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Lottery Winning Mantra and Prayer [Unlock Your Luck]

It is said that we can attract all sorts of benefits and happiness in life with the right line of thought. Therefore, aside from holding prosperous thoughts, it makes sense to apply mantras in our daily life when we want to win the lottery. After all, a lottery winning mantra equals repeatedly claiming that achievement and, thus, attracting it.

In addition, there are secret prayers to win the lottery that may help you redirect those energies towards your future. The combination of the mantras and prayers, regardless of one’s religion or beliefs, equals reaching out to that connection with the universe. According to metaphysics, that is enough to influence your future towards what you desire.

What Is the Difference Between a Lottery Winning Mantra and a Lottery Prayer?

While a mantra can be used as a prayer and vice-versa, there are some characteristics that are inherent to each one. In other words, they can be but are not always the same. Basically, these are the characteristics including both the similarities and differences between lottery winning mantras and prayers:

Lottery Winning MantraLottery Winning Prayer
Must be spoken.May be spoken or said through thoughts.
Should be said in sanskrit.Language is not important as long as it holds meaning.
Repeated many times in sequence.Usually said only once.
Focuses on attracting good vibrations towards winning the lottery.Also focuses on attracting good vibrations towards winning the lottery.
Seeks help from a superior force.Also seeks help from a superior force.

In addition, there is no requirement other than believing that what you are asking for can be achieved through mantras, prayers, or both. Being positive is a prerogative of every human being, as long as you believe that some kind of force or energy can truly be redirected in your favor.

What Is the Difference Between a Lottery Winning Mantra and a Lottery Prayer-

Therefore, before learning the lottery winning mantra and the secret prayer to win the lottery, obliterate any preconceptions about who can say mantras or prayers. Feel free to adjust them to whatever you believe in, as the most important characteristic in them is your faith in your own luck.

Which One Should I Use?

You will notice that I have brought three lottery winning mantras and five prayers, also aimed at winning the lottery. They all aim at the same effect, and therefore, you may alternate them or combine them as you prefer. There are no limitations, and the more you put your thoughts and hope into it, the better your chances of winning the lottery.

Why Do Lottery Winning Mantras Work?

Mantras are ritualistic words and spiritual practice that is not necessarily connected to religion. It is used to connect with the energy that surrounds us and the universe, and that is why, through that connection, it is said that specific mantras can influence your luck in winning the lottery.

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The 3 Best Lottery Winning Mantras

All three mantras specified under this topic are lottery winning mantras and, as such, may not be translated but spoken in sanskrit. You may decide how to use them, if all on the same day or if distributed along your week.

Shree Lakshmi Mantra

The most important lottery winning mantra focuses on attracting wealth. Therefore, you must be really connected with your will to win the lottery and play it when using that mantra so that the connection between wealth and the lottery is made. This is the mantra:

Om Namo Bhagwati Padmashree 

Om Hreem Purva Dakshin

Uttar Paschim Dhan Dravya Aave

Sarvajanya Vaishyam Kuru Kuru Namah ll

ॐ नमो भगवती पद्मश्री 

ॐ ह्रीं पूर्व दक्षिण

उत्तर पश्चिम धन द्रव्य आवे

सर्वजन्य वैश्यं कुरु कुरु नमः ll

While you may say that mantra whenever you feel the need, pay attention to the fact that it is a very serious practice. The more you dedicate to it, the better your chances of positively influencing your lottery results.

Therefore, here is the full practice to combine with that mantra whenever you can:

  1. Sit on a black Kambli.
  2. Preferably have an idol or a photograph of Laxmi on the black blanket, if that matches your religion.
  3. Get 10 Diyas, the earthen lamps with clarified butter or cooking oil, and lit them with a cotton wick.
  4. Recite this Mantra paying close attention to the pronunciation
  5. Repeat this ritual (Sadhana) for at least 10 days.

Pishachi Mantra

The Pishachi mantra should always be used carefully, preferably with the authorization of a Guru, to lead you to the lottery jackpot win. In our culture, Pishachi can be demons, but they can positively influence mundane activities such as winning the lottery. Therefore, it is recommended to be in a very positive mood and energy to call it.

Om Kleem Pisachi Aaksmik Dhanam Dehi Dehi Phat Swahaॐ क्लीं पिशाचि आकस्मिक धनं देहि देहि फट स्वाहा |

Being it such a delicate mantra, it is recommended to follow the process every time that you want to invoke it:

  1. In the morning, make sure to wear red clothes.
  2. Place a Lakshmi Prapti Yantra in your place of adoration.
  3. Have a coconut worshiped with flowers and incense of your preference.
  4. Before the coconut, lit an oil lamp.
  5. Position a red cloth in front of you.
  6. With a coral rosary, chant 11 rosaries using the short mantra above.
  7. Put the red cloth in your pocket and wear the coral rosary.
  8. After you play, throw the coconut into the river.
  9. Without removing anything, play the lottery.

