Bhagyalakshmi Lottery: Is It Real or Fake? Scam Test With Proof

Have you encountered the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery and wondered whether it is a real or a fake lottery? I’ll explain why you must keep your distance from that scam with proof of their fraud.

Among the many fake lottery sites that you may encounter in India, the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery is a scam that goes unnoticed by those unaware of the red signs. Their conviction in offering fake prizes convinces players who are not warned, and I believe it is time for Indian players to stay away from that certainty of losing their money.

What Is the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery in India?

The Bhagyalakshmi lottery is a fake website offering drawings with prizes from ₹ 10,00,000 to ₹ 200,00,000. It is the same case of other scams like the online Delhi Dhamaka, but a clear fraud for people who already have some experience playing lotteries online.

That is why I did not have to ask myself questions like: is Bhagyalakshmi Lottery legal? Does it pay for the prizes it offers? But I know that there are probably hundreds, maybe thousands of people out there tempted to purchase those tickets that will never result in winnings. Therefore, I identified twelve reasons why you should not trust the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery and collected proof of how fraudulent it is.

Within the first 3 or 4 proofs, it will be clear to you how it is a really low-quality scam lottery to avoid at all costs.

12 Reasons Why the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery Is Fake

Supposed approval badges, a claim form, and updated lottery results are easy to fabricate. The really important parameters to identify legal online lotteries in India were completely missed by the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery, and I can prove it.

Bhagyalakshmi Is Not a Licensed Website

Every lottery website offering the possibility of purchasing tickets or betting on the results of real drawings must carry a license. There is no exception to that rule. Take the example of a legit lottery site like Lottoland:

Example of a legit lottery site like Lottoland

When it comes to lotteries from within the borders of India, there is not a single legit online lottery in the whole country. Even the states where that is not illegal offer no local government lotteries through websites, only licensed and physical agents.

Therefore, there is no way for Bhagyalakshmi Lottery to be a legit lottery service if it is not licensed to do so. No licenses implicate having no one to regulate its activity and ensure transparency and trustworthiness.

Every lottery site must carry a license, or else it is a guaranteed fraud.

Contradictions Everywhere

Contradictions make it easy to identify scam schemes. As you know, any real and legit service sticks to one truth and replicates it everywhere, with a dedicated team to ensure it, and that is not the case with the contradicting Bhagyalakshmi Lottery.

This is what the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery claims to do in order to guarantee your tickets under its “How to Play” section:

Guarantee your tickets

There are real services that purchase tickets on your behalf, like LottoAgent, but LottoAgent does not do it illegally in India and buys tickets to international lotteries instead.

It becomes clear that the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery is making a false claim when we start to notice the contradictions. In its “Help” section, it claims to have no associates or partners.

If it sells tickets to its own games with no distributors or associates, who and why would they buy anything on your behalf? It makes absolutely no sense, and that is because they simply copied some texts from existing websites.

Does The Bhagyalakshmi Lottery have any other associate / partner website

Contradictions are a big red warning when analyzing any lottery service.

Illegal Online Lottery Activity

You probably know that even a scheme that pays but operates illegally offers a high risk that it is not worth taking. In this case, the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery is a complete scam and, on top of that, exists in complete illegality. Its fake drawings could not occur, as no private company is allowed to operate its own lotteries online in India.

The only exception to the rule of playing lotteries online applies to websites that belong to companies from outside of India that do not offer Indian games. Take LottoSmile, as an example, with its foreign lotteries and headquarters in the Isle of Man. That is not the case with the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery, clearly hosted in India and operating illegally.

Therefore, even if some prizes were to be paid for by that scam, you would be held guilty of illegal activity. Since you can play with better odds and prizes in foreign and legit lotteries without being prosecuted, simply ignore the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery.

Even if it were paying, the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery would be operating illegally.

Fake Support and Claims

The Bhagyalakshmi Lottery claims to be promoted by the National Lottery of the United Kingdom through its sports council. That claim finds no real supporting information on all of the websites, and they even removed the fake support badge of the website’s footer after people started to realize that.

