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Chetak Lottery: Is It Real or Fake? Scam Test With Proof

The Chetak Lottery claims to be an online Matka game offered in India by a private company, which already raises a red flag. After all, we know that no state in India authorizes the sales of lottery tickets by private entities.

This guide aims at verifying, through solid proof, if the Chetak Lottery is a real or fake lottery scheme. In addition, we will detail the legal implications of the existence and of playing that type of game online. Spoiler: it is better to avoid it at all costs, especially because it will cost you – with no benefit whatsoever!

What Is the Chetak Lottery in India?

The Chetak Lottery is one of six supposedly online lottery games by the Play India Lottery, a private company, and they are all based on the popular and banned Satta Matka game in India. Therefore, it draws two digits from 0 to 9 and offers the choice of betting on them separately or as a whole.

From 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. of our Indian time, drawings occur every 15 minutes, showing off “random” results on the screen:

Drawing results

Nobody can verify how those numbers are drawn, but, believe it or not, that is the smallest of the problems involved in that game. For starters, it is not even close to being legal.

Why Is the Chetak Lottery Illegal?

There are 5 reasons why we can confirm that the Chetak Lottery is not legal and should be avoided, regardless of the state you live in:

  • According to the Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998, which we always mention here, no private company has the authorization to conduct lotteries in India. In the states that choose to offer government lotteries, the state controls all the lottery games.
  • It is not among the online lottery sites that are headquartered outside of India under a valid gambling license to provide lotteries worldwide.
  • The game format equals Matka, and we know that Matka is illegal within Indian territory.
  • The company claims that the results are “fixed”, which we know has nothing to do with how lotteries should actually work according to the law.
  • At the moment, no legal lottery provided within India is offered online, only through paper tickets.

In short, there are many reasons to understand that the Chetak Lottery is an illegal scheme, and that is not the only reason not to play it. After all, I know that there are people who would rather risk playing illegal games. However, we have collected countless proof that it does not pay and is a complete scam.

Unlike the Chetak Lottery, you may play dozens of online lotteries on private websites hosted outside of India and away from our strict legislation.

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5 Reasons Why the Chetak Lottery Is Fake

Aside from reviewing games and online lottery sites that are demonstrably fair, it is also our duty to warn players of dangerous practices. Playing games like the Chetak Lottery is an example of what should be avoided, and I bring here five reasons why:

Play India Lottery Is an Illegal Website

The website that offers the Chetak Lottery along with five other similar drawing games throughout the week is entirely illegal. Unlike websites that we tested and I recommend, like LottoAgent, Play India Lottery is an Indian company, and the law is very clear about that. We know that the current federal Act only allows state lotteries to exist:

Is Indian Lottery Illegal Website

For it to be possibly legal to play the online lottery on that website, it would require a license and be provided by a foreign company. From the looks of the website, we can see that it is a very poorly designed scam and not a serious company looking to run an honest game.

Knowing that it matches every requirement to be illegal, the risk would not be worth millions, let alone the small prizes it offers. Together with the Chetak Lottery, there are five other drawings:

  • Sangam 
  • Super MP 
  • Deluxe 
  • Bhagya Rekha 
  • Diamond

The Chetak Lottery and the website behind it are completely illegal.

Draft Website

Taking a single look at serious lottery websites like theLotter and LottoAgent, it becomes quite obvious that we are looking at a scam. Surprisingly enough, the people behind those schemes rarely seem to put much effort into their own lies. The result is a page that looks like the result of the first week of a web development course in the 2000s:

Chetak Lottery draft websiteAside from the absence of the license that would be required for such an operation, the website has nothing beyond a couple of pages. Besides, that does not include terms and conditions, FAQ, support, or anything that any serious website should have.

In fact, I’m finding this one of the easiest scams to identify in my experience reviewing lottery sites.

The Play India Lottery website is a poor one with no signs of credibility.

Unknown Owners

Feel free to explore the website of the Chetak Lottery as much as you want. You will have no clue about the people behind it. Of course, it is an illegal website, so how to know who would be responsible for your prizes? You could spend a lifetime wasting money without having anyone to complain about the fake results. In fact, it seems that some people do that exactly, and this guide exists to avoid any other future cases.

There is no support, and the only app available for Android users is an APK file because a fake scheme would never enter the app stores. The only available channel is their Facebook, where videos are posted and receive angry comments.

You will never know the owners of the Chetak Lottery.

No Proof of Payment

Although proof of payment can be forged, it is not even possible to find anything about the prizes of the Chetak Lottery. Besides, since it follows the format of Matka gambling, that type of lottery supports several winners per drawing and has considerably low odds. With drawings every 15 minutes for 12 hours every day, it is obvious that there is no proof because there are no prizes.
No prize was ever paid by the Chetak Lottery.