Shabar Kali Mantra

The Shabar mantra is to Mahavidya Kali towards improving your good luck. This chant can be evoked alone or together with the other two lottery winning mantras, as you prefer. Here is what you should say:

Chet Mai Chet Mai Kalka Chetave Tera Balka Sote Ko Jaga Jagte Ko Baitha Satte Ka Number Aane Ka Bata Duhai Guru Gorakhnath Ki Nath Ji Ko Aadeshचेत माई चेत माई कालका चेतवे तेरा बालक सोते को जग जगते को बैठा सत्ते का नंबर आने का बता दुहाई गुरु गोरखनाथ की नाथ जी को आदेश

Again, you may chant the mantra whenever you want, including before purchasing your lottery tickets. However, if you truly want to put some effort into it, which may have a positive effect on the result of your mantra, follow this process:

  1. Pick a moonless night for this lottery winning mantra.
  2. Prefer to be wearing black clothes for this ritual.
  3. Use incense and flowers to worship the Goddess Kali and light an oil lamp.
  4. Place a Pandrah Yantra at the place of worship.
  5. Facing the south, chant this mantra a specific total of 108 times. 
  6. If possible, use an energized Rakt Chandan Mala.
  7. Repeat the process for 7 nights.
  8. After you complete it, chant the mantra a total of 21 times before the next time you play the lottery.

Top 5 Prayers to Win the Lottery

Prayers can be said in combination with the lottery winning mantras or alone, depending on how you wish to proceed. Without rituals or necessarily speaking, you may connect with the forces that have an influence on your luck, perhaps even meditating while or after you pray.

Effective Prayer for Lottery Luck

Dear Lord,

You know my true desires and that they are connected with good intentions and contributing to both the community and my family. If I’m worthy of your concession, enlighten me with the knowledge to match the winning lottery numbers. Find in my heart the true will to continue at your service, regardless of my financial life, for I am your humble servant. Amen.

Saint Pantaleon Prayer to Win the Lottery

Dear St Pantaleon,

You are the patron of lottery games and winners, and it is under your guidance that I know I can have success. Please, guide my choices so that I may find a new life, under which I will always attribute to you and the Lord my success. Amen.

Saint Expedite Prayer to Win the Lottery

Dear St. Expedite,

The Saint that never fails and that always comes to those in times of need. Find the emergency of my prayer in my heart and soul. Please, intervene with the Almighty to insert luck in my life and allow me to win the lottery the next time I play it. Amen.

Gratitude Prayer 


I am ever grateful for everything that You have sent or taken away from my life. Your humble servant understands that everything that happens is part of a bigger plan, Your bigger plan. I accept every blessing sent to me and would welcome being the winner of a lottery prize as a special gift while continuing to be at your service. Amen.

Secret Prayer to Win the Lottery

Lord, hear my prayer,

Your divine designs are never wrong, and all that happens, both good and bad, cannot escape your plans. I make myself at your service and do my best every day to be worthy of You, Father. If I am worthy of being the next lottery winner, I gratefully accept that gift. If I am not, please, make me worthy of such a blessing, and teach me through your signs. Amen.

Can You Win the Lottery With Mantras and Prayers?

The lottery is a game of chance, and we cannot escape the fact that we have no control over the results. That is why appealing to one or more superior forces or the energy of the universe may work in our favor. After all, it is a fact that trying a lottery winning mantra or the secret lottery prayer cannot negatively impact your odds.

Of course, everything that is said in prayer or mantra must truly reflect both the truth and your belief. We cannot fool the same force that we are trying to direct to our benefit, and it might be necessary for some people to undergo deep meditation to find their truth and perhaps change it.

Also, do everything that is within your reach to help you win the lottery. Playing the easiest lotteries and making good use of the opportunities on online lottery sites in India are good examples. After all, it does not make sense to ask for a miracle if not even you are doing everything you can.


Yes, they are not mutually exclusive and are both independent of your religion. In the specific case that you want to change anything, notice that prayers are only a suggestion and might be changed. Mantras, on the other hand, cannot be changed.
You are free to chant the mantras as often as you want. Notice, however, that there are rituals that involve a specific number of times.
You may use them close to the lottery drawing or pick your numbers, as you will be directing it to your luck.
Since the purpose of those mantras is to unlock luck in your lottery play, it is clearly necessary to be playing them.
Mantras are spiritual chants that find no religious boundaries, even for those who do not have a specific religion. Therefore, as a Christian, you may also use those mantras without affecting your beliefs.
Prayers are a way to establish a strong connection between you and stronger forces, and you may, as a Hindu, direct those prayers to one or more gods at your will.