Play Euromillions From India

Euromillions is the most popular European lottery, but it is not limited to Europeans who live in the participating countries. There are lottery agent websites that participate on your behalf in exchange for an affordable Euromillions lottery ticket price. You will also find that betting on the results is another great way to legally play Euromillions from India, and both of those alternatives are explained here.

You can bet on the results via lottery betting sites that my colleagues and I have tested and reviewed, starting at ₹ 332 per ticket. In addition, you can get bonuses or free tickets after your first deposit or purchase, which can be invested in more Euromillions tickets.

The list below has all the tested and approved lottery websites where you can buy Euromillions lottery tickets and their prices. Notice that each website has a specific bonus, and you might as well use all of them.

Where to Play With the Best Euromillions Lottery Ticket Price in India?

WebsiteLottery TicketBonusBuy Here
Lottofy₹ 332Buy 1 Get 2 Free BetsBuy Now
LottoSmile₹ 554.74Up to 25% OffBuy Now
theLotter₹ 525 *Up to 25% OffBuy Now
Lotto Agent₹ 478 *Buy 1 Get 1 Free TicketBuy Now

(*) Approximate conversion. The referred website does not use INR as its main currency.

Your best choice to play the Euromillions online lottery in India in terms of pricing is Lottofy. It can also be lowered to ₹284 for large purchases. If I can make a suggestion, I’d take its welcome bonuses and play to get the two free bets, starting with the ticket for the lowest price:

🎟️ How to Buy Euromillions Lottery Tickets in India?

  1. The first step is to pick a reliable website from the list above, as my colleagues and I have tested them already and certified ourselves that they are legit.
  2. Make a deposit that is sufficient to cover at least the price of a Euromillions lottery ticket in India.Deposit Money
  3. Remember that you can take advantage of bonuses on your first deposit on some of the recommended websites, like Lottofy, LottoSmile, and Lotto Agent.
  4. Complete the play slips to conclude your participation in Euromillions from India.
  5. Conclude your cart with the total number of slips that you want to play. The example below is from theLotter, where the Euromillions lottery ticket price in India is higher due to the purchase of real tickets on your behalf.Checkout
  6. Make your payment with the available funds or pay the necessary amount directly from your cart. You are now officially playing Euromillions from India!

How to Play Euromillions Online From India?

  1. When you play Euromillions online while being in India, you will digitally choose your numbers or let the system do that for you. Choose it from the many lotteries available online:EuroMillions Choosing Picks
  2. Euromillions requires five numbers between 1 and 50, in addition to two numbers from 1 to 12. These numbers are called the Lucky Stars, and they are both necessary for the jackpot.Choosing Numbers
  3. You can choose how many Euromillions drawings you will play from India when you want your first participation to be, and even purchase subscriptions if you are a regular player:Additional Options
  4. Now, your tickets can be added to the cart and paid for!

🎓 About Additional Features

When playing Euromillions from India, you will notice different options like the sister game “Euromillions GO!” or a “Double the Jackpot” feature. The fact is that lottery betting sites have much more freedom to create original features. As long as you stick to the websites that we have tested, you will have that money guaranteed.

How to Win Euromillions in India?

Indian winners of the Euromillions lottery only need to play it on one of the recommended websites, where they can be certain that prizes are truly paid. You might win anything from €4 to the jackpot, even with a single ticket, under the same odds that any European player would have. Check out the prizes and odds in the table below.

🏆 Euromillions India – Prizes & Odds of Winning

5 + 2 Lucky StarsJackpotJackpot1 in 139,838,160
5 + 1 Lucky Stars€303,798₹2.5 Crore1 in 6,991,908
5€31,448₹25 Lakh1 in 3,107,515
4 + 2 Lucky Stars€3,076₹2.5 Lakh1 in 621,503
4 + 1 Lucky Star€164₹13,5401 in 31,075
3 + 2 Lucky Stars€104₹8,5851 in 14,125
4€58₹4,7881 in 13,811
2 + 2 Lucky Stars€19₹1,5681 in 985
3 + 1 Lucky Star€14₹1,1551 in 706
3€12₹9901 in 314
1 + 2 Lucky Stars€10₹8251 in 188
2 + 1 Lucky Star€8₹6601 in 49
2€4₹3301 in 22

(*) Values are approximated according to the exchange rate.