Shady Process

When someone chooses the numbers to play the Chetak Lottery online – which I hope you now understand to be a bad idea – they have to click “Submit” before the drawing time to participate. However, that is when a prompt appears with an error, and you are required to contact the website.

It seems that you need to apply for a half-day or full-day participation at once for Rs. 2,500 or Rs. 3,000, respectively, instead of separate tickets. Those instructions can only be found on the Facebook page, where shady videos are posted showing a simple desk and hands. Clearly, something that is made up in someone’s room with the will to fool other people.

Shady Procces

According to those videos, people who sign up receive those “guarantee” papers. There is nothing official or special about them, and they carry a number that the winner is supposed to call.

The whole participation process of the Chetak Lottery lacks credibility.

How Does the Chetak Lottery Work?

We have confirmed that, aside from being entirely illegal, the Chetak Lottery does not truly work, and no one has ever been paid through it. Hypothetically speaking, it is like a Matka game with some names changed. 

For example, the “open” and “close” drawings are called “Ander” and “Bahar”. Do you recognize those names? They seem to be inspired by the Andar Bahar, an Indian card game that has nothing to do with Matka or the Chetak Lottery. Then, players would bet on:

  • Ander or Bahar – One specific number of those open and close drawings.
  • Jodi – Bet on the combination of the two drawings.
  • Crossing – Either Ander or Bahar.

The steps seem simple, and it would be great if they were real:

  1. On the website or through the lottery APK (never download it, as we cannot guarantee the safety of your device), there is a button to create a free account.
  2. The registration process is incredibly short, requires no personal details, and has no verification of any type.
  3. After registering, the player decides how to bet if it is within the drawing period of the day.
  4. The drawing in which the player wishes to participate has to be selected.
  5. The number of playable hands should be defined between 1 and 99.
  6. Bets are placed on the blank spaces under each digit.
  7. The bets are submitted – and that is when the error occurs.

By that 7th step, the player is instructed to “sign up” with that high fee I introduced in the 5th reason why the Chetak Lottery cannot be trusted.

The Cost and Prizes of Chetak Lottery Tickets

For the sake of information and to compare the Chetak Lottery with other provenly legal alternatives I will present here, these are the prices to play that fake game:

  • Ander / Bahar – ₹11 per line for a ₹100 prize
  • Jodo – ₹1.1 per line for a ₹100 prize
  • Crossing – ₹10 per line for a ₹900 prize

In addition to not receiving anything from that scam website, those prices are not correct. Instead, the 5-hours or 12-hours subscription charges ₹2,500 or ₹3,000, respectively. After all, since scammers cannot trick people for a long time, they try to collect as much money as possible.

Fortunately, there are alternatives of even similar games with much better prizes and operated by licensed and trustworthy websites.

What to Play Instead?

If you are a fan of the Matka playing style and came here with the hope that the Chetak Lottery would prove to be your choice, do not give up. There is a legal game called Jhatka Matka, also playable online, that has even more betting opportunities and the same 15-minute drawings.

Also, you may play many other forms of lotteries on websites that present a long history, good reputation, and operate from another country. In other words, it skips the legal problem and has already been tested not only by us but by thousands of Indian players.

Why Should You Not Play the Chetak Lottery?

If you were too desperate to know the answer to actually go through all the points and remain confused, here are the ten most important highlights from this review:

  1. The company that hosts the Chetak Lottery works from India, and that alone is considered to be an illegal operation.
  2. There is no proof of payment at all, even though it is an easy game.
  3. It is a very poorly designed website with no indication of trust.
  4. There are no ways of verifying the fairness of the drawings.
  5. Play Lottery India is a website with not even an SSL certificate for data safety, which is pretty basic.
  6. The shady “subscription” process is opposite to the prices claimed on the website.
  7. There is no contact support, and they keep changing their numbers in the “guarantee papers”.
  8. The Facebook page is the only interaction channel and only shows the hands of a random person instructing how the game works.
  9. Nobody knows who is beyond the scheme.
  10. You can play Jhatka Matka online, which is provenly legal and safe.

Now you clearly have more than enough reasons to keep away from the Chetak Lottery and not let anyone else be fooled by it.


No, you will never receive any prize from the Chetak Lottery, even if your numbers ever match those drawn, because it is a scam scheme.
All the lotteries offered on the website Play Lottery India are simply scams running on a simple script to steal money from unalerted players.
Nobody has ever shown any proof of payment by the Chetak Lottery or any of its sister drawing games. Instead, it has shown several warning signs of a scam.

It is, as long as you choose websites that are not headquartered in the country and have a license to offer games online.

The numbers appear every 15 minutes between 09:00 a.m. and 09:00 p.m.
There is a “Results” chart on the Play Lottery India website, but never expect to win if you ever spend your money on that.