Editorial Guidelines – Our Niyamas

Through our Editorial Guidelines, we certify that the entire LottoBaba team is committed to the highest possible standards. We have reached an agreement as to what our reviews and general content must contain to value our readers’ time and provide accurate information.

As a result, you will always find relevant content that has passed through the filters and rules that compose our editorial guidelines.

💪 Our Editorial Pillars


Our team is made of players and ex-collaborators of the lottery industry.


Transparent and original content reflecting our real opinion.

Players’ Point of View

We test websites and lotteries like real players to be precise in our reviews.

What Are Editorial Guidelines?

When an organized website publishes content, it must follow given standards and rules to fulfill its purpose. Those rules are the Editorial Guidelines, ensuring that every page on LottoBaba reflects the same intention and our real tone.

Thanks to the Editorial Guidelines, you will recognize our process of reviewing lottery websites and guiding tutorials in every piece of information on this website. That pattern helps you notice that we are doing serious work here.

🤝 Why Trust Our Work?

Together with our team’s aforementioned vast experience, we are transparent as to what our rating considers. Rather than giving online gambling sites a positive or negative classification, we specify what makes them great or terrible. In other words, our work does not tell bettors what to do. They make the final decision based on real characteristics.

In fact, those interested in more details can get a thorough understanding of our process involving each relevant parameter in analyzing gambling sites below.

Why Do We Value It?

When it comes to online lotteries, we understand that many Indian players are still in doubt about safety and reliability. Everyone in our team went through that sensation years ago when first hearing about that possibility.

Therefore, we must be assertive and provide players with content that is easy to follow and observes a pattern. That is achieved through the Editorial Guidelines, which ensure that the material here on LottoBaba is congruent. Thanks to that commitment, more Indians every day have access to the same knowledge that we have, and that is why we value it so much.

Who Has Created the LottoBaba’s Editorial Guidelines?

The Editorial Guidelines have been created by our team together with a close friend, Advik Singh, a successful journalist and columnist who specializes in communicating essential information in a summarized manner.

Meet Our Team

Prahan and Ankita combined have over 20 years of experience working in the lottery industry, joining our knowledge as a marketing manager and a copywriter, respectively. The result is found in the content that is led by the Editorial Guidelines.

Prahan Dibyendu
Prahan Dibyendu


Ankita Jain
Ankita Jain

Content Writer

📜 The Seven Niyamas - LottoBaba Editorial Guidelines & Standards

Test Like a Real Player

How many websites have you found where there was information on what they “think” to happen on a specific lottery site? We are lottery players ourselves, and we are terrified at the thought of putting our money based on guesswork.

That is why we commit ourselves to testing the lottery sites for real, playing on them while writing any review. Our Editorial Guidelines demand that we have accurate information resulting from real tests on our computers and mobile devices. Anything that fails that test is not worthy of being recommended at LottoBaba.

Stick to Honesty Above Anything Else

If any person in our team has a specific favorite lottery agent, that is not reflected in our content. While using the knowledge that working in the industry and being lottery fans have granted us, we eliminate any preconceptions about any brand or game.

All the pros, cons, and possible problems are duly described in our content.

Remember That Our Readers Are Indians Like Us

Working in the lottery industry allowed us to interact with people from all around the world and understand their cultures and beliefs. However, LottoBaba was conceived to open the eyes of Indians to the wonderful world of possibilities in online lotteries counterpointing the limited local options.

Therefore, every line of content must be directed to our people, understanding their fears and level of knowledge.

Identify Your References

When reviewing a lottery brand, we apply the knowledge gathered from several years of playing and working in the industry. However, some of the data used to write our content have to be constantly updated according to official sources, such as those related to the gambling law of each state, for example.

As a result, we will always identify the references for any piece of information that is not generated by our expertise alone.

Explain in a Summarized Manner

Have you ever searched for anything related to online lotteries and found yourself completely lost with too much information? We believe that our content should reflect what is essential for our readers to know, and that is why summarizing everything is in our Editorial Guidelines.

Keep the Content Fresh

The online lottery market is in constant transformation, especially the brands that we have reviewed and recommended. Therefore, it is essential for us to check the information every once in a while and keep an eye attentive to changes in terms and conditions, privacy policy, bonuses, payment methods, and everything else that could impact your experience.

Be Accurate With the Information

There is no room for uncertainty when we are talking about other people’s money. Small things like the minimum necessary deposit amount or the ticket price, as well as the total time to withdraw online lottery winnings, everything must be precise. That is why our team double-checks everything that is posted.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Utmost Goal

Thanks to the Editorial Guidelines, our team has a clear path towards making the entire nation of India aware of the possibilities in online lotteries.

If you want to know more about the people behind this project, check out our About Us page. On the other hand, if you want to see a bit of everything that we talk about here, read our online lottery in India guide.

For any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us directly through our Contact Us page.