Your overall odds of winning a prize when playing Euromillions in India are 1 in 13.

About Euromillions Lottery in India

The many prize tiers make Euromillions a popular lottery game in India, especially when we compare the values with the government lottery in India. It is a particular favorite of players who enjoy the add-ons found on lottery betting sites like Lottofy. Considering that the website has the lowest Euromillions lottery ticket price in India, the Double Jackpot add-on is worth paying.

📑 Important Things About Playing Euromillions in India

10 Biggest Euromillions Jackpots

€240 MillionAnonymousAustria, OnlineDec. 08, 2023
€230 MillionUnknownUKJul. 19, 2022
€220 MillionUnknownFranceOct. 15, 2021
€215 MillionUnknownUKMay 05, 2022
€210 MillionUnknownSwitzerlandFeb. 26, 2021
€200 MillionOnline PlayerFranceDec. 11, 2020
€190 MillionAnonymous WinnerUnited KingdomOct. 8, 2019
€190 MillionThe BayfordsSuffolk, EnglandAug. 10, 2012
€190 MillionAnonymousCastelo Branco, PortugalOct. 24, 2014
€190 MillionAnonymousLas Palmas, SpainOct. 6, 2017

Euromillions History

Here is a summary of the Euromillions history that started in 2004, when it was already possible to play online lotteries from India:

  • February 2004 – The first drawing occurred in Paris.
  • January 2006 – It was defined that the maximum jackpot would roll over for 11 draws, with distribution to lower prize tiers in case of no winners.
  • February 2007 – The first EuroMillions Superdraw with a fixed jackpot of €100 million.
  • November 2009 –The jackpot was capped at €185 million.
  • May 2011 – New drawing added on Tuesdays. The Lucky Stars were increased from 9 to 11.
  • January 2012 – The jackpot cap was raised to €190 million and would only be stuck in that number for 2 drawings.
  • September 2016 – Lucky Stars became 12, and the price per ticket was raised to €2.50.
  • February 2020 – The jackpot limit was increased once more, this time to €200.
  • December 2020 –The jackpot cap was set at €210 million after a €200 million jackpot prize.
  • 2021 – The cap had to be adjusted first to €210 million and then to €220 million because it was a lucky year.
  • 2023: Since the biggest payment of 240 million euros, the cap was raised to 250 million after already being led to 230 million before.

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Yes, Euromillions can be played in a legal way in India. You are only not allowed to play in an establishment or on a website that is headquartered in India. Fortunately, that is not the case with the websites that we recommend, and they have all been tested.

At the moment, the best Euromillions lottery ticket price is ₹284 on Lottofy. Besides, you can get a 50% bonus for your first deposit there and increase the number of tickets that you can purchase at once.

Online winners of lottery games like Euromillions are a fact, and many websites have proof and pictures of their winners. At the moment, all the Indian players have remained anonymous, and I suggest that you do the same for safety.
You will receive an instant notification from the website where you have played, via both SMS and email, and follow their instructions.
If you play on theLotter or choose the lottery agent version of LottoAgent, you will need to claim big prizes in person, following the instructions of the website. All the other options will transfer the money to you within 30 days if it is a jackpot or immediately if it is a small prize.
You need to be at least 18 years old to play the lottery of any kind in India.
Lottery agent websites will probably require that you claim prizes in person if they are higher than $2,500.
The best strategy for Euromillions would be to stick to what you believe. As long as you purchase tickets, you have the real chances shown in the “Prizes & Odds” table.
You will find the results on the website that you have chosen to play Euromillions from India.