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Lottery Strategies: The Best 10 Methods Towards Winning Numbers

We have collected the best ten methods that can be considered lottery strategies to win or at least good advice that can help you in the long run.

With only the truth and detailed explanation of how to apply the methods and prepare your own lotto strategies analysis, we hope that this guide can be of great help to local and international lotteries!

How to Decide the Best Lottery Strategy for You?

You will soon notice that there are more ways of applying each of the lottery strategies to win than you can count or apply in a short period. There is a lot that can be done, and nothing that you do can impair your odds – except if you decide not to play. Open your mind, including to the truth, when it comes to the randomness of the lottery, and you will figure out the best choice for your preferences and gaming style in the guide below.

Top 10 Lottery-Winning Strategies

We brought this full lotto strategies analysis with the truth on the top 10 methods that people use or should use when it comes to playing the lottery. There are no guarantees when we talk about lottery strategies to win, but we can definitely understand our true odds. With our expertise and no intention to push misinformation in this guide, you will become an expert in a second.

Know Your Odds

While ignored by most lottery players when they are deciding what to play, odds essentially are the most important factor in winning the lottery. For example, if we are talking about the easiest lotteries, they simply have better odds. The odds represent your actual chances of winning – may it be the jackpot or just a compensation prize.

On the other hand, the easier a lottery game is, the smaller the prize. By definition, lottery games tend to have a much better prize when it is more difficult to match the numbers.

To give you a proper idea of what we are talking about and how it can become a strategy, let’s check the odds and best prize of the most popular lotteries we can play from India:

Lottery GameJackpot OddsBiggest Jackpot
SuperEnalotto1 in 622,614,630€350 Million (~₹3,105 Crore)
Mega Millions1 in 302,575,350$1.537 Billion (~₹12,521 Crore)
Powerball1 in 292,201,338$2.04 Billion (~₹16,210 Crore)
Euromillions1 in 139,838,160€230 Million (~₹2,040 Crore)
Eurojackpot1 in 95,344,200€120 Million (~₹1,060 Crore )
La Primitiva1 in 139,838,160€101.7 Million (~₹902 Crore)
Lotto India1 in 79,453,500₹4 Crore
Lotto 6/491 in 13,983,816$64 Million (~₹521 Crore)
Cricket Lotto1 in 13,983,816₹73 Crore
Austrian Lotto1 in 8,415,060€14.9 Million (~₹132 Crore)
Jeeto Lotto1 in 2,147,181₹3.4 Crore
Malamaal Daily1 in 850,668₹63 Lakhs

It is essential to highlight that the best jackpot ever reached by those games is not the regular jackpot. Therefore, Lotto India has a decent prize of ₹4 Crore with tough odds of 1 in 79,453,500 regularly,  while others may pay a lot more as a result of a rolling jackpot.

Knowing your odds, you can actually know how much of a challenge you are actually facing and the reward you will have for it. Some games are more balanced than others, and deciding what you can take will help you choose the right one for you.

Use of Statistics and Frequency

While this strategy does not go well with government lotteries in India because access to information and results is more than limited, it works for online lotteries from abroad. All that we need to put that strategy into action is the last results of the lotteries we intend to play.

Luckily for us, every official website of the lotteries – and even the lottery websites for exclusive games like Cricket Lotto – offers all the information that we need. By accessing the statistics of the lottery results, we may analyze which numbers are the most frequent.

Now, it is important to say that the lottery is a game of chance and all numbers and sequences have equal chances of occurring. This method can merely give a sense of control, at least when it comes to logic and math. If you have a strong belief that patterns occur for a reason, then you would need to seek which numbers are the most frequent.

Let’s say you checked Powerball results from the past 800 drawings and got the following results:

Powerball results statistics

Therefore, if you believe that something can actually make the lottery less random and benefit the most common numbers, you would make sequences out of those. This strategy, therefore, can be summarized as picking those frequent numbers and wheeling them. Taking 61, 32, 63, 21, 36, and 69, we would have:

  • 21 – 32 – 36 – 61 – 63
  • 21 – 32 – 61 – 63 – 69
  • 21 – 36 – 61 – 63 – 69
  • 32 – 36 – 61 – 63 – 69
  • 21 – 32 – 36 – 63 – 69
  • 21 – 32 – 36 – 61 – 69

Logically, there are no reasons to prefer those sequences to any random one or even an obvious one, such as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5. Still, if you play those tickets and even cover several Powerball numbers, that means more combinations were covered and that you are improving your odds of winning the lottery based on the principles of the next strategy.

Playing frequent or “hot” numbers using the statistics of the previous drawing results in sequences of supposedly “lucky” numbers. That has no logical or mathematical support, but you may believe that those numbers are benefitted somehow and give them a try.

Cover More Lottery Tickets

The only proven way to improve your odds is also the simplest of all the lottery strategies to win: buy more tickets. While it may sound like what a retailer salesperson would say, that is also logically plausible. If you have odds of 1 in 1 million per ticket and you buy 100 tickets, you now have odds of 100 in 1 million.

