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Play Lotto India From India

Lottoindia tickets


This game is not available at the moment. Our team is monitoring the situation and will update the content as soon as they are again playable in India. Meanwhile, find excellent games with great winning odds on theLotter and Lotto Agent, two reliable lottery sites.

Lotto India is one of the available online lotteries in India, created by one of the websites that we have tested and recommended here, As a result, it is not broadly found on the other lottery sites. That comes with both advantages and disadvantages, but it does not impact the fact that Indians are eligible for its prizes.

With prizes over ₹4 Crore and tickets from only ₹40, with the possibility of obtaining from 10 to 20% off on subscriptions, it is growing popular. There are only two weekly drawings, but players should be attentive to the Superdraw that occurs now and then.

Since it is a rather exclusive game, there is not much to compare in terms of the best Lotto India lottery ticket price. However, you can check our reviews to compare the conditions, bonuses, and payment methods of the lotteries that currently offer Lotto India online.

Where to Play With the Best Lotto India Lottery Ticket Price in India?

WebsiteLottery TicketBonusBuy Here
LotteryWorld₹ 4020% Off on SubscriptionsBuy Now₹ 40 *10% Off on SubscriptionsBuy Now

(*) Approximate conversion. The referred website does not use INR as its main currency.

Although both LotteryWorld and have slightly different prices,’s price is shown in Euro. Therefore, depending on the currency, you might find that LotteryWorld has a lower price sometimes. That is the best time to play, especially because LotteryWorld has a 20% discount for subscriptions.

🎟️ How to Buy Lotto India Lottery Tickets in India?

  1. Choose one of the lottery sites that we have tested and currently offer Lotto India as a product.
  2. Deposit to your account to be able to purchase the tickets.Make a Deposit
  3. After you complete your payment, go to the Lotto India playing page and start marking your play slips.
  4. Consider the subscription if you are a regular player, as you can get from 10% to 20% off your tickets.
  5. Add the total of lines that you want to play to your cart.Lotto India Checkout
  6. Make your payment and wait for the Lotto India results!

How to Play Lotto India Online From India?

  1. Choose Lotto India among the other lotteries offered on the recommended websites:Choose Lotto India
  2. To play this game, you need to select six numbers from 1 to 50 and one additional number from 1 to 5. That additional number is the Joker Ball, so keep in mind that you will need it to win the jackpot. For this game, your choice will not impact the lottery ticket price:Choose Numbers
  3. If you are not interested in having to go back to the lottery site every time that you want to play, consider playing in additional drawings. You can include up to 2 consecutive weeks, the equivalent to 8 drawings, or even subscribe and save 20% – in the case of LotteryWorld.Lotto India Subscriptions
  4. Complete your purchase and hope for the best!

How to Win Lotto India in India?

Lotto India is an unofficial lottery game that was created by lottery sites to expand the number of lotteries available for Indians. Despite the name, it is not a government lottery in India, and there is not an Indian company behind it, which makes it a legal option. In order to win a prize, you just need to play and hope to match the numbers as shown below.

🏆 Lotto India – Prizes & Odds of Winning

6 + Joker BallJackpot: ₹4 Crore1 in 79,453,500
6₹750,0001 in 19,863,375
5₹80,0001 in 75,240
4₹4,0001 in 1,400
3₹4001 in 75
2₹401 in 10
Joker BallFree Ticket1 in 5

(*) Values are approximated according to the exchange rate.

Your overall odds of winning a prize when playing Lotto India in India are 1 in 3.

About Lotto India Lottery in India

Lotto India is a lottery betting service created with an RNG system to generate random numbers like the most modern lottery game. It is offered at and LotteryWorld only and has been responsible for Indian lottery winners that received up to ₹4 Crore without having to leave India to claim their prize. The odds are not great compared to the fixed jackpot prize, but it is a very low-cost game.

📑 Important Things About Playing Lotto in India

Buy Lotto India Tickets (With Bonuses)

Get 2 Free Tickets Bonus
  • Accepts INR
  • Indian website version
  • Active live chat support
Get 2 FREE bets on the Daily 1M JackpotMillions draw
  • Instant deposit without any transaction fee
  • Fast loading time with easy navigation
  • Lotteries from different countries


Yes, because Lotto India is originally offered by, which is not headquartered in India and is not affected by the local law that way.
The lowest Lotto India lottery price in India is offered by LotteryWorld at the moment, but it always depends on the exchange rate. Whenever €0.50 is equivalent to less than ₹40, you should pick instead, unless you are going for subscriptions.
Yes, Indians are the main winners of this game because they feel a connection with it. However, their identity is not revealed.
The website of your choice will have you contacted via email to give instructions on how to withdraw your money.
You do not need to claim prizes from lottery betting sites like the ones recommended here. Once they contact you, follow the instructions, and you will receive the equivalent prize in your bank account.
You need to be at least 18 years old to be eligible to play this or any other lottery game online from India.
No. The prize, regardless of whether you win a small one or the jackpot, will be transferred to your bank account.
The best Lotto India strategy is to play as many tickets as you can for the lowest possible price, which means signing up for subscriptions.
The results are shown on the website, but you do not need to worry, as they will always contact you first.