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How to Play Matka in 7 Steps: a Beginner’s Guide to the Basic Rules

Banned from India many years ago and now only legally available online, Matka or Satta Matka continues to be one of the most popular games in all of India. It shares the fame of lottery games, but there are some advantages to preferring it over regular drawing games.

Those pros become clearer when you learn how to play Matka, duly described in this beginner’s guide for every Indian.

In order to play Matka legally, you need to escape the limitations imposed in India several years ago, as historically described in our Satta Matka overview. In other words, you cannot play it at gambling shops or on any website or app that is provided by an Indian company, as no locals are allowed to explore that game.

Fortunately, there are a couple of great foreign companies with online lottery sites that work in India and escape legal limitations in 80% of the Indian states. Among them, there is only one that, aside from great lottery games, offers an exclusive Matka game called Jhatka Matka.

At the moment, that is your only legal possibility. Do not risk any complications or prosecution, and enjoy the advantages of playing from home.

How to Play Matka Online?

Since there is only one way to play Matka online, it is much easier to understand how it works as there are no different sites with different interfaces or apps. Basically, you need an account registered on Lottoland, at least one of their payment methods as described in our Lottoland review, to purchase the tickets. In summary:
  1. Register an account on Lottoland. If any other lottery site available in India starts to offer Matka, we will let you know!
  2. Deposit money into your account using methods like credit cards, Neteller, Rupay, and NetBanking.
  3. Find Matka among the “Casino” games.Find-matka-among-games
  1. Choose one of the available bet types, better explained in the topics below:
  2. Complete your purchase after you add as many entries as you would like.
  3. If you manage to win, withdraw part of your winnings via the same method used to deposit and use the rest to continue having fun!

The Basic Rules

  • There are seven different bet types for you to choose from, each one with different odds and prizes.
  • Drawings occur every 15 minutes.
  • Everything is paid automatically to your account.
  • Purchased tickets cannot be canceled.
  • You can place multiple bets for the same draw.
  • The more difficult the bet type, the better the prize.

Matka Betting Types, Prizes, and Odds

Each one of the seven Matka bets has a purpose and a corresponding prize, depending on how lucky you need to be to match it. Before explaining each bet, let us get to know the easiest ones and how much you would win with your 200 INR bet:
Ank 180 INR 1 in 10
Jodi 1,800 INR 1 in 100
Single Patti/Panna 2,000 INR 1 in 167
Double Patti/Panna 4,000 INR 1 in 333
Triple Patti/Panna 12,000 INR 1 in 1,000
Half Sangam 20,000 INR 1 in 1,667
Full Sangam 240,000 INR 1 in 2,778
Now, let me introduce you to the explanation of each type of bet that you will encounter when you decide to play Matka:
  • Ank – Figure out the one additional digit that will appear in the opening or closing draw.
  • Jodi – Choose two digits to have a number from 00 to 99. Jodi is the number found when you sum the numbers in the opening and closing three digits.
  • Single Panna/Patti – Bet on the open or close draw with three unique digits.
  • Double Panna/Patti – Similar to the Single Panna, but with two duplicated digits.
  • Triple Panna/Patti – Bet with all three equal digits.
  • Half-Sangam – Match the digits and the Ank of the opposite draw (opening or closing draw, respectively).
  • Full-Sangam – Match all the numbers in the exact order.

How to Play Matka in 7 Steps

I know that the simple steps on how to play Matka online are not enough if you are completely new to this game. You are about to understand each step when it comes to making a real and legal purchase of Matka tickets that can lead to prizes.

1. Choose Where You Will Play Matka

India has completely banned Matka from the streets, regardless of the state where you live in. Therefore, I strongly advise you to stay away from any variation in physical shops, including Kalyan or Worli Matka, and all other variations that you may encounter in illegal shops, like Milan Matka, Time Bazar, and Tara Matka.


At the moment, you have a trustworthy and tested lottery site with an online version of Matka. While it is still Matka in an exclusive variation, the website is not headquartered in India, which makes it possible to play via a legal loophole that does not consider the online provision of games from abroad.

As an exception, you cannot play any online game in the following territories: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu.

WebsiteLottery TicketBonusBuy Here
LottoLand₹ 200Deposit ₹800 and Receive ₹1,200Buy Now

2. Satta Calculation Formula - How to Calculate Matka Numbers

While the illegal physical versions of Matka may use deck cards and make it confusing to understand how to play Matka in India, that does not occur online. Instead, you only need to understand how the different placements of numbers apply. Although Matka looks a lot like a Pick 3 game, it is more complex because of its calculation formula.

