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Guided Meditation for Lottery Success

By clearing your mind and focusing on the present moment, people believe that you connect yourself with the universe. If you can access the infinite wisdom found in the universe, there is room to believe that lottery success is achievable through that connection. However, you need the correct guidance, like this guided meditation for lottery success.

How to Meditate to Win the Lottery? 5 Easy Steps

There is no rush when it comes to meditation, even if you are eager to win the lottery soon. Your preparation and even struggling to relax at first is already part of the meditation learning progress, which is not hard to achieve. Specifically aimed at connecting you with the correct vibrations for winning the lottery, apply one step at a time for this guided meditation.

Find a Comfortable Position 

The first step towards a full and complete meditation for winning the lottery is to find a comfortable position that you are able to maintain throughout the whole process. Since relaxation is the key to meditate, you cannot be worried about your body aching at a certain position or being incapable of relaxing due to muscular tension.

Find a Comfortable Position

Once you feel like you are in a position that is easy to maintain, you are good to go to the next step. Do not feel like there is one single correct position for meditation. Just make sure not to lay down, as feeling relaxed could lead to sleeping. Even sitting normally on a chair with your hands on your hips will work!

Deep Breathing 

The key to meditation is breathing, so make sure to get this step straight before anything else. Even the correct thoughts are useless if you are not in a complete state of meditation. Here is the process that you should keep during the whole practice:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Inhale slowly through your nose.
  • Exhale slowly through your mouth.
  • Direct your full attention to that breathing process and keep the pace.

It is highly recommended that you find a place where no one or no sound may disturb your practice. Although meditation success also means being able to block any stimuli coming towards you, it is better not to risk, especially at the beginning.

Any thoughts crossing your mind should not be fought. Let them come and go as if you were a mere viewer. If you do not feel like you are being able to maintain your concentration in your breathing, that is perfectly normal at the beginning. Even by following this guided meditation for lottery success, you must exercise that ability. Within a few weeks, you are going to master it and not lose focus, regardless of noises and thoughts. As a plus, the last and optional step has audio that can keep noises away while focusing on lottery success.

The Golden Circle for Lottery Success

When you finally feel like you can achieve complete mindfulness with your breathing and eyes closed, it is time for the first step towards aiming at lottery success: the golden circle. Rushing and taking that step too soon, when your mind is still diverging from the meditation, will probably not lead to the same results.

Guided Meditation for Lottery

After about two to three minutes of deep concentration, start picturing a golden circle. It is like a giant floating circle of gold, alone in the universe. Your breathing is automatically and perfectly paced at this point, so you can concentrate as if you were reading a number sequence in that circle. Let the numbers come to your mind, and do not think about memorizing them. They will pass and change, and that is all right.

Start saying them out loud. Keep imagining the golden circle throughout the process. At some point, following your intuition, start to repeat the numbers separately: “817219738”, the so-called Grabovoi sequence for gambling luck.

Repeat the Magic Words

From this point, you may alternate between the Grabovoi sequence and these words that make you more connected with the universe. Regardless of your devotion, faith, or belief, these words are meant to make you one with the energy that surrounds our world, and you do not need to take them literally:

“I thank the Creator for the success and happiness I can achieve.”

Do not cease to imagine the golden circle at this point. The idea is that you are seeing both that wheel of fortune and saying the magic words.


Before finalizing any session, make sure to turn to real gratitude. The magic words are excellent, but they are meant to create a connection. They are premade and not what is deep within your soul. When you feel like you are about to finish your meditation, turn to your heart and be really grateful for everything that you have, not only financially speaking.

Remember that you are not accessing the database of winning numbers coming from the future, so do not expect the next lottery results to appear to you during the meditation. Like a lottery winning mantra, the idea is to create a bond so strong that you will intuitively choose the right lottery numbers next time.

Also, it is not a one-time practice that will make you a lottery winner. This guided meditation for lottery success is just one more tool that you can use in your favor to win the most challenging game in our world: the lottery.

Optional Step: Grabovoi Number Sequence Audio

As an alternative to saying or thinking of the Grabovoi number sequence “817219738” for lottery success, you can listen to it. Find an audio that repeats it without being interrupted by ads, preferably through a Premium version of an audio streaming service.

That will possibly lead you to focus more on those numbers while still paying attention to the rest of the process if you compare it to thinking of the sequence yourself.

When Is the Best Time to Meditate for Lottery Success?

There is possibly no better time of the day to meditate per se, but rather in accordance with your routine. We have a deeper connection with our subconscious mind, which is activated when we dream of lottery numbers, for example, after we wake up. Therefore, if you can reserve anything from 5 to 20 minutes after you wake up for this meditation, that would be ideal.

Can Meditation Help You Win the Lottery?

It is impossible or irresponsible to claim that this meditation for lottery success will definitely help you win lottery jackpots. After all, it is a game of math and randomness, and by definition, that means we have no control over it. What we do here, just like it happens with horoscope lucky numbers, is trying to access what is beyond normal comprehension.

Therefore, it may help you win the lottery, and the only way to know is through the use of that practice. What we do know for sure is that it won’t negatively impact your lottery playing, and there are only benefits to meditation in general.


Meditate as often as you like, as there are no negative consequences of doing it. Just make sure not to impact other important things in your routine with it.

You can never know which combination of numbers will be the lucky one. The more tickets you purchase, the better your odds of winning. Still, if you can only play with one, that is better than none!

We can never talk of guarantees when it comes to winning the lottery. Not even if we practice meditation and win ourselves, as there is not a way to directly relate it to winning.

The Grabovoi number sequence is always the same. It is supposed to be connected with luck in games of chance and gambling.

That specific number sequence is attached to gambling luck in general. Since the lottery is a game of chance, that is the right sequence to focus on.

Trust your instinct and remember that you can never know what will happen next. Maybe it is the next drawing that will come with your jackpot.