Let’s do better and take an actual example: the lottery Euromillions has challenging odds of 1 in 139,838,160. How can buying more tickets improve your odds? Here it goes:

Number of TicketsOddsCost
11 in 139,838,160₹ 252
21 in 69,919,08₹ 504
31 in 46,612,720₹ 756
51 in 27,967,632₹ 1,260
101 in 13,983,816₹ 2,520
201 in 6,991,908₹ 5,040
501 in 2,796,763₹ 12,600
1001 in 1,398,381₹ 25,200
2001 in 699,190₹ 50,400

Even with two-hundred tickets, your probability would still be 0.0001%. Still, when we look at odds with one ticket, that is quite an improvement. Of course, you do not need to cover that many tickets, especially not regularly, but covering as many tickets as you can while responsibly playing is the shortest path to having better odds.

Owning more tickets with different combinations equals a better chance of winning, but that has a price, and the lottery continues to be quite difficult. Since it is not logistically possible to cover all possible combinations and is definitely not profitable, simply play with as many tickets as you can when possible.

Focus on Winning Smaller Prizes

The purpose of playing the lottery is to win the jackpot, and that is what the lottery strategies to win usually focus on. However, we cannot forget that small prizes may sometimes make up for all the investment, especially in games such as Powerball and Mega Millions, with a US$ 1 million (~₹8 Crore) second prize each.

We can use as an example the many prize tiers found in the game Euromillions:

MatchedEstimated Prize in INR (Converted)Odds
5 + 2 Lucky StarsJackpot1 in 139,838,160
5 + 1 Lucky Stars₹2.5 Crore1 in 6,991,908
5₹25 Lakh1 in 3,107,515
4 + 2 Lucky Stars₹2.5 Lakh1 in 621,503
4 + 1 Lucky Star₹13,5401 in 31,075
3 + 2 Lucky Stars₹8,5851 in 14,125
4₹4,7881 in 13,811
2 + 2 Lucky Stars₹1,5681 in 985
3 + 1 Lucky Star₹1,1551 in 706
3₹9901 in 314
1 + 2 Lucky Stars₹8251 in 188
2 + 1 Lucky Star₹6601 in 49
2₹3301 in 22

We all prefer a jackpot, but winning from ₹2.5 Lakh is not bad and gives us an extra to keep playing until we are truly lucky. Therefore, when comparing odds, do not forget to check the other prizes that the lottery may have. If you play a game with big prizes and difficult odds but almost no secondary tier, such as Brazil’s Mega-Sena, your overall odds are more challenging.

Participating in lottery games with more prize tiers allows you to recover or even profit from your expenditure on tickets with smaller and easier rewards.

Play in Groups

If covering more tickets equals better odds, playing in groups with everyone’s ticket being applicable to all the other players is also a good idea. Even better, if you are willing to share your prize, the cost will remain the same while improving your odds. What sounds like a dream could be a nightmare if you pick the wrong friends and relatives, especially with all the bureaucracy in terms of distributing the prize.

Fortunately, group play, also called a lottery syndicate, is openly available online, and we can easily spot it on some websites such as theLotter:

lottery syndicates

The example above results in nothing less than 500 entries for a Powerball drawing. It would cost approximately ₹191,000 to play it alone on the same website. Believe it or not, that syndicate sells each share of 500 lines for ₹1,200 – almost 100 times less. That was for a US$ 572 Million jackpot that would still be a pretty good prize, even if shared among all the 340 players.

As a result, whenever possible, and if sharing a prize is not a problem, give syndicates a try. On top of the low price, some websites will even offer up to 25% off with the multi-draw option.

Syndicates are an easy and safe way to improve your odds and the coverage of numbers without implying a great cost if you are not bothered by sharing the prize.

Avoid Common Numbers

Your odds of winning are exactly the same regardless of the numbers you pick unless you have faith in some unexplained force of frequent numbers. Since we have already covered lotto strategies analysis based on statistics, it is time to talk about something logical: the problem with common numbers.

But what are common numbers in the first place?

Any individual number that is often chosen, such as the lucky number 7, or any obvious sequence, e.g., 1-2-3-4-5 and 10-20-30-40-50, must be avoided. It is not that they are difficult to occur because logic implies that they have the same odds as any random combination.

The reason is simple: they are easy to think about, and, either for laziness or superstition, a lot of people tend to play them. If a game has almost 140 million combinations, anything that is not obvious is more eligible to win a prize alone. On the other hand, if you add common numbers, you will most probably share your prize while keeping the full cost.

Avoid numbers that other people play a lot because you do not want to get only a share of the prize after trying alone for so long.

Wheeling System in Lottery Strategies to Win

A wheeling system is a method that takes a pool of numbers that has more possibilities than you are allowed to choose in a ticket and wheels them, giving equal chances in varied tickets. There are lottery software tools that do it automatically, and the possibilities are close to countless as well.

There are many variations to wheeling systems, and nothing forbids you from creating your own with your own set of rules. That is the beauty of a game in which you may try whatever you want without negatively affecting your odds. Nevertheless, we will present two variations with examples that you can apply right away!

