get actual lottery tickets for free, which is a good warning to stay alert for anything that promises otherwise.

How to Reduce Lottery Tickets Prices?

You have already chosen the website where you want to play, either because it offers the cheapest lottery tickets online or due to a specific feature like a payment method. However, are you fully exploring ways to make your cheap lottery ticket even cheaper?

Although they are not all available on every single lottery site, make sure to verify the following possibilities before you actually buy lottery tickets online in India:

  • Multiple lines discount – Mentioned here to show how a Mega Millions ticket can get cheaper on websites like theLotter, it gives you up to 15% or 20% off if you purchase multiple tickets.
  • Multi-draw discount – Instead of multiple tickets for a single drawing, purchasing tickets for multiple drawings can also give you up to 25% off.
  • Bundles – Either on a separate page or as an option when you decide to play a lottery, you may purchase bundles of different lotteries to get up to 50% off.
  • Syndicates – If you play in syndicates, you may reduce the total cost of your tickets by up to 70% or more. You will need to share any prizes, but you are also sharing the ticket cost. It is brilliant!
  • Bonuses – Exclusively offered in your first deposit, these money bonuses are available on websites like LottoAgent and Lottofy. Watch out and do not miss them!
  • VIP Program – Available at theLotter and LottoSmile, it may grant you up to 20% off on top of the existing discounts if you are eligible.

Of course, it pays off to always pay attention to the promotions section, especially if you are a regular player. Now you are fully equipped with the tools and knowledge to buy the cheapest lottery tickets online.

Where to Buy Lottery Tickets Online in India for the Best Price?

Straight to the point, Lottofy is the best website to buy the cheapest lottery tickets online from India. Also, Lottofy has exclusive bonuses and offers that top up its existing discounts.

In fact, thanks to the discounts for subscriptions, all of the websites manage to offer the best deal for some big lotteries like Mega Millions. Still, make sure to consider the welcome bonus from Lottofy for your very first purchase.

It seems that you have plenty of options already and enough promotions to get at least a full month of lottery tickets for the best price. You are finally free from the limitations of local lotteries, and I’d say to go for it.


When you buy lottery tickets that cost less online in India, you are still buying the same tickets. Therefore, there is no negative impact on your odds.
Unless you live in Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, or Tamil Nadu, there is no specific law that prohibits online lottery on those websites because they are headquartered outside of India and offer only foreign lotteries.

Depending on the lottery game that you will choose, it may be either LottoSmile or Lottofy. If you go for subscriptions, some big lotteries may be cheaper to play on Lottofy.

Keep an eye open for any opportunities, like syndicates, bundles, multi-draw discounts, or subscriptions.
Of course not. However, as long as you are using the websites recommended here, you will know that they are safe. Do not forget to check the available payment methods, the withdrawal times, and how the support works.