Which Is the Best Daily Lottery to Play Worldwide?

Daily lotteries offer the chance of winning a large amount of money every single day, and that is why players tend to be tempted to play them. On the other hand, there is quite a handful of them, especially with the possibility to play worldwide lotteries online from India, and it might be tricky to pick one or just a few. That is why we have selected the best daily lottery games for you to play and listed them here!

Which Daily Lotteries Can Be Played Online?

In order to play daily lotteries from India online, you need to stick to reliable online lottery sites. Their offer of lotteries may change from time to time, but we can get hold of many excellent lotteries without leaving the comfort of our homes, such as:

Daily LotteryFormatDrawing Time (IST)
Cash4Life5/60 + 1/407:30 a.m.
Australia Set for Life7/4404:25 p.m.
MillionDAY5/5511:30 p.m.
Bonoloto6/4900:00 a.m.
California Fantasy 55/3908:00 p.m.
South Africa Daily Lotto5/3600:00 a.m.
Poland Mini Lotto5/4202:20 a.m.
Mexico Chispazo5/2802:30 a.m. and 08:45 a.m.
Ukraine Lotto Maxima5/4510:20 a.m.
Cash Five Texas5/3509:42 a.m.

Notice that the format implies that many of those lotteries get a chance to be considered the best daily lottery based on chances.

Where Can You Play the Best Daily Lotteries in India?

Fortunately for us, there is more than one website where you can play the best daily lotteries listed above. All of the lottery sites below were tested and approved and, therefore, can be played from India:

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Notice that picking lottery betting sites means that you will not have real tickets but participate as if you had, with the same prizes and all. Lottery agents, on the other hand, require you to claim big prizes in person.

Top 5 Daily Lotteries With the Biggest Jackpots

If you want to try your chances in daily lotteries with what you would consider a decent jackpot, then you should begin with the list below. We have selected the top daily lottery prizes considering the minimum jackpot and the biggest jackpot ever paid:
Daily Lottery Initial Jackpot Best Jackpot Ever
Cash4Life $1,000/Day or $7 Million $1,000/Day or $7 Million
MillionDAY €1,000,000.00 €1,000,000.00
Bonoloto €400,000 €6,922,875.56
California Fantasy 5 $50,000 $935,000
Ukraine Lotto Maxima $15,000 (Average) $150,400
Notice that some lotteries will have the initial jackpot based on sales, while others are fixed. Also, Cash4Life allows you to opt for a daily prize instead of a one-time payment. Except for MillionDAY, all other lotteries will deduct taxes from the total prize, which you should keep in mind. Now, let’s take a look at the odds of winning! The daily lottery with the best prize may be way too difficult for your preferences.

Daily Lotteries With the Best Odds of Winning

In general, players who are used to the concept of odds in the lotteries tend to opt for the easiest lottery games. Those games necessarily have smaller prizes for the simple fact that the lottery is built on that reverse logic balancing risk and reward.

Let’s have a look at the odds of winning the best daily lotteries found to play online from India so that you can reach your own conclusions:

Daily LotteryJackpot OddsOverall Odds (*)
Australia Set for Life1 in 38,320,5681 in 50
Cash4Life1 in 21,846,0481 in 7.76
Bonoloto1 in 13,983,8161 in 8.43
MillionDAY1 in 3,478,7611 in 17
Ukraine Lotto Maxima1 in 1,221,7591 in 11
Poland Mini Lotto1 in 850,6681 in 124
California Fantasy 51 in 575,7571 in 9
South Africa Daily Lotto1 in 376,9921 in 7.6
Cash Five Texas1 in 324,6321 in 7.2
Mexico Chispazo1 in 98,2001 in 6

(*) Highly affected by the number of prize tiers. Does not necessarily mean it is a better daily lottery.

Daily Lottery Vs. Weekly Lotteries

When deciding what lottery to play, you might have wondered whether you should choose a daily or a weekly lottery. Regardless of how often they operate – with the exception of special annual raffles and lotteries that usually pay an enormous prize – the golden rule remains. In other words, you will have more difficult odds if you are aiming for a bigger prize.

While there may be variations between the lotteries from different countries, that is not related to the frequency of the lottery. Daily lotteries tend to be easier and pay less due to that frequency, but there are weekly lotteries with the same settings.

In other words, base your decision on odds and prizes alone, never on the lottery frequency. If you cannot play a daily lottery every day, that will not impair your odds in any way.

How to Play a Daily Lottery Online in India?

Most of the government lotteries in India occur daily, with tiny jackpots and no online alternative. Fortunately, the ones available on the lottery websites do not require you to go to a local retailer. Instead, it is as simple as:

  1. Pick one of the lottery sites that we have tested and approved for players in India.
  2. Register an account, which is how your tickets will be stored until the results.
  3. Deposit the amount that you want to play, or leave it for after you have filled your cart.
  4. Pick one of the daily lotteries. Some websites will have a separate page for it, while others will require you to search for the ones that we listed here.
  5. Fill the tickets by yourself or let the system do it automatically via the “easy pick” or “quick pick” button.
  6. Once you are done filling your cart, complete the purchase, and you are done!

Now, while that simple step-by-step is enough to play daily lotteries in India, there are some hints that you should keep in mind, and we have brought them below.

Play in Syndicates

Syndicate or group play is a smart way to cover way more tickets than you would be able to if you were playing alone. Of course, that also means sharing the prize, but that is a small trade-off for actually having better chances of winning. Some online websites will organize anonymous syndicates themselves, allowing you to play with hundreds of tickets for a very small price.

Multi-Draws and Subscriptions

Right before adding tickets to your cart, you may notice the opportunity to get discounts for purchasing subscriptions or tickets to different drawings. By getting a free ticket or paying less for your tickets, you will save more money to cover more combinations and, therefore, get better odds.

Multi-Draws and Subscriptions

Bundle Discounts

While bundles are usually available for bigger and weekly lotteries like Powerball and Euromillions, you should keep an eye on them. Sometimes, you will be able to play one of the best daily lotteries together with some weekly lotteries and get a fair discount for that combination.

Are Daily Lotteries Worth Playing?

Daily lotteries encompass a category of really diversified lottery games. It mostly indicates that it can be played on a daily basis, but not necessarily with special characteristics compared to weekly or monthly lotteries. So, focus on the features of the games listed as the best daily lotteries, and if any of them calls your attention, they are definitely worth playing from India.


Yes, you can play daily lottery games from all around the world while still in India by using the lottery sites that we have tested and now recommend.

Of course, all the websites that we reviewed and approved are responsive and allow you to play from your mobile device.

Only if you play through a lottery agent and win above about $2,500 (~ 205,000 INR).

Yes, most states with government lotteries have daily lotteries, but their prizes are way too small if compared with the ones available worldwide.

There are no free daily lotteries available to play in India.