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How to Play Bhutan Lottery From India?

You probably found us here while looking for a way to play the Bhutan Lottery from India in a legal way. The good news is that you can actually play the popular Bhutanese lottery Phuensum and any other daily lotteries as an Indian.

However, you need to understand how to play it correctly and not fall for scam schemes. Your odds, possible prizes, where to play it, and more! We have everything described in this guide.

What Is the Bhutan Lottery?

The Bhutan Lottery is an organization responsible for conducting state lotteries in the Eastern Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, or simply Bhutan. Relaunched in April 2016 after five years of being deactivated due to problems in how the lotteries were conducted, it started to conduct paper lottery schemes.

As with many other lotteries in the world, including the Indian lotteries, the purpose of the lottery is to redirect the profit to social causes. At the moment, it has instant fun betting games on its official website and licensed retailers selling tickets to its paper lotteries.

Notice that there are difficulties in purchasing tickets for the Bhutan Lottery. You probably had a different idea about it, but you can simply change your mind and give online lotteries a try. You can play dozens of games from Europe, the United States, and other countries from your home using websites like LottoSmile!

Our goal here is to explain how to play the Bhutan Lottery from India, so let’s start by saying that it is legal to play it as an Indian, but you cannot play it from India. In other words, as long as you do not live in a state which has banned lotteries in all their forms, you may travel to Bhutan and purchase a lottery ticket in person.

After the sale of lottery tickets resumed in Bhutan, the Indian Government entered an agreement that made it possible for Indians to purchase tickets from Bhutanese lotteries and vice-versa. However, due to the rules established in the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998, each Indian state may determine how they proceed when it comes to lotteries.

At the moment, these are the states that expressly allow lotteries and in which you will have no trouble if you purchase tickets for the Bhutan Lottery:

If you live in any of those states, remember that you may also play online lotteries from India – with the exception of Punjab, which expressly prohibits online lotteries. If you do not know how to do it, then we have a complete guide on how to play the lottery online in India.

How to Play the Bhutan Lottery Online in India?

At the moment, there are no Bhutan lottery schemes that can be played from India. If you are in India, you will need to follow the steps below, which include traveling abroad to purchase tickets at a local retailer. As an exception, you may play the bingo or crosswords instant games available on their website from India.

Pick a Seller

In order to play the Bhutan lottery, you need to travel to the country and find a lottery retailer near you. There seem to be a few addresses on the official Bhutan Lottery site, so you might need to give them a look to find the nearest one.

Buy Tickets

Much more complex and time-consuming than buying lottery tickets online, buying tickets at a lottery retailer in Bhutan gives you two options: choosing a quick-pick or manually selecting the numbers yourself. You will need to make that choice for every ticket that you decide to buy.

Check for Results

After you play, you may check your Bhutan Lottery results online without the need to go back to a retailer or watch the drawing to be sure. That may come in handy, especially as you can check that on the go just by opening the page on your mobile device.

Claim Bhutan Lottery Winnings

If you had to leave Bhutan before the lottery results, you would need to schedule your return to claim your Bhutan Lottery winnings before you run out of time. If you win up to approximately 10,000 INR, that money can be claimed with the originally signed ticket at any lottery retailer in Bhutan.

Otherwise, you need to go to the BLL (Bhutan Lottery Limited) Head Office and claim them in person. Remember to carry your personal ID, passport, and signed ticket with you to be sure.

If that sounds like a lot of work, why not buy tickets online for games like Powerball and Euromillions? Play them on LottoSmile for the best prices!

Bhutan Lottery Prizes & Ticket Costs

The Bhutan Lottery is not made of a single scheme, which is why we separated them for you to better understand the possible prizes.

Phuensum Lotto 5/36

Phuensum Lotto is a 5/36 lottery game with an impressive number of nine prize tiers and a random Bonus ball that may help you get a better prize. Surprisingly, they even provide the estimated RTP at 54.91%, which is a characteristic that most lottery organizations will not inform.

There is a progressive jackpot. Also, each ticket costs about 30 INR (Nu. 30), and the prizes for its drawings on Monday and Thursday are as follows:

Matched NumbersPrize
5 BallsStarting at Nu. 1 Million (~1 Million INR)
4 Balls + BonusNu. 100,000 (~100,000 INR)
4 Balls Nu. 10,000 (~10,000 INR)
3 Balls + BonusNu. 2,000 (~2,000 INR)
4 Balls Nu. 90 (~90 INR)
2 Balls + BonusNu. 90 (~90 INR)
2 BallsNu. 30 (~30 INR)
1 BallNu. 30 (~30 INR)

Fortnightly Scheme

Every fortnight, there is a different Phuensum drawing called “Mid-Dharim” (fortnightly). Unlike the other game, it has serial tickets from 10000 to 59999 in two series: A and B. It has tickets costing from Nu. 50 (~50 INR) and the following prizes:

1st1Nu. 700,000
Consolation I1Nu. 10,000
2nd1Nu. 350,000
Consolation II1Nu. 4,000
3rd1Nu. 150,000
Consolation III1Nu. 2,000
4th50Nu. 200
5th100Nu. 100
6th600Nu. 500

(*) Prizes are about the same in INR.

How Are Bhutan Lottery Drawings Conducted?

The Bhutan Lottery drawings are based on a drawing machine with a button that generates the results when pushed. While the drawings are always public, there are invited auditors to assist and approve how everything is carried out.

Caution: Avoid Bhutan Lottery Scam Websites

As mentioned, except for some fun instant games, which are more like casino games, no Bhutan Lottery scheme can be played online. If you come across a website offering tickets or a third-party service to purchase them on your behalf, you will be only risking your money for a scam scheme.

Therefore, avoid these lottery scams at all costs, and if you feel like playing online, check out the websites that we have tested and recommended. You will not find a Bhutanese lottery there, but there are countless others!

Should You Play Bhutan Lottery Online From India?

You cannot play the Bhutan Lottery online. So, if that game sounds interesting enough for you to travel to Bhutan to participate, go ahead. In general, it makes much more sense to play other lottery games with much bigger prizes and great odds on the websites that we have reviewed.


Yes, but only if you play and claim in Bhutan.

It is an official lottery conducted by the local government, which leaves no indications of fraud.

Like any other lottery, you cannot guarantee your win, regardless of what you do to purchase that goal. It is all about luck!

Yes, any prizes above Nu. 5,000 incur in a 20% lottery tax, plus the local Indian lottery taxes.