How to Play the Dubai Lottery From India

The Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire Lottery (DDF Lottery), or simply Dubai Lottery, is a popular game in the United Arab Emirates with a prize of US$ 1 million (~₹8 Crore) with impressive odds. It has been around since 1999 and can be played locally but also online, which makes many of our countrymen wonder how to play the Dubai Lottery from India.

Prizes & Odds

The Dubai Lottery has only one prize tier of US$ 1,000,000 for the person who chooses the correct ticket number. There is only one winner, and the odds of winning are 1 in 5,000, which means that there are 5,000 different ticket numbers, and one of them can make an instant millionaire out of a player.

The odds of winning the easiest lotteries are nothing close to what Dubai Lottery offers, but there is a reason for that. Each ticket costs a total of ₹25,000 plus taxes, which is a lot more than any of the regular lotteries from abroad that we are used to playing on the best online lottery sites.

The legislation limits related to playing the Dubai Lottery from India are the same ones applied to the legality of online lottery. Since the vast majority of our states have no restrictions whatsoever on online participation in foreign lotteries, we can purchase their tickets legally. There are exceptions: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu.

Considering the rules in the United Arab Emirates, there is also no legal obstacle to playing the Dubai Lottery from India. Notice that the official website approves our participation:Is It Legal To Play If you decide to play the Dubai Lottery from India despite the high cost and win, the winnings would be transferred to you normally.

How to Play the Dubai Lottery?

The Dubai Lottery is only available through its official online channel, the Dubai Duty Free website. You can take part in the drawing that occurs every 2 or 3 weeks by following a simple process:

  1. Access the website and register an account. You will need to provide a passport number, and if you do not have one, it will not be possible to continue:Create an Account
  2. Complete the process, and you will receive a success message:Success Message
  3. Select the game among the possible purchases you can make on the website:Dubai lottery games tickets
  4. Pick one or more numbers to take part in the lottery:Pick One or More Numbers
  5. Complete the purchase if you find it tempting enough, and be aware that there is a 5% tax applied to the final price:Complete the Purchase

Is It Safe to Play Online From India?

It is safe to play online lotteries from abroad in India if you use websites that we have tested and approved. In the case of the Dubai Lottery, we have not tested it because of the high cost and prefer to stick with traditional lotteries like US Powerball. Since there have been real Indian winners, it is possible that the DDF Lottery is safe.

How Does This Lottery Work?

Every quarter or three weeks, one Dubai Lottery drawing is set to occur, and players from all around the world can purchase a ticket. Instead of the usual format of picking a few numbers out of a larger pool for every ticket, each ticket has only one number from 0001 to 5000, and nobody can have the same number

Therefore, it is a very select game of only 5,000 participants per drawing. On the drawing date, the lucky number is drawn at the Dubai Duty Free shopping, located at the Dubai International Airport.

Finest Surprise

Together with the Millennium Millionaire drawings of the Dubai Lottery, there is an exclusive promotion that offers a car or a motorcycle for a lucky winner – including luxury models such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Audi. 

The car drawing is even more limited than the Millennium Millionaire draws, with only 1,300 to 2,300 tickets. It costs us ₹10,000 per car ticket or ₹2,000 to try to win a motorcycle, with about 1,000 tickets per series.

Real Indian Winners of the Dubai Lottery

The best proof that a lottery actually works for us is when we have the proof of Indian lottery winners, such as what happens with LottoSmile. Let’s check some of them:
  • Mohamed Salah – One of the most remarkable stories of Dubai Lottery winners was the case of an 11-month-old baby who was named after the athlete Mo Salah, a player of the Liverpool team. Of course, the baby who won the Series 323 drawing in February 2020 did not play by himself – his father Rahman, an accountant from Kerala, had it played under his name.
  • Jagdish Ramnani – Also in February 2020, with the Series 324 drawing, the owner of a company in the textile sector in Dubai won the US$ 1 million prize (~₹8 Crore) with the number 1778. The 42-year-old man finally won after playing that same lottery for over 20 years – imagine how much he spent on tickets!
  • Sarath Kunnummal – February must be the lucky month for Indians in Dubai, as Sarath Kunnummal won the prize equivalent to about ₹8 Crore with his ticket 4275 in February 2021. He played it with nine other friends to help ease the high ticket cost, so he got about one-tenth of that prize – which is still pretty good!
There have been many Indian success cases in the Dubai Lottery, and it will probably continue to be so. Of course, not everybody can afford it, and that is why cheaper tickets from global online lottery sites come in handy.

Should You Play the Dubai Lottery From India?

Just because it is possible to play the Dubai Lottery from India, it does not mean you have to. While the odds are quite good, stories such as the one of the winner Jagdish Ramnani show that it is possible to play that game for decades without a single prize while paying a lot for the tickets. The tax on the ticket purchase alone could afford dozens of tickets for other lotteries.

If you are willing to give it a try, go ahead! Make sure not to forget that there are cheaper alternatives that can allow you to buy several tickets and improve your odds in other games.


Yes, it is perfectly safe to buy tickets to participate in the Millennium Millionaire drawings if you do it through the official website.
No, the tickets to participate in the Dubai Lottery are quite expensive.
The odds are 1 in 5,000. Since there are no secondary prizes, there are no easier overall odds.
Yes, the winnings can be transferred to our bank accounts in India without any problem.