Online Lottery Apps in India – Play From Your Mobile

There are a few high-quality options of online lottery apps in India, each one with its own characteristics, features, pros, and cons. We would like to present those alternatives to Indian players who want to play online lottery from a mobile app. It is the state-of-art technology for comfortable playing lotteries plus access to worldwide games.

What Is the Top Lottery App in India?

Lottery App Bonus Lotteries Android iOS Play Now!
theLotter Up to 25% Ticket Discount 60+ Play Now
Lotto Agent Buy 1 Get 1 Free Lottery Ticket 30+ Play Now
LottoSmile Up to 25% Off Real Tickets 60 Play Now
Lottofy Buy 1 Get 2 Free Bets 12 Play Now

Why Play on Online Lottery Apps in India?

There are some reasons that make people choose online lottery apps over playing in any other form. From our experience, although we always write our lottery reviews from every perspective, playing from a mobile app is a much better experience because:

  • A lottery app runs smoother than on a mobile browser, as it is specially built for that experience.
  • Compared to computers, they are a portable form of playing the lottery anywhere.
  • The online lottery apps are light and do not take much space from your mobile.
  • It is already possible to play from Android or iOS devices.
  • Compared to local lotteries in India, you are not limited to the government lottery.
  • You save a lot of time by purchasing tickets with two taps on the screen.
  • Easy to install and safe when you download from an app store or from the official website.
  • Personalized experience that adapts to the player.
  • Access to all of the features available on the websites.
  • Notifications of the best jackpots, opportunities, and wins.

The Best Online Lottery Apps in India

theLotter Lottery App in India

theLotter India

The worldwide popular lottery agent, theLotter, is the only one to provide solutions for both Android and iOS devices in India. While its Android version is downloaded via an APK, the iOS app works as an extension, which is not much different than a browser shortcut. That is common in India due to the local regulation connected to lotteries.

Android: Yes

iOS: Yes

Lottery Games: 60+

Bonus: Up to 25% in discounts


Lotto Agent Lottery App in India

LottoAgent Logo

Lotto Agent is what could be called a hybrid lottery app, as players can choose whether to bet on lottery results or purchase real tickets. It offers a satisfactory experience on Android, quite similar to what you will find navigating on the mobile browser. Although there are not as many games, you can still find exciting lotteries to play from India.

Android: Yes

iOS: Browser only

Lottery Games: 30+

Bonus: Pay 1, Get 1 ticket for free

Download the Lotto Agent app

Lottofy Lottery App in India


The Lottofy lottery app is an exact but responsive copy of its website, with the same resources and optimized navigation. Since there are not many lotteries to choose from, the whole purchase process is straightforward, and players can benefit greatly from its welcome bonus with free lottery bets. To install it on your Android, you will need to download the APK.

Android: Yes

iOS: Yes

Lottery Games: 12

Bonus: Buy 1 Ticket, Get 2 Bets for Free

Download the Lottofy app

Are There Indian Online Lottery Apps?

The national or governmental lotteries in India are not offered via websites or apps. In addition, Indian companies are not allowed to sell any type of lottery game. Since foreign companies can freely operate online and offer lottery services without legal problems, including worldwide tickets, they can also offer their lottery apps.

Therefore, there are no Indian online lottery apps, but there are great applications that accept INR, Indian payment methods, and even offer great bonuses. All of the recommended apps on this page fall into that category.

Each online lottery app gives access to a different range of lottery games. Even so, some of them are more appealing than others and have become more popular among players in India. All of the games below can be found in any of the recommended apps.


Powerball US

Powerball is the world’s most famous lottery game and is available in India, thanks to the online lottery apps. It has already paid $1.58 billion in a single jackpot, and its multimillionaire jackpots are often unbelievable. You can have access to that game from India, purchasing tickets on lotto agent websites like theLotter or betting sites like Lottofy.

At the moment, the best online lottery app to play Powerball is probably Lottofy. It is possible to get 3 Powerball tickets for the price of one, which is a great discount for anyone looking to bet on lottery results.

Get Extra Tickets on the Lottofy App

Powerball Tickets on the Lottofy App

➡️Mega Millions



Mega Millions is second to Powerball in terms of record jackpots, but it appears more often in the top 10 biggest payments of all time. Its format is quite similar, and players usually consider them interchangeable at any time, especially when an online lottery app offers discounts or bonuses to one of them.