Full Lottery Wheel

A full wheeling system implies playing all the numbers that you have in the pool of possibilities. Let’s say you used the statistics method described in this list of lottery strategies to win and discovered seven numbers that are hot numbers appearing in a lot of the latest drawings:

1 – 4 – 5 – 12 – 30 – 33 – 40

Considering that the example game is a 5/50, you can only pick five of those per ticket. Therefore, you will wheel those numbers, adding and removing, until you have 5-number tickets in a way that any combination with any five of those numbers would result in your win:

  • 1 – 4 – 5 – 12 – 30
  • 1 – 4 – 5 – 12 – 33
  • 1 – 4 – 5 – 12 – 40
  • 1 – 4 – 5 – 30 – 33
  • 1 – 4 – 5 – 33 – 40
  • 1 – 4 – 5 – 30 – 40
  • 1 – 4 – 12 – 30 – 33
  • 1 – 4 – 12 – 33 – 40
  • 1 – 4 – 12 – 30 – 40
  • 1 – 4 – 30 – 33 – 40
  • 1 – 5 – 12 – 30 – 33
  • 1 – 5 – 12 – 30 – 40
  • 1 – 5 – 12 – 33 – 40
  • 1 – 5 – 30 – 33 – 40
  • 1 – 12 – 30 – 33 – 40
  • 4 – 5 – 12 – 30 – 33
  • 4 – 5 – 12 – 30 – 40
  • 4 – 5 – 12 – 33 – 40
  • 4 – 5 – 30 – 33 – 40
  • 4 – 12 – 30 – 33 – 40
  • 5 – 12 – 30 – 33 – 40

If your lottery strategy to win tells you those numbers are most probably going to win any drawing soon, you could play those 21 tickets for a few weeks and see how it goes.

Try Your Wheeling System with Lotto Agent!

Key-Number Wheel

Unlike the full wheel, the key number method defines one or more numbers that you believe to be essential for your winning ticket. Then, you take other numbers that you find possible and wheel them with it. For example, let’s say your lucky numbers are 23 and 30 and that you do not give up on them – they are your key numbers!

Now, using the lotto strategies based on your horoscope lucky numbers, you figure out that your star sign Taurus will have the following numbers as your lucky ones for the drawing tomorrow:

Taurus lucky numbers

Considering you are playing a 6/49 lottery, you disregard 64 and 68. In the end, considering your key numbers, you would have:

08 – 10 – 15 – 18 – 23 – 30 – 44

We need to keep our key numbers. As a result, this is the list of tickets we would play for that game:

  • 08 – 10 – 15 – 23 – 30 – 44
  • 08 – 15 – 18 – 23 – 30 – 44
  • 08 – 10 – 15 – 18 – 23 – 30
  • 10 – 15 – 18 – 23 – 30 – 44

Simple, right? If we did not have the key numbers, there would be more tickets as they would be removed in some of the possible combinations.

Wheeling systems are useful to spin and generate tickets from all the numbers that you want to play so that you do not leave any number or the most important ones out.

Understand How the Lottery Truly Works

When you understand that the lottery is a game of chance, you will be free to do as you please when it comes to your numbers – even picking them at random. The strategy here is to avoid losing opportunities in case superstitions ever come your way, which may include playing other games, when the jackpot is rolled over, etc.

Play Online Lotteries From Abroad

Have you checked the prizes and odds of the lotteries available in India? When we consider all the states that offer lotteries in India, and that includes Kerala, Goa, and Maharashtra, the prizes are not even close to the size of international lotteries. The tickets cost a lot less, but the main goal is to win enough to change our lives and not spend less.

While it is perfectly fine to play government lotteries that are available in your state, you will not be optimizing your potential. There are up to 60 different lotteries on lottery agent sites, or at least about 30 on lottery betting sites. They are both alternatives to playing lotteries from abroad, and it does not take more than a few minutes to purchase tickets from home.

Combining all the perks described above to play lotteries such as Euromillions, Mega Millions, Lotto 6/49, France Loto, and others is a good lottery strategy. You will optimize your chances of winning prizes that can truly provide you with a new lifestyle, and, in most cases, even claiming can be done via the internet.

Go for Random Numbers

Virtually every lottery strategy to win described here involves choosing your numbers. But if the odds are always the same, why trouble yourself if you do not have the time? For those that do not have any beliefs contrary to the randomness of the lottery, using quick picks (random number generators) is perfectly fine.

For example, all lottery websites that we recommend here have a “quick pick” or “easy pick” option that chooses the numbers for you – and you are able to change them if you want. That goes for playing locally too, but you can use tools such as the Kerala guessing number tool for local lotteries as well.

Kerala lottery guessing number tool

If you do not have any superstition or the time to choose the numbers, you may use tools or number generators to choose the numbers for you. Nothing changes in terms of your odds because the lottery is random.


No, there is no such thing as a guarantee in lotteries. If you manage to cover enough tickets to at least guarantee a small prize, you will not profit from it. That is what makes the lottery so challenging and rewarding.

Of course. Even the exact same sequence can be drawn again. It is all a matter of randomness.

Yes, if you follow simple strategies such as buying more tickets or participating in syndicates.

You may do whatever you wish to, as any tickets you end up with will have the same real chances of winning.