Top 10 Money Attraction Symbols for Lottery Luck

When we need to rely on luck to win something, which is the case of the lottery, finding money-attraction symbols can be of great help. It is all about belief and the possibility that some items keep sort of a connection with luck, wealth, fortune, or anything that is slightly related to winning the lottery. We have selected the best of them in our culture, and they are all affordable!

The Most Powerful Money Attraction Symbols in India

In India, there are specific symbols that somehow connect to luck and wealth, which is what the lottery is all about. While it cannot be proven that some symbols increase your chances of winning the lottery, we know what the power of belief may do. There are ten of them that are powerful in that matter, and we have listed them here.

Maneki Neko, the Lucky Cat

Maneki Neko, sometimes simply called Cat of Luck, is obviously a cat, but specifically one that is waiving with its paw. Traditionally, the Japanese Bobtail cat is said to be welcoming good fortune to whoever possesses it. It is no coincidence that it is often represented in places with games of chance.

Maneki Neko, the Lucky Cat

If you want to use it as a money attraction symbol, you need to get yourself a white one with the right paw up, which is related to luck. While the golden one means wealth and prosperity, the white one is connected to beating difficult chances in luck, and that is what we are looking for!

More importantly, you need to have one of these given to you rather than buying one. That is simply because buying one is too simple, and it takes some effort to win the lottery. Fortunately, if you focus your positive thoughts not only on dreaming about lottery numbers but also on receiving one, you might be presented with a Maneki Neko soon.

Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth

To be combined with a money attraction symbol of luck, the goddess Lakshmi is known for leading people to their goal, which could be winning the lottery. She is one of the principal goddesses in Hinduism and has a close relationship with wealth and fortune.

Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth

Lakshmi is often represented either sitting or standing, but it is important that the one you are using as an Indian money attraction symbol will be standing. Even more important is to choose one in which the goddess is elegantly represented.

Even though she is commonly put next to Vishnu, it is said that you should not have the god near her when trying to attract money. Her attention will be divided, and other wishes might be put in perspective as a priority over your will to win the lottery.

The Ankh, Symbol of Life

The ankh is connected to the many elements and aspects necessary for the existence of life. However, it can also be interpreted with other phases outside of this existence, including a connection with the supernatural, represented by its symbol that shows the sun making its path over the horizon.

The Ankh, Symbol of Life

As a result, and knowing that only information coming from another reality could actually help you predict lottery numbers, it makes sense to use it for that goal. For some people, it can also be interpreted as a way to a new life, which would be after winning the lottery, making even more sense as a money attraction symbol for lottery luck.

Chan Chu, the Money Toad

The Chan Chu is the fortune toad, a welcome money attraction symbol to your collection. It should be large and carry a coin in its mouth, defending your current wealth and improving your revenue as a guardian, according to feng shui.

Chan Chu, the Money Toad

It can be really important in a home where a lot of people play the lottery due to its protection properties. The lottery costs money, and we want it to be a chance to change our lives responsibly. With Chan Chu’s protection, we are aware of playing for fun and waiting for the opportunity to win rather than risk a lottery problem.

Money Trees

The money tree (Pachira aquatica) is a symbol of abundance in many cultures, and its owners who manage to take good care of it are said to collect great rewards. There are countless myths in which it is mentioned, but we can focus on the general idea that it is a symbol of fortune.

Money Trees

If you are a fan of feng shui, it could go really well in the same room as your Chan Chu toad.

Shefa, a Money Attraction Symbol

The word “shefa” is used for abundance in Hebrew, and its related symbol carries the same meaning. Compared to other money attraction symbols, it is used in a much more discrete way, like crafted on jewelry.

Shefa, a Money Attraction Symbol

Moreover, regardless of whether you carry that symbol around or not, you can simply think of the shefa symbol when you play the lottery. Whenever you also take some time to think of your chances of winning or what you would do with the money, mentalize it.

Oshun, the Divine Symbol of Prosperity

Oshun is a divinity from Nigeria that represents love but also success and prosperity. You do not need to invoke her with one of the specific rituals some people do, especially when it is not from your religion.

Oshun, the Divine Symbol of Prosperity

Instead, an image or sculpture that is frequently served with fresh oranges, cinnamon, honey, and candles is a common way to ask for money.

Midas, the Powerful Star

The Midas Star, a Reiki symbol, has an infinite combination of lines that represent a steady flow of money. More than attracting it, the symbol represents the possibility of not having to worry about money again through successful ventures and investments. As we all know, all money can be infinite if we do not use it right.

Midas, the Powerful Star

Among the possible ways of using that money attraction symbol, you may draw it when you are using your favorite lottery strategy to choose lottery numbers. By using the corners to place important numbers like your horoscope lucky numbers, you can create new combinations.

Elephants, Symbol of Power

Besides being a protector of the family and your home, the elephant is a strong money attraction symbol in India. As a representation of good luck, that is precisely what we are aiming for when playing the lottery. More importantly, they are known for warding off envy, which can be a problem when you want to or especially when you win the lottery.

Elephants, Symbol of Power

The most common practice when it comes to using the elephant as a symbol to attract money in India is to have a statue in your home. It could be somewhere when you sit to tick your lottery tickets or to play the lottery online.

Swastika, the Ancient Symbol

Prosperity and good fortune have everything to do with attracting money and the lottery, as well as with the Swastika. Used clockwise and without any turn, the symbol is also common for Hindus, Jainas, and Buddhists. In our culture, you might have seen it in many places, and it makes sense to have it with you.

Swastika, the Ancient Symbol

A great example that I use is the use of the swastika in a book where you do your lottery strategies or take note of your recent tickets. Not everybody does it, but if you are willing to have symbols to attract money, everything should be welcome.

How to Use Money Attraction Symbols in the Lottery?

Just knowing what money attraction symbols are is not enough if you do not know how to make them be effective. Still in the realm of belief and knowing that the lottery is a game of chance, we united some tips on how to put them to effect and hope for the best.

Proper Placement in Your Home

Our home is where we sleep and relax, which is also when we have the true power of concentration to focus on winning the lottery. It may not have the same power as temples, but those can not always be proper for willing to attract money from the lottery. Therefore, it makes sense to turn our home into a single and solid money attraction symbol through the use of other symbols.

Making Your Intentions Clear

We and many other lottery players believe that our thoughts and intentions have greater power, regardless of whether we believe in the intermediation of deities or the universe. Therefore, whenever you are dealing with one or more money attraction symbols or playing the lottery, make it count. Think of how successful you want to be every single time.

Respect to the Symbols

If you plan to put a goddess statue and an elephant on your furniture and let it accumulate dust, thinking that they are helping you attract money, think again. The power within symbols demands that they are indeed treated as the powerful tools they are. As a result, you need to take great care of them and show immense respect.

Combination and Compatibility of Money Attraction Symbols

You could take all the 10 best money attraction symbols to have luck in the lottery, put them in your room, and hope for the best. However, it is not like you are accumulating more lottery chances with more money-attracting symbols. Instead, you can do really well with just one or combine those related with luck to symbols more prone to help you in your goals, for example.

Can You Guarantee Lottery Winnings With Money Attraction Symbols?

Your belief determines what can help you win the lottery, given that no one can know for sure if a method that does not involve math will help you or not. The lottery is a perfect game of chance, so your chances stay the same in mathematical terms regardless of what is done.

As a result, you can believe that money attraction symbols help you win, but they will most certainly at least not affect you negatively in any way. Therefore, there are only pros in using them; just do not think that anything here guarantees a win. That would simply not be possible.


Colors have a strong connection with the meaning of a symbol. For example, a white Lucky Cat does not have the same influence as a black one. After choosing a symbol, it makes sense to study its color variations.

There can be many rituals, but they are all crafted by someone else. From our perspective, it is better to develop something that comes from within, with your own intentions, if you want to do a ritual.

There are no specific limits to the use of money attraction symbols.

There are many symbols of wealth and good fortune in Hinduism so there are no contraindications in that case.

Make sure to be respectful to any symbols that include deities or other beings. If you are not a believer, that is still a sign of respect to those who are.

There most certainly is, but that is not the most common information that people talk about when they win the lottery.

We consider that using your horoscope lottery numbers can be a great combination with symbols to attract money.

Of course, that would be a great way of turning your intention into something solid.