Even so, they have kept the claim, despite having no proof on all of the internet, including the National Lottery website. Absolutely no reputable authority or association supports the operation of the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery except themselves, and that would be a really bad joke were it not a crime.

No association supports the operation of the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery, and it carries fake claims.

Poorly Written

Take a single minute to read the content on the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery, and it will be clear that it is not a professional and serious job. There are grammar mistakes everywhere, and it is almost as if someone had written it in a rush:

About Lottery

How can we trust our money, even if ₹100, to a website that has no credibility and carries content that was so poorly written? Any other serious website, such as LottoSmile India, will have its texts reviewed and guaranteed to carry a correct message.

The creators of the Bhagyalashmi Lottery scam did not even worry about writing correctly.

Fake Approval Signs

The approval signs carried by the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery were altered more than once but never had a single real one in its history. If we check the current badges, they have no link to a certification or a real website verifying their validity. Basically, we are looking at the same image format replicated with some different words and inserted on the website:

Fake approval signs

The only real information there is that the lottery is not allowed to people under the age of 18, and I’m still wondering what the jackpot badge was supposed to mean. In short, no organization or authority has ever approved the activity of the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery, and none ever will since it is an illegal website.

The website of the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery carries fake approval signs and badges.

Outdated Information

Back in 2020, before the last design change – when they seemed to not care about fixing the grammar errors – the copyright claim indicated 2018. In 2022, they still had not learned the lesson and forgot to update the year of the website. That is a clear sign of negligence, and the funniest part is that a single line of PHP code would fix that, even for a scam website:Outdated information

The Bhagyalakshmi fake lottery site is completely filled with red signs.

Broken and Malfunctioning Pages

The website had broken links to the pages where the tickets are purchased and even to its social media. Since the scam scheme could not survive without the tickets, they fixed the broken links and decided to remove the social media icons because they were too sloppy to dedicate time to their fraud scheme.

Even though they have found the time to fix those signs, I could not let those lie and fall into oblivion when this review has grown into a funny mockery of a very bad fraud.

The Bhagyalakshmi Lottery is one of the worst fake lottery websites out there.

No Proof of Real Winners

At this point, even a gallery of winners would only make our eyes roll, possibly with celebrity pictures and cartoon characters. Still, I like to draw a comparison with real lottery services like theLotter, where you can actually find real and verifiable stories. Do you need more reasons to avoid that website at all costs?

You will not find a single proved claim of winnings with the illegal Bhagyalakshmi Lottery.

Unreachable and No Contact

Aside from the claim form that is only filled by someone who has not encountered this page before, there is not a single way of contacting them. What kind of legit service has no support available, not even a fake email to be reached by the players? You have no means to contact them, and that is actually worse for them since no one can warn them of all those mistakes.

No one can contact the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery team or owner.

Laughable Terms and Conditions

What do you picture in your mind when you think of the terms and conditions of an online service? It has as an obvious requirement the conditions and terms under which that service is provided, including rights and obligations. The terms and conditions page of that lottery has nothing but a couple of random paragraphs on lotteries:Terms and conditions

There is no real terms and conditions page available.

No Identification

Although I have detailed what the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery is in essence, no one can actually tell who represents that company or how it exists. Aside from the provenly fake claim about being supported by the UK National Lottery, there is absolutely nothing on the company itself. That can be easily identified from first sight and enough reason to quit the website.

Nobody knows who is behind the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery.

What to Play Instead?

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No, the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery is not a real lottery, only a website built to steal the money you send them, thinking that you are buying a lottery ticket.
No, we have at least 12 reasons not to trust it and not a single indication that it could be a legit service.
No, nobody has ever shown proof of a prize paid by the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery, unlike the websites that we recommend with millions in prizes.
No, you can play online lotteries that are not Indian games and are offered by websites hosted elsewhere, except for players from Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu.