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The Easiest Lotteries – Which Lottery Is Easy to Win in India?

Playing the lottery is not particularly difficult, especially with online lottery sites available in India. However, there are lotteries that are hard to win, and I want to present to you the easiest ones.

An easy lottery is a lottery scheme that does not offer virtually impossible odds for a regular player. Instead, you look at the odds and notice that you have good chances of taking home, if not the jackpot, at least a large secondary prize. There are some of those within India, but they are also available on lottery sites from abroad.

How to Identify an Easy Lottery in India?

Our criteria to identify the easiest lotteries in India focuses on the general and jackpot odds mostly. The general odds involve the number of secondary prizes and the odds of winning them.

Although we can find some reasonable prizes, easy lotteries tend not to have life-changing prizes. That is especially true in the case of government lotteries in India because of the small prizes when compared with those from abroad. 

What Are the Easiest Lotteries to Play From India?

The best easy lotteries to play from India are found on online lottery sites because of the bigger prizes and all the advantages, such as playing from home. Those are infinitely better and thus my main recommendation, listed below.

5 Easy Online Lotteries to Play From India

In order to play the legal online lottery in India, you need to play the easy lotteries through websites that are headquartered outside of our country and were tested by us. That is the first step to getting access to the following easy online lotteries to play from India:

LotteryMinimum JackpotJackpot OddsGeneral OddsPriceWhere to Play?
Austrian Loto€1.5 Million1 in 8,415,0601 in 12₹240theLotter
Irish Lotto€2 Million1 in 10,737,5731 in 29₹240theLotter
Poland Lottozł 2.000.0001 in 13,983,8161 in 57₹142theLotter
France Lotto€2 Million1 in 19,068,8401 in 5.99₹440theLotter
South African LottoR2 million1 in 20,358,5201 in 38₹ 55.43LottoSmile

Those five lotteries have different characteristics, but you can notice that there were no mistakes in their organization. For example, if the odds are low and the prize is high, the ticket will be way more expensive. On the other hand, if the odds are really low, do not expect life-changing jackpots.

The popular Jhatka Matka has really good odds, and you may use our Matka guessing tool to help you pick the numbers, but it will never have a huge jackpot. Other lotteries inspired in India, namely Cricket Lotto and Jeeto Lotto, have really good ticket prices for the prize and odds they offer. That is thanks to the fact that they are betting games only.

Keep that trade-off in mind when you decide which easy lottery to play in India. Considering the price, odds, and the prize, Cricket Lotto is most probably the best easy online lottery to play from India. However, as being accessible is just as important, consider Austria Lotto with its generous jackpot.

Easiest Lotteries in India

Comparing the lotteries in India to find the easiest ones is an unproductive task. Only 13 states have lotteries of their own, and you need to be in the state to play in the first place. As a general rule, regardless of whether we consider Kerala, Sikkim, or even Maharashtra, the prizes are always too small to be worth your time and money.

Besides, no state offers online lotteries at the moment. It is clear, then, that you should focus on the legal opportunity to play the aforementioned easy online lotteries from India.

How to Increase Your Chances and Make the Lottery Easier?

  • The more tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning an easy lottery in India.
  • Prefer online lotteries from abroad using reliable websites to have better prizes.
  • Compare the easy lotteries and start with those with the lowest odds.
  • Your odds will always be the same, so you can save time playing random numbers.
  • Take advantage of the discounts offered by online lotteries to buy more tickets.

Should You Play an Easy Lottery in India?

It makes no sense to deny how an easy lottery can be much better since the ultimate goal of any lottery is to become a winner. Fortunately, you may even become one of the international lottery winners in India, thanks to the websites that we have today. The answer is “Yes” you should play easy lotteries in India to increase your chances of winning, and online lotteries have a perfect balance between big prizes and great chances.

If your state offers lottery games, then you might choose to balance your options between foreign and local games. The local games have great prices, but the prizes are definitely not worth the odds.


A lottery becomes easy when there are reasonable chances of winning while still considering the random and challenging nature of the game. Therefore, the better the odds, the easier the lottery.
Yes, you can play exclusive games like Jhatka Matka and Cricket Lotto or pick real European games like the Austrian Lotto and the Irish Lotto.
It really depends because most lotteries will have their prizes rolled over and increased in the next drawing when there are no winners.
India has many similar daily drawings that can be played exclusively within the state where they occur. When it comes to online lotteries from abroad, the Austrian Lotto has a good odds-prize ratio.