Dream Lottery Numbers — Converter

Your dreams might hide lottery numbers, and the only way to convert them into possibly winning tickets is to know what they mean exactly.

How to Convert Dreams Into Lottery Numbers

Whenever you feel that your dream has the key to winning the lottery, it will almost never come with the numbers ready for you to play. Instead, you might need to make some lottery number predictions based on what you have dreamt. Our dream lottery number converting tool can assist you with it.

All that you need is to type what your dream was about, and it generates the lucky number that is connected with it. It is not a random tool but rather a complete algorithm based on research and the best lottery books on the subject.

You may use that number in combination with dozens of lottery strategies, combine it with other numbers generated by past dreams, or save it for now. It may take a while for your path toward winning the lottery to be complete, and it may be built brick by brick, one dream and one number at a time.

Type in any words, events, person, or object names from your dream, and let our tool convert them into lucky numbers for you. Simply hit the 'Analyze' button and start playing!

How to Know If a Dream is Lottery Material?

Most people tend to remember what they have dreamed in the majority of nights, at least if they try to. Within the first minutes of being awake, one might recall everything that occurred in the dreams, but are those really useful for converting into lottery numbers?

It is essential to remember that dreams are a byproduct of our subconscious mind, which is also connected with our intuition. The player needs to leave the will and desperation to win the lottery aside to only feel what is truly within. It is only then that it will finally be possible to understand when those dream numbers could become lottery numbers.

Therefore, dreaming about the lottery does not necessarily mean that dream is the right one for converting into numbers. On the other hand, a completely insane dream with flying elephants with numbers on them could be your best shot. Once again, it is your intuition that will tell you that.

The Full List of Corresponding Numbers of Common Dreams

You might have a vague idea of some dreams that you want to know the lottery meaning of, and that is common if you do not take notes. Fortunately, with the help of our table, you might check the most common dreams and find some that have your next lottery-winning numbers.

Once you get them all, experiment by trying to play them online at LottoSmile.

DreamReflecting Lottery Number
Smelling bad.1
Fear of spiders,2
Eating way too much.3
Falling from nowhere.4
Dream that you are working at an office5
Dream about having a dream.6
Finding a lucky ticket7
Becoming a sports champion.8
Hair falling out.9
Noticing you are dreaming but unable to wake up.10
Flying above the city.11
Feeling ashamed.12
In a foreign country.13
Winning the lottery but losing it all.14
Being cheated on15
Fighting someone much bigger than you.16
Cannot escape a crowd.17
Flying and not seeing anything but clouds.18
Scared of dogs19
Losing your medicine20
Dreaming about worms.21
Being famous and rich.22
Stuck in a car23
Scary stranger.24
The alarm clock didn’t go off.25
Lost in a forest.26
Feeling really strong.27
Someone is laughing at you.28
Falling in love with someone you do not know29
Trying to find food.30
Totally naked in front of strangers31
Bat attack.32
Crying in sadness.33
Car crash.34
Losing your job.35
Becoming an animal.36
Losing teeth.37
A dancing monkey.38
Trying to punch someone but cannot.39
Big animals40
Winning the lottery.41
Running away from vampires, zombies, or other undead.42
Haunted house.43
Getting late for sleeping too much.44
Unable to find the toilet.45
Incapable of running.46
Eating something disgusting.48
Having fun as a kid.50
Drowning in a pool.52
Glass in your mouth.53
Plane crash.54
Discovering something important.55
Forgetting a/your child.56
Unstoppable diarrhea.57
Screaming but the sound won’t come out.58
Being pregnant.59
Someone found out your secret.60

With that collection, keep in mind that most recurrent and common dreams occur to almost everyone. Try to find a pattern and trust your instincts. Whenever you feel ready, consider playing the lottery online to optimize your chances and have access to dozens of different worldwide lotteries.

Top 3 Books About Lottery Numbers in Dreams

The subjectivity in the theme of dreaming lottery numbers or finding winning numbers hidden in dreams makes it a good idea to accumulate knowledge on the matter. The more you know about the subject, the easier it could be to understand which numbers to put in your tickets. Lottery books about dreams are a great way to start, as long as you choose the best ones.

Raven’s Lucky Numbers Dream Book

Raven’s Lucky Numbers is simple to understand, and although it was created thinking of the US lotteries such as Mega Millions and Powerball, its lessons can be applied to worldwide and government lotteries in India. Together with the dream guide to help you find lottery numbers, it has moon signs and dictates what different things can mean in a lottery sequence.

Dream a Lottery Win Tonight

Dream a Lottery Win Tonight by Larry Vingelman is a guide as to how you can direct the so-called “subtle energy” to generate winning numbers in your dreams. Instead of waiting for them to occur, you would induce it with the steps presented in the book. Then, with that same energy, you could influence the universe to make you the next lottery winner.

Prophetic Dreams: How to Dream the Winning Lottery Numbers

According to its author, Valentin Karamanliev, Prophetic Dreams is a book that teaches people to find lottery-winning numbers through dreams. He says that everything but this exact instant is an illusion, meaning that we can access information from both the past and the future. Within a few pages, the book promises to teach its readers that different method.

Can You Induce Lucid Dreams With Lottery Numbers?

Most lottery books written about dreaming lottery numbers indicate that we are responsible for inducing their appearance in our dreams. Also, considering that our subconscious mind creates dreams, it could be true.

We know that the subconscious mind responds to strong emotions, which means that really wishing to dream lottery numbers can make it occur. On the other hand, it takes discernment to know when it could be a benefit coming from the universe or simply a reflection of how much you have been thinking about winning the lottery.

You may, for instance, make lottery prayers or mantras to connect that positive thought with strong emotions. That alone should suffice to make you dream about your lottery numbers.

The Takeaway of Lottery Numbers in Dreams

Lottery numbers occur in dreams in their raw form or disguised under a meaning that you can only know by using a proper lottery dream tool such as ours. You now know how it works and what you may do to optimize your chances of dreaming of lottery-winning numbers. From now on, it is up to you to do everything in your reach to make a dream come true.


By checking the reviews of lottery dream books, you find people who say they won the lottery based on their dreams alone. Also, some lottery-winning stories are about how a number or related meaning appeared in a dream and led to the jackpot.

Your next lottery-winning numbers may appear in a literal form in your dreams, or else you might have to use our tool to find out the true meaning of what you have dreamt.

You can play your dream lottery numbers whenever you want to. We can never know for sure which drawing it will be.