Delhi Dhamaka Lottery – Is It Legal and Available to Play Online?

The Delhi Dhamaka lottery is a very popular game in India. It still is quite famous, despite the ban that occurred in 1998, and we will explain how that is possible in this summarized guide.

Even in the face of a ban that considers the Delhi Dhamaka lottery illegal in India, people cannot forget about it. Those that stay in line with the law and avoid risking their money wonder whether there is a legal alternative, and the answer depends.

Let’s understand what is behind the legal situation of the Delhi Dhamaka lottery and then discuss the possibilities of keeping within the boundaries of Indian law.

Why Is Delhi Dhamaka Lottery Illegal?

Delhi Dhamaka is illegal because it is a single-digit lottery, similar to Matka. That type of lottery was banned back in 1998 with the Lotteries (Regulation) Act published that year, and there are a couple of reasons for that:

  • Single-digit lotteries are easier and have better odds, which can be a precursor to addiction.
  • The odds attract people that are in poverty and trying an easy way out.
  • It is easy to purchase another ticket when you feel that you are close to winning.
  • Usually cheap to play and difficult to keep track of the total expenditure.

Therefore, although there might have been other political and economic reasons, those are the main motivations behind the ban of single-digit lotteries like Delhi Dhamaka.

In other words, what could be a simple way of having fun and entertaining grown-ups in India had a massive impact on the economy and on society as a whole. It was impossible to control the activity of both the players and the vendors – which were expanding particularly fast back in the days.

As a result, maintaining the legality of single-digit lotteries could have resulted in a massive increase in the cases of irresponsible gambling and addiction. Considering that online lotteries offer much more impressive prizes and complex games today at reasonable odds from the comfort of our home, we can have fun without that type of game.

Of course, you can also play the government lotteries in India that have a format according to what the current law approves, but they tend to have much smaller prizes.

Why Are There Delhi Dhamaka Lottery Results Websites?

Despite the ban, it is not impossible to find Delhi Dhamaka games occurring in Delhi or any other similar game across the country for that matter. However, those are conducted by shady shops that, aside from not being allowed to conduct that activity, are not trustworthy at all.

Due to the popularity of the Delhi Dhamaka lottery, people created websites to satisfy the look for the results. Some of them reflect the results in some of those illegal shops, while others simply put random results online to attract people and get money via ads or any other way.

Since playing it is illegal and you have legal opportunities even when you live in a state without local lotteries, be advised to stay away from Delhi Dhamaka games.

Is There a Way to Play Delhi Dhamaka in India?

Delhi Dhamaka cannot be played anywhere in India, including on online lottery websites. It is banned in terms of local provision, and no website has created an exact copy of a single-digit lottery. They prefer to provide other genres of lotteries and even scratch cards, but nothing like Delhi Dhamaka.

When it comes to physical tickets, participating in any type of organization of single-digit lotteries in India is against the law. It goes without saying that the risk is not worth it, especially with prizes that cannot compare with online lotteries.

Just imagine finding out that you are a victim of fraud and have no one to reach for support. That is, if you ever figure out that it is a scam and end up losing an enormous amount of money over time, thinking that you will win it at some point.

The Safe Solution - Play Online Lotteries

It should be clear to anyone already aware of our work here at LottoBaba that, with the exception of only four Indian states, online lotteries are not banned in India. As long as the websites are hosted elsewhere and do not provide Indian lotteries but rather foreign ones, it is legal to play and withdraw your winnings.

You can play safely, know exactly the odds of winning each prize tier, and get prizes based on real results from the country of origin of that lottery. Some websites will buy real tickets on your behalf, while others will let you bet on the results.

Now, maybe because it is not worth it, or simply due to the fact that the existing lotteries are better, you will not find Delhi Dhamaka or a similar game online. That does not mean you have to give up on formats adored by Indians, especially if you already know how to play Matka and like it.

The online and legal Matka offered by Lotto Agent in an exclusive manner is an excellent way of reminding of the lottery’s roots in India without transgressing the current legislation. It benefits from the positive legal aspect of being in a foreign lottery site while having some characteristics of those single-digit lotteries – even though there are many bet types available.

Matka offered by Lotto Agent

That version is Satta Matka Express, with instant drawings every day and easily affordable. Hopefully, with its increasing popularity, more of those games that are not following the western pattern of lotteries will appear.

Conclusion - Is It Safe to Play Delhi Dhamaka?

Everyone who does not want to risk trouble with the law should keep away from Delhi Dhamaka shops and any other single-digit physical lottery within India. Also, any website offering those games that operate from India and are not among the ones that we have tested should also be avoided, or else you will fall into a scam.

While there is no chance of that type of game being legal again, you can participate in an exclusive Matka game every day on Lotto Agent. Matka is also illegal within the territory of India, but it is perfectly fine to play online on foreign sites if the game is not provided by an Indian authority.


No, Delhi Dhamaka and all single-digit lotteries have been banned from India since 1998, even in states where the lottery is offered by the government.

No, there is no online version of the Dhamaka lottery, but you can play Matka with the Satta Matka game from Lotto Agent.

If you play any illegal game in India, you are risking prosecution according to national and local law.
Single-digit lotteries were banned because of the high risk of addiction and lack of control of the activity.