At the moment, you would probably be well-served with the Lotto Agent welcome bonus of providing a free ticket when you buy one. That way, you can pay 1 and take 2 Mega Millions tickets, besides being able to purchase bundles for better pricing at any time.

Get 1 Free Mega Millions Ticket on the Lotto Agent App



While the American lotteries are a huge success on online lottery apps in India, there are European hits worth adding to the cart, like Euromillions. In terms of pricing, I’d recommend going with Lottoland to play from ₹240 and having an alternative game named Euromillions GO! that offers bigger prizes for ₹300.

Now, if your intention is to play with real tickets instead of betting on the result, you could choose theLotter instead. The prices are in accordance with a lottery agent app, and you can start playing from 2 lines.

Get theLotter App to Play Euromillions and 60+ Lotteries



SuperEnalotto is a cheaper ticket option to play from an online lottery app while preserving tempting prizes and offering quality odds. It is often part of bundles with the games already mentioned above, especially on betting lottery apps.

Aside from a very affordable price to bet on the SuperEnalotto results, LottoSmile has SuperEnaMax enhanced jackpots for the real fans of the game. Since you can get a 50% welcome bonus up to ₹ 8,500, you can multiply the number of tickets you can buy.

Up to 25% Off on LottoSmile Mobile

How to Download an Online Lottery App in India?

The download of online lottery apps in India is not difficult, and most of the recommended lotteries have quick guides of their own. Still, you can follow the steps below if you are uncertain about how to install an online lottery app the safest way.

Download Android Lottery Apps

  1. Select one of the Android online lottery apps listed on this page. They have been tested and reviewed for safety and efficiency.
  2. Either register first or choose the app right away. The link can be on the menu or on the footer, but you will be able to identify the Android logo to download it.
    Download an Online Lottery App
  3. Download the APK. Due to local regulation, even though international online lotteries are legal in India, you will not find the lottery app in the Play Store. Therefore, you must download it from the official website.

Download iOS Lottery Apps

  1. Choose one lottery app. From our list of safe lottery apps in India, pick one that you are comfortable with, and it will lead you to the official website.
  2. Click the download button. Some lottery websites will offer a link to the App Store, which is not granted to work. On the other hand, there can be links to create shortcuts that will work like an app.
    Lottery App download link iOS
  3. Enjoy! The download is simple, either generating a shortcut or getting it from the App Store. Now, you can enjoy the lottery app on your iOS phone.

Attention: Beware of Fake Lottery Apps

Going straight to an app store to download an online lottery app can be dangerous, especially if you are fond of alternative platforms. Always download any app from the official lottery site, preferably using the link on this page to avoid phishing sites on search engines.

Otherwise, you could just end up spending your money on lottery tickets that will never bring you any luck or even risk having your financial data robbed. That is why our job here, reviewing and approving online lottery sites and apps, aims at making your life easier.

Our Choice: theLotter Online Lottery App

Among all the recommendations on this page, the online lottery app provided by theLotter for both Android and iOS is my choice based on important features.

The website can be fully played on mobile browsers in the case of users of any device who do not want any download. After all, the whole website is designed to be user-friendly and provide a satisfactory navigation experience, or so I imagine.

Among the coolest mobile features for the theLotter app, I highlight the variety of lotteries, which is incredible. Also, there is a good choice of payment methods and a good reputation for Indian players throughout its many years of operation.

If you are interested, create an account to seize the opportunity for the bonus, which is recommendable based on the terms and conditions they offer.


All the online lottery apps in India are free of cost to install. Avoid downloading anything that is not linked from the official lottery site.

It depends on what game you are interested in and your choice of app. While theLotter has around 60 high-quality games, LottoSmile has less than 20.

Yes, as long as you only download from sources linked by the lottery brand that you have chosen. In that case, you can rely on our reviews and opinion.
Yes, it is perfectly legal if you are playing on online lottery apps provided by foreign companies that operate from outside of India.

No, you can always add the shortcut offered by websites like LottoSmile to quickly open the lottery without having to download anything or open the browser normally again.