Each Matka draw is divided into two phases: the opening and then the closing drawing. In each one of them, a group of three digits is drawn. Let’s consider that the drawn numbers were 349 and 568, respectively.
If Matka were a simple lottery game like the government lotteries, you would have two to three bet options and try to match the opening and closing draws or even both of them. However, here is what those two numbers generate:
Basically, the sum of each group of three digits results in one of the two middle numbers. However, we apply the concept of lottery sum and only consider the last digit. Therefore:

3 + 4 + 9 = 16 = 6

The same rule applied to the closing draw resulted in 9, and we have 6 and 9 as our middle numbers. For now, it is okay to still be confused about how to play Matka. You will get to know each bet type better, and that is when this information will start to make sense.

3. Pick the Bet Type

In order to actually place bets on Matka, you need to decide what type of bet you want. There is a good variation of them, and each one will have different resulting payments and odds. Here are the play types available in Matka:
  • Ank (Single)
  • Jodi
  • Single Panna / Patti
  • Single Panna / Patti
  • Single Panna / Patti
  • Half Sangam
  • Full Sangam

What Is an Ank Bet?

Briefly introduced earlier, the Ank or Single bet in Matka is the resulting number from the sum of digits in the opening or closing draw. Using the example given above, it would be either the number 6 or 9. However, it is not one bet for both, as it is a “single” bet. You need to choose open, close, or both drawings – this last option costs twice as much, of course. ank-bet

What Is a Single Patti/Panna Bet?

Called Patti or Panna bets, you will find three variations of them when deciding how to play Matka. The first one, the Single Patti bet, tries to guess the three digits that will be drawn in the opening or closing draw without repeating any digit. Therefore, 247 is a valid Single Patti, while 224 or 222 is not. Here is an example of Single Panna and their corresponding Ank – which, as you learned above, is the sum of the digits without considering the first resulting digit:
Corresponding Ank Opening or Closing Single Patti or Panna
0 127 – 136 – 190 – 235 – 280 – 279 – 370 – 389 – 459 – 460 – 479 – 578
1 128 – 137 – 146 – 236 – 245 – 290 – 380 – 470 – 489 – 560 – 579 – 678
2 129 – 138 – 147 – 156 – 237 – 246 – 345 – 390 – 480 – 570 – 589 – 679
3 120 – 139 – 148 – 157 – 238 – 247 – 256 – 346 – 490 – 580 – 670 – 689
4 130 – 149 – 158 – 167 – 239 – 248 – 257 – 347 – 356 – 590 – 680 – 789
5 140 – 159 – 168 – 230 – 249 – 258 – 267 – 348 – 357 – 456 – 690 – 780
6 123 – 150 – 169 – 178 – 240 – 259 – 268 – 349 – 358 – 457 – 367 – 790
7 124 – 160 – 179 – 250 – 269 – 278 – 340 – 359 – 368 – 458 – 467 – 890
8 125 – 135 – 180 – 234 – 270 – 289 – 360 – 379 – 450 – 469 – 478 – 568
9 126 – 135 – 180 – 234 – 270 – 289 – 360 – 379 – 450 – 469 – 478 – 568
You will notice that you will always need to choose digits in ascending order. Therefore, while 469 is acceptable, 649 is not.

Example of Double and Triple Patti/Panna Bet

Double and Triple Panna bets accept one and two repetitions, respectively. Therefore, Double Panna bets will always have two equal numbers, and Triple Panna bets will always be a sequence of the same number, i.e., 333 or 777. example-of-double-and-tirple-patti-panna-bet There is a good range of possible combinations when it comes to Double Patti bets, and you can already know their resulting Ank in the case that you are already planning your Matka strategy:
Corresponding Ank Opening or Closing Single Patti or Panna
0 550 – 668 – 244 – 299 – 226 – 488 – 334 – 677 – 118
1 100 – 119 – 155 – 227 – 335 – 344 – 399 – 588 – 669
2 200 – 110 – 228 – 255 – 336 – 499 – 660 – 688 – 778
3 300 – 166 – 229 – 337 – 355 – 445 – 599 – 779 – 788
4 400 – 112 – 220 – 266 – 338 – 446 – 455 – 699 – 770
5 500 – 113 – 122 – 177 – 339 – 366 – 447 – 799 – 889
6 600 – 114 – 277 – 330 – 448 – 466 – 556 – 880 – 899
7 700 – 115 – 133 – 188 – 223 – 377 – 449 – 557 – 566
8 800 – 116 – 224 – 233 – 288 – 440 – 477 – 558 – 990
9 900 – 117 – 144 – 199 – 225 – 388 – 559 – 577 – 667

What Is a Jodi Bet in Matka?

Jodi bets require that you match the two combined Anks of the opening and closing draws. Take, as an example, the following results: 234 and 899. Their corresponding Ank is 9 and 6, respectively. Therefore, our Jodi number would be as follows: sum-numbers The number in purple, 96, is the Jodi, while 9 and 6 are the opening and closing Anks. If you had made a bet on the Jodi number with odds of 1 in 100, you would have to guess 96 to win. Notice that 1 in 100 is exactly the proportion of that number in the pool of possible results that go from 00 to 99.

Half Vs Full Sangam Bet

There are two more bet types that you need to learn before you consider that you know how to play Matka. You might already have a favorite play type by now, but understand that you can only build a perfect strategy for yourself by knowing all of them by heart. Half Sangam is the bet that tries to guess a full Panna and the opposite Ank. In other words, you need to match all the numbers in the opening or closing draw and the Ank of the opposite draw to win this bet. Therefore, you would pick three digits from 0 to 9 each in ascending order and the resulting Ank from the other draw. half-sangam-full-sangam On the other hand, you can take a higher risk and try to guess both opening and closing draws. That would be the Full Sangam bet, and, as you will already be trying to match all the numbers, there is no need to talk about Ank and Jodi, which are natural consequences of your correct choice.

4. Pick Open, Close, or Both Draws

Depending on the type of bet that you are about to choose, you may have the option to choose to bet on the opening or closing results. Whenever your bet considers only one of the two draws, that will be a possibility. Therefore, instead of playing on both drawings at once, you could separate them or simply make a bet on one of the two parts.

When you are playing online, the interface will be very intuitive in letting you make your choice.

5. Choose Your Numbers

Now that you know how to play Matka, you are free to choose the numbers that you want to add. When playing online, you can simply tap on the representations of possibilities shown on the screen. That is kind of a “quick pick” that can spare you the time spent making that decision.

Repeat that process for every bet that you want to place. It will be added to your cart, and you should make sure to do it fast as there are drawings occurring every 15 minutes.

6. Complete the Purchase

You will have to proceed to the payment page, where you will find e-wallets, credit cards, and NetBanking as your ways of paying for the tickets. Thinking about how advantageous and comfortable that is, you are probably certain by now that it is much better than any possible physical Matka in India could ever be.

7. Check the Matka Drawing Results

After having your Matka tickets ready, you do not need to wait long for the online results. At the moment, the drawing intervals were decreased from 60 to 15 minutes. You only need to access the corresponding section and look for your drawing, even if it occurred a while ago. After all, checking the results for wins is also involved in the playing process:

How to Play the Physical Matka in India?

Although there are reports of existing Matka shops in India, they are operating illegally, and players can also be penalized for playing in them. Therefore, it is an unnecessary risk, especially with the high possibility that such unregulated shops are rigged.

While the knowledge here in our guide on how to play Matka applies to any form of playing it, you are strongly advised not to play it at local shops. Prefer the legal online version only not allowed in four states, and protect yourself.

How Do You Win Playing Matka?

In Matka, your win depends only on your luck in matching the numbers according to your bet. Unlike games like Powerball, which you can also play online on the websites that we recommend here, you do not have only one way of winning. After you choose your play type, you need to hope for it to match the draw results.

Pay attention if you played in the opening, closing, or both drawings when that is an option. After all, you do not want to forget about that difference and notice later that you could have won by choosing another draw. In essence, you win by playing and having a bit of luck.

How to Claim the Prizes?

The best thing about knowing how to play Matka online is not only the fact that you are playing it legally. You do not need to claim your prizes, as they are automatically added to your account. Regardless of if you took the welcome bonus or not, you will be able to withdraw your prizes resulting from a lucky bet. claim-prize Locate the “Withdraw” section of the website, verify any requirements that are still pending – such as verifying your identity – and send your payment request. That is all that you need to know!


Matka is not legal in India when provided locally. Fortunately, you have the alternative of playing it online provided by a foreign website.
There are no fees involved in Matka. However, keep in mind that Indian taxes on lotteries still apply. 
You cannot play it online from Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, or Telangana. Also, you are not allowed to play it at physical shops in any state.
It depends on your choice of bet. While the easiest bet on the Ank number offers odds of 1 in 10, the Full Sangam offers you a chance of 1 in 2,778.
Anyone who is at least 18 years old and does not live in one of the four states that have banned online lotteries for good can play it online on the recommended websites.
The results are immediately shown online on Lottoland when you play using that website.
The Jhatka Matka game available online pays 1,200x your bet with the Full Sangam play type. That is the best possible prize with one ticket.
Yes, Lottoland is a mobile-friendly website that works on your browser and also has an APK version for Android devices.