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Online Lottery in Goa

Goa is one of the most popular states in India when it comes to lotteries. However, the possibility to legally play the international online lottery in Goa is its best feature.

With the help of this guide, you will understand not only what and how to play in Goa but also the legal scope that allows you to enjoy games like Powerball and Euromillions from home. 

Included in the array of Indian states with its own regulated lotteries, Goa has the most popular schemes in the country. However, the prizes and odds cannot be compared with those offered in other countries, where there are millionaire prizes every week. Fortunately for the lottery players in Goa, they can legally play the online lottery and have access to those same international lotteries.

There is no doubt that the best opportunity in terms of lotteries in Goa is to play online, but you can legally play both types of lottery schemes. This guide brings all the details of the lottery laws that allow that possibility, as well as where to play in safety and not risk your data or money. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for you, duly listed on this page.

The current legal scope of lotteries in Goa makes no reference to online lotteries. The only thing that is prohibited is the unauthorized provision of lotteries of any kind by domestic companies. Therefore, you would not be legally allowed to play on Indian websites, but those provided by foreign companies are not affected by the law and, thus, a legal option.

That is the exact same case found in Kerala, and different from Punjab, another Indian state with lotteries but that strictly forbids online lotteries. Therefore, consider yourself lucky for being able to play online lotteries in Goa in a legal way. All that you need is to choose websites that can be trusted and are provided from outside of India, with games that are also from other countries:

Goa Lottery Laws

It is not my intention to convince you of anything based on my word, so I also bring you the source of information to verify by yourself. The lottery laws applicable to players in Goa are simple to understand, and it is even easier to realize that the prohibitions do not affect online lotteries from abroad. The following table has everything that you need to know about them:

The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998This Act was responsible for applying rules to the functioning of lotteries in states across all of India at their own discretion.
Goa Lotteries (Regulation) Rules 2003The rules that organize the current lottery schemes in the state of Goa.

As a result, we can conclude the following from the lottery laws existing in Goa:

  • Goa has determined its rules to offer lotteries and does not authorize the domestic sale of other lotteries.
  • International lotteries can be played on foreign websites that are not operating in India domestically.
  • Players can play international lotteries on the websites that we recommend because that possibility is not contemplated in the local prohibition.

Therefore, similar to what players have in Assam and Manipur, you can play both the local lotteries of low-cost tickets with small prizes and the big international lotteries. The latter must be played online and on websites that are not headquartered in India. That is the exact case for all the websites that we recommend here at LottoBaba. Simply choose one of them to play on a safe site, and you are good to start playing!

How to Play Online Lottery in Goa?

The online lottery can be played in Goa if you use one of the recommended lottery sites, as the state itself does not provide any type of online lottery – although it is legal and approved already. Some websites let you bet on the lottery results for the chance of winning the jackpot, while others purchase real tickets on your behalf while you are in India. After making your decision, you can begin purchasing online lottery tickets from Goa.

How to Purchase Online Lottery Tickets in Goa - 6 Steps

  1. Pick one of the websites that we have tested and listed here on LottoBaba. That way, you will be safe from any scams.
  2. Create your account in only two steps, making sure that the details you are providing are 100% accurate:register-button
  3. Now that your account is ready, you may choose the first game that you will play online from Goa:choose-game
  4. Decide how many entries you will want, keeping an eye open for discounts and special bundles. Choose the numbers according to the online lottery of your choice, or let the system pick them for you.Goa lottery quick picks
  5. Review your cart and pay for the tickets.
  6. Since your tickets are digital, you will not have to worry about losing them. Simply wait for the results!

If you have taken a look at our website, you might already have noticed that you have plenty of legal online lottery sites to choose from. That might make things more difficult, especially when you do not know where to begin. In order to help you out, I have made a list below with the ticket prices for the popular Italian lottery SuperEnalotto, as well as the featured bonus on each of the sites that were tested by our team:

WebsiteLottery TicketBonusBuy Here
LottoSmile₹ 255.30Up to 25% Off Real TicketsBuy Now
LottoLand₹ 160Deposit ₹800 and Receive ₹1,200Buy Now
LottoAgent₹ 218 *Buy 1 Get 1 Free TicketBuy Now
theLotter₹ 232 *Up to 25% Off on Multi-DrawsBuy Now
LotteryWorld₹ 220Buy 6 Get 2 Free TicketsBuy Now₹ 282 *Save 10% on SubscriptionsBuy Now

(*) Approximate conversion. The referred website does not use INR as its main currency.

It might be a good idea to also separate at least a few of those websites to make your first purchases, enjoying the first bonus of all of them. Just make sure not to play on random websites that you have never heard about.

What Online Lottery Games Can You Buy in Goa?

All of the tested websites have a good range of lotteries that you can play online. Some will offer more games than others, while there are also exclusive lotteries like Lotto India, and some games are not found everywhere, like Lotto 6/49. The best idea is to begin with the most popular games that everyone is aware of. The list below brings some of those games the best online lottery site to play each one:

LotteryOnline Ticket PriceDrawing DaysBiggest JackpotBuy Here!
Powerball₹290Tue – Thu – Sun$1.586 Billion

Buy Now

Mega Millions₹290Wed – Sat$1.537 Billion

Buy Now

Euromillions₹250Wed – Sat€210 Million

Buy Now

Eurojackpot₹160Friday€90 Million

Buy Now

SuperEnalotto₹160Tue – Thu – Sat€209 Million

Buy Now

Lotto 6/49₹330Thu – SunCAD$ 5 Million

Buy Now

La Primitiva₹168Fri – Sun€101.7 Million

Buy Now

The Bottom Line on Goa Online Lottery

It should be clear by now that Goa is a state that allows online lotteries, as long as they are not from India and especially not offering Goa lotteries without authorization. There are plenty of them, and we have tested and approved the safe ones listed here at LottoBaba. That way, you will know for sure that you are legally playing games with odds and prizes not found anywhere in the local Indian lotteries.

On top of that opportunity allowed by the lottery law of Goa, you will find bonuses and discounts that apply to anyone in your state. Of course, make sure not to feel tempted by strange offers found without our approval and reviews since you should put your safety and the security of your money first. Other than that, start playing now and have fun:


Although the government of Goa has determined that online lotteries are allowed in the state, it still only has paper lotteries. Therefore, the only legal way to play the online lottery in Goa is to play foreign lotteries on the websites that we have tested and listed here.
Yes, unlike many other Indian states, the lottery laws in Goa do allow the functioning of lottery sales online. However, Goa has not established any type of online lottery, and you cannot buy its tickets online, only for international lotteries.
Since you can only buy online lottery tickets for lotteries abroad at the moment, you will need to play on foreign sites that are not domestically functioning in India. They are accessible from Goa and many other states, and that is the only way to buy online lottery tickets in Goa.
You will find no free online lotteries in Goa. As a matter of fact, you will not find any in all of India, and it is recommended to stay away from that type of offer because of the high risk of falling into a scam. Prefer the real thing where you can actually win prizes online.
Anyone can be a winner from the moment they start playing the online lottery on the websites that we recommend. Just purchase a ticket and wait!
Powerball is among the most popular lottery games to play online, including in Goa. It is available on all the lottery sites recommended here.
Mega Millions is another famous lottery game to play on the online lottery sites from Goa, and you have excellent opportunities with bonuses on this page.

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