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How to Buy Kerala Lottery Tickets Online

With the increasing popularity of online lotteries, many people want to know how they can buy tickets to the Kerala Lottery online. That is why we have brought this guide to you.

Around 70 years of providing local lotteries have made the Kerala lotteries well known in all of India. There are daily drawings every day and around seven special Bumper Draws throughout the year. With tickets from ₹6, many Indian players wonder whether they can play and buy the Kerala lottery tickets online. That is a really good question, and I’d never leave it unanswered

Are the Kerala Lottery Tickets Available Online?

The Kerala lottery tickets are not available online. I have fully explored and explained the Kerala lottery laws, and it is clear that no real ticket is sold online, as no agent holds the authorization to sell Kerala lottery tickets on the internet:

Kerala State Lottery laws

Therefore, all the websites that pretend to offer you the chance to buy Kerala lottery tickets online are fraud schemes. As additional proof, you can try to locate a series of red flags, as we did for the big scam Bhagyalakshmi Lottery, like poorly written content:

Poorly Written Content

On the other hand, since the law in Kerala strictly forbids that practice, we automatically ignore any online scheme selling its tickets. If you want to buy Kerala lottery tickets, you will need to find a licensed local retailer within the state. Those who have that possibility might even use our Kerala lottery guessing tool to generate some great sequences.

Can You Trust Clubs That Promise to Represent You in Kerala?

If you have already looked for how to buy Kerala lottery tickets online, there is a great chance you came across clubs that promise to buy tickets on your behalf.

I have seen those and I believe it is part of our commitment to the community here at LottoBaba to highlight that you should avoid those clubs at all costs. They are only scan schemes that, even when they buy tickets with your money, you can be sure that you will never put your hands on that ticket or the possible prize that might come from it.

Legislation: What Does Kerala Law Say About Online Lotteries?

Trust and the truth are two important pillars of our work, and that is why I do not expect you to simply take words and go away. Like I did for the pages on every government lottery in India, I’d like to bring the specific law that specifies that you cannot buy Kerala lottery tickets online:

The Kerala Paper Lotteries (Regulation) Rules, 2005The regulation that defined rules as to how the local lottery works in Kerala. It does not specify online lotteries, which were regulated under the G.O.(P) No. 4/2005/TD.
G.O.(P) No. 4/2005/TDProhibits the sale of online lottery tickets to Kerala games, regardless of how they are sold.

Here is the exact text that you can find printed on the internet with the alteration that allows paper lotteries only 3 months after they were banned while keeping the ban on online sales:

Text that explains what is allowed

Kerala does not specifically allow the purchase of online tickets to lotteries abroad, but it also fails to determine if the local prohibition extends to foreign lotteries. That happens with many other states, and that is how we can still play dozens of lottery games from the US, Europe, the Americas, and even some Asian countries from our state.

Therefore, you can use the online lottery sites that work in India to play games like Powerball and Euromillions, aiming for prizes much higher than those of the Kerala lottery. To be safe, use those that we have tested and reviewed:

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Every single offer to buy Kerala lottery tickets online is an illegal scheme that should not be pursued by any serious lottery player in India. Instead of spending your money on unreal proposals, prefer to play through online lottery sites. Although they do not offer games from Kerala, you will find opportunities from all across the globe.

For your safety, until there is any change in the law – as has happened more than once since the creation of the Kerala lotteries in the 1960s – keep away from Kerala online lotteries.


Unlike Punjab, where online lotteries are strictly banned, Kerala simply forbids the sale of its own lotteries online. In other words, that law does not affect games from other countries which are found on the recommended sites.
There is no movement towards licensing and selling lottery tickets for Kerala games online. All that we can do is wait.
The only legal way is to find licensed retailers within the state of Kerala and buy your